1. Clayton says

    Watching Mr. and Mrs. Pat Robertson “do” whatever it is that they do wouldn’t exactly be a picture I’d want to hang over the sofa, either.

  2. e.c. says

    Pat, sex isn’t meant to be “pretty” no matter who’s doing it (provided you’re doing it right).

  3. james st. james says

    Looks like somebody’s been looking at the gay porn again!

    Reverend Robertson to assistant, “I’m just doing research! Really, it’s for Jesus’ sake, I swear. Now don’t sneak up behind me again. I’m doing god’s work. Get out. Leave. I’ve got to re-watch that disgusting video because you interrupted me!”

  4. SmokingMirror says

    When you see or hear about what straight people do, it’s not very pretty… it gets graphic and a little disgusting.

    My ex cis female roomate told me about how her boyfriend liked to f*** her during her period. They had to put a towel underneath their ‘dirty business’ for the blood… *dry heaves*

  5. JEFF YORK says

    Yeah, straight sex is so pretty. Maybe God (if you believe in him) didn’t want everyone to procreate. Aren’t there enough people in the world already? We didn’t need Pat.

  6. Paul B. says

    If he uses the word “HE” one more time I’ll vomit. For christ’s sake…who the hell is “HE” and why should I care what Pat thinks “HE” said or better yet what “HE” means by what “HE” said. Has this guy ever had an original thought in his entire f’n life? Please Pat…die soon…it’s long overdue.

  7. Hey Darlin' says

    It takes an interesting human being to devolve all we are worth as humans down to one disgusting action. All sex is somewhat disgusting no matter who it is.

    There are a great many disgusting actions everyone performs in a day, that aren’t meant to be seen but does that define us as human beings? Only if it serves your purpose to shock your audience into donations.

  8. tranquilo says

    Um, I’m pretty sure seeing the Robertson kids conceived wouldn’t exactly be a delight either.

  9. disgusted american says

    …as opposed to men sticking thier penis in a woman’s VaJJ that bleeds for a week once a month??? lol Hey Pat – that why we have HYGIENE!!!!!

  10. Baz says

    I have always smelt a rat with this guy. Something in my mind makes this rent a quote Pat stand out. Almost like displacement. Me thinks the lady doth protest to much kind of thing. Hmmmm very very odd indeed.

  11. Peter says

    Yes, Pat. Sex is about pleasing your partner and being pleased in return. Obviously he’s never done both.

  12. FFS says

    You think it looks like a boxful of wrestling puppies when straight folks do it?

    I got new for you, you walking case of vaginal stenosis. It don’t.

  13. Seattle Mike says

    What a weird standard for what’s appropriate. I find the idea of my parents having sex pretty disgusting, but I’m sure glad they did it at least once.

  14. says

    ‘The Duck Dynasty guy’ LOL. Pat couldn’t remember Phil’s name. His name is Robertson, Pat. Sound familiar?

    Robertson had another link this week where a caller asked whether or not he should tell his fiance that he had dated a transgender woman in the past.

    ‘No! Keep your mouth shut.’
    Thou shall not lie, Pat?

    How many diamond mines does Pat own in Africa now? He’s been collecting tax free donations with this 700 Club for over 40 years. Like the Priests at Khufu he must be rich as Croesus by now.

  15. deke says

    He is one of those Christians who has to spend a lot of time studying gay porn, so he can be informed about what he is against.

  16. Drewbie says

    I think it’s VERY pretty. On the other hand, I’m usually wearing a leather hood at the time.

  17. Ready says

    Then why is lesbian porn so popular with heterosexual men? Clearly they think it’s pretty enough to watch.

    And anal isn’t exclusive to homosexuals if that’s what the old senile fool is talking about.

  18. parkrunner says

    Yuck! Anyone here ever seen a vagina? Just the thought makes me want to throw up my Fruit Loops. I used to be an ER nurse and have worked in Labor and Delivery; I’ve seen enough of them to last three lifetimes.
    Vampires and vaginas, these have been the source of my nightmares since puberty. I wake up with one hand on my neck the other holding my groin.
    Some women think wieners are gross, I’m the same with the vagina. Don’t get me started with breasts.

  19. thom says

    Oh Pat, Pat, Pat…..Still obsessed with gay sex?…really. He quotes some weird scripture about God making the earth vomit up people who violate whatever the sin of the day was. Another “cherry picked” convenient verse from the “good book”…All one has to do is read Leviticus to discover that we ALL better run for cover for an amazing variety of sins!…No pork for you! Ham at Easter OH NO ! fast track to hell, friends!..Take off that blended wool and cotton coat!. Plow up that grain crop planted next to that corn crop!…they can’t be side by side! Heretics! DEATH to the farmers who don’t obey!…..Why doesn’t’ this guy just fade out. He is a dinosaur. And by the way, how does he know what we gay people do that is so disgusting. Does he have a handbook?. Or just rely on the trusty internet for his “information”…just askin’…

  20. simon says

    I agree. He must be referring to sites like Treasure Island Media or some bondage sites. There is no way you can say those guys and what they do on Belami or SeanCody not pretty. At least compared to Mr Robertson himself.

  21. Bill says

    If you take Pat Robertson’s “argument” seriously to be funny, he seems to be saying that “God” gets very, very angry if people have sex in a way that cannot produce babies.

    When is the last time a woman got pregnant by giving her spouse or boyfriend a blow job? Let’s see Pat castigate straight couples for doing that.

  22. woodroad34 says

    Ewww, have you seen straight people “doing it”? All those floppy boobs and “flowering” labia…..just….ewww….

    Gay sex for now and evah.

  23. JackFknTwist says

    Pat dude , you have far too much interest in the mechanics of gay sex to be an entirely disinterested party !

    I guess you have been examining this form of sexuality that in your heart you have gone over to what you’d call ‘the dark side’.

    Come out of the closet Robertson before your life is completely worthless.

  24. walter says

    so pat why don’t you turn off the gay porn . he seems to spend a lot of time focused on two men having sex . he seems to put a to willing to put himself out there as an expert

  25. poof says

    He sure seem to know a lot about such things..which begs the question.. why is he so knowledgeable about such things?

  26. Bernie says

    lol, roflmaoff…….Mr. Robertson missed his calling as a comedian…He is not very pretty either….Funny, because as a gay man, I think heterosexual sex is not very pretty!!!!

  27. Burt says

    I think Pat should come (cum?) clean and tell us just exactly HOW he knows what we do ain’t pretty.. Inquiring minds want to know.

  28. Chrislam says

    Here’s the real story. His wife caught him watching gay porn. So he is proving to his wife he isn’t gay by being vocally anti-gay. The straight men I know do not watch gay porn.

    Robertson just outed himself.

  29. emjayay says

    Years ago a woman friend who had a number of gay male friends told me she still thought what we did in bed was kind of weird. I said and what you do isn’t? She said OK, good point, you’re right.

  30. jamal49 says

    Odd, Pat, that you would know what it is we do. Although it is difficult to perceive, I guess I could imagine you sitting around in your plushy watching gay porn, for purely research purposes, of course.

    But, Pat, honey, it’s no secret what we “do”. Pretty much the same things you do, probably much better, with more variety, more pizzazz and surely with much more gusto.

    Personally, I think what you “do” is pretty disgusting, which is host a ridiculous TV show, selling the jesus drug and whoring yourself for other people’s money because your too goddamned lazy to get a real job.

    Pat, sit down and shut up.

  31. bob says

    Pat: If you are using the Bible to hurt other people, you are using it wrong. “Love does no harm to its neighbour, therefore love is the fulfillment of the law”.. Romans 13:10.

  32. Grivera says

    Ah, Pat. Look in the mirror honey. That dried up old Christian face your so-called god gave you ain’t so pretty either.

    Your god is you – you are trying to rule the land and you have a whole slew of idiots who need to believe in something.

    Religion is useless!