Russia Expands Adoption Ban to Include All Unmarried Couples in Countries with Gay Marriage

In a decree signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev today, the Russian government announced it would be expanding its existing ban on the adoption of Russian children to now include unmarried citizens in any country where same-sex marriage is legal. Back in July, the Russian Duma (with the help of NOM’s Brian Brown) passed a law banning the adoption of Russian children by foreign same-sex couples.

The Moscow Times has more on the policy change:Yelena

Lawmakers including State Duma Deputy Yelena Mizulina [pictured], who supported the "gay propaganda" law and is head of the Duma's Committee for Family, Women and Children, earlier called for July's law to be expanded, arguing that children taken in by heterosexual parents could later be transferred to gay parents.

The changes to the adoption law also decrease the official time period for considering applications made by prospective parents from 15 to 10 days and eliminate the need for paperwork confirming that the sanitary conditions of the child's new home are up to standard.

Well at least there’s that…



  1. SpaceCadet says

    Things are only going to get worse in Russia. Next on their agenda is removing children already headed by gay parents, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they stopped allowing local adoptions by single adults for fear that it would eventually become a same-sex headed family.

  2. Randy says

    So, to be clear, Russia would prefer its orphan children live in squalor than live healthy, because the gays.

    Religion harms everyone.

  3. andrew says

    This Russian policy may have the good effect of causing Americans interested in adopting a child to adopt an American child in need of a family. Out of evil sometimes comes good.

  4. QJ201 says

    If Russian can ban adoptions from nations that have same sex marriage, why can’t the US get some balls and deny aid to nations that openly encourage the torture gay people?

  5. Matthew says

    If your primary export is your orphaned children, can you really moralize about who your selling them to?