1. 1♥ says

    Then I have to ask ST.EVE, if a parent that opposes people being Gay finds out that their child is Gay and kicks that child out of the house to die on the streets, did that parent ever really love their child?

    And to Kevin F, pretending a problem doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away. We need to face our problems head on. It’s the only way to solve them.

  2. Kevin F says

    We can face our problems without caving in to them. Would a video where the young man decides that his life is worth more than his backstabbing boyfriend avoid the issue?

    The short film “Trevor” managed to deal with the issue of gay teen suicide without resorting to the tragic queer stereotype.

  3. SpaceCadet says

    Yes the video is tragic and depressing but it is true to life. A lot of gay kids have and continue to commit suicide due to bullying, abuse, being closeted, and just feeling like there is no hope and nothing to live for. We should all try to help and support others we recognize that are going through that situation.

  4. Steven Stanley says

    Yes, a happy ending would have been nice. But Ryan Dolan is making a statement, and powerfully so. Too many teens are killing themselves. Sometimes a punch in the gut is more effective than a feel-good ending. This one punched me in the gut. Thank you Ryan Dolan!

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