1. Dback says

    I’m reminded of Streisand going to the Kennedy Center Honors and suddenly finding herself being hugged and kissed on the cheek by George W. Bush. Some moments, the brain probably just jams.

  2. David From Canada says

    All that fuss over a little, spontaneous incident like this??!! When she met Putin, what was she supposed to do, pull out a knife and stab him??!! The athlete was simply being polite and professional.
    Queer Nation is making much ado about nothing. What a bunch of sour puss’s!

  3. litper says

    She’s a traitor! It will be used by Putin media in the West to show Putin is not homophobe while at the same time they will continue anti-gay terror in Russia (they ignored that hug btw)

  4. Mike Ryan says

    Yes, she should be condemned. She could have easily extended a hand to shake or nodded or even refused to hug back but she didn’t. The lives of other gay people mean sh*t to her as long as she gets the limelight. That attitude is the bane of the gay community: Robert Thomas, Johnny Weir and all those idiots who say “we should turn the other cheek and accept the fact that we will never (or don’t deserve) equality (after all, we’re gay, hence less-than…). She should be shunned. She is a nobody.

  5. MaryM says

    Ireen Wust is a disgrace to the Netherlands.

    This WILL be used the Russian dictatorship to pretend there is no fascist persecution of the gay community.

    She is an idiot, a quisling and a traitor.

  6. Leo says

    The Queer Nation statement is the epitome of histrionic.

    If she flat out denied him right then and there she’d probably have been kidnapped and taken to the gulag the next day, really.

  7. Gerald says

    Oh please. Some guy runs up and hugs her. What’s she supposed to do? Smack the murderous dictator of Russia? Yeah, that would end well.

    Yes, the woman is kind of a jerk. But, trying to make this into some horrible act of treachery is excessive. There are far worse people on the planet.

  8. james says

    Wust should not be condemned for accepting the congratulations of the President of the host nation. The President of the host nation does this kind of thing in every Olympics. Athletes say thank you for your good wishes. Vladimir Putin will not be changed by this encounter, unless bisexuality is a contagious virus that Wust somehow transferred to him. He may think it is, but we LGBT folks know better.

  9. Henry Holland says

    That’s it?!?! From the hysteria from Professional Gays like the assholes at Queer Nation about this, you’d have thought Wust and Putin had a full-on make out session. He ambushed her with a camera crew, she let him hug her, said some nice things about a Russian athlete and life went on.

    Of course, I’m supposed to be outraged that she later said the word “cuddle” in an interview and didn’t bitterly denounce Putin and his policies to his face, but I can’t go for that, no can do.

  10. MaryM says

    Let’s all remember that Ireen Wust stated before the Olympics that her right to win a medal was more important that the human rights of millions of gay Russians.

    The hug with Putin is clearly coming from a place of deep depravity and selfishness.

  11. Shawn says

    She comes off as a Putin sympathizer. Not so much because of the hug but because of her statement. It appears that the only statement she had in her heart and mind was congratulations for his nation’s victory. She seems quite content to look the other way. I hope her future actions wil disspell this appearance. If not she should be considered a sympathizer not that any action should be taken against her but so the LGBT community and allies know where we stand with her: evidently in her blind spot.

  12. Mike Ryan says

    Again I keep hearing from these apologists that ‘what could she do?’ and in essence excusing and accepting her actions as though they were commendable. Do you think Billie Jean King would have done this? Martina Navratilova? Dan Savage? NO! They would have put an arm out and made it clear they wanted no contact with the murderer. But no… she squeals like an idiot and tells the press he “cuddled” her. She is as gutter low as it gets.

  13. Scott says

    It’s like I said yesterday, the Dutch language has two words that can be translated as hug, embrace, or cuddle.

    I blame all of this on being “Lost in Translation”

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