1. Joel says

    “Because this is a time of spiritual warfare, anti-gay Christians need to be ready to “give up [their] lives if necessary””. Go for it, dude. You can be first.

  2. Kev C says

    Alec Baldwin (RightWingWatch) and Scott Lively have a lot in common. They both come from a Leftist ideology. Scott even wrote a book attacking gays using rehashed communist propaganda. And now he’s in bed with socialist Uganda and socialist Russia. Talk about a global socialist conspiracy!

  3. Mags says

    So the biggest surprise to no one no where is that Scott Lively is afraid of being Homosexualized.

    Poor bastard! To live such a life entrenched in gay-sexing fear and the possibility of peen yearning is so… Lucky bastard!!!

  4. northalabama says

    “global socialist agenda”? that wasn’t on this morning’s gay agenda email to do list.

    and i totally haven’t received this week’s “issue of the End Times” magazine. did anyone else get theirs yet?

    i haven’t seen the video montage of all the straight and religious victims beaten by “the worst bullies in the world”, either – when will he upload it to youtube?

    i’ll defer to his expertise on the “lie of the pit of Hell”. i suspect he’s much closer with satan than myself.

  5. Hey Darlin' says

    It must be terribly lonely to have believed one’s own lie for so long only to realize the world didn’t drink that special flavor of Kool Aid. This sort of “gay conspiracy” comforting of one’s self must be the only recourse to wrap one’s mind around their own failure.

    There’s surely a great need to keep up a façade if other countries have been sold on specific lies. It’s great for those same thoroughly un-American countries to see that we aren’t following the likes of the un-American citizens selling the lies.

    What’s made America great is all that’s going on here. If you don’t like America great, then that is the appropriate time to leave the country.

  6. says

    Scotty, as much as you want to be remembered as a Christian Martyr© by history, it ain’t gonna happen. If you’re remembered at all, it will only be as a certifiable nutcase who should’ve received competent psychiatric care and failed to.

    In short, get off the cross, dude. We need the wood.

  7. Kev C says

    It looks like I riled up the Alec Baldwin contingent. Right Wing Watch is a group that gives a platform to hate speech by well-known and up-and-coming haters who get free publicity from RWW in the guise of social awareness. Bryan Fischer has even acknowledged this as a matter of fact. Alec Baldwin sits on the board of RWW.

  8. Chopped says

    “…this is a time of spiritual warfare, anti-gay Christians need to be ready to give up [their] lives if necessary”

    I for one am READY. Send your Christian warriors/soldiers; I value myself and am ready to fight to the death. I’ll make national news for what I will do with my would-be-gay-bashers.

  9. epic says

    don’t the “end times” herald the return of the messiah and salvation for the faithful…these idiots are so confusing. Its like they don’t even believe in their own fairy tales.

  10. tinhouston says

    as crazy as we may think him to be. (well, no we don’t THINK he is nuts–he’s beyond that…But to oh many millions of people out there, he’s making a lot of sense and stoking the fires)

  11. Bryan L says

    Scott Lively has blood on his hands and it extends all the way up to his elbows. He is evil personified. Or perhaps this is the only “job” he could find.

    The next time he leaves the country he should not be allowed back in. He is a danger to everyone, especially the poor idiots who believe what he says.

  12. says

    This is the man that sold Uganda, Nigeria, Gambia, & Russia on their hatred of homosexuals. This twisted mind help convince entire countries to scapegoat their LGBT children, brothers, & sisters as their enemy. And now innocent men face prison, torture and death because of his ‘religious liberty’. The ability to peddle trumped up lies as ‘science’ and use religious based hate as a weapon against people that didn’t even know he existed. Every true Christian in the world needs to know his part in what is happening in Africa.

  13. Jim says

    Why do we care? Here’s the simple truth: Scott Lively had no effect on either Russia’s or Uganda’s anti-gay laws. Yeah, he shot his big mouth off in both countries, but he had no more effect on the national social policies of those countries than he has had any effect on social policy in America. The idea that Russia, a nation of 180 million people, gives a rat’s ass about Scott Lively is too absurd even to state much less believe. He’s just a self-promoting opportunist looking for any chance to advertise himself. He has no power, no influence, no political standing, nothing. Let’s stop giving him a soapbox, shall we? We’re his only audience. Nobody else cares about him. Why do we?

  14. Kev C says

    I’m with you, Jim. No more stage for homophobes, no more limelight, no more bragging rights, no more delusions of grandeur. Scott is just another troll who wants to be fed.

  15. Craig says

    Whatever happened to “thou shall not kill”?

    Does he realize it’s rhetoric like this that is driving younger people (not just gays) away from church? Which makes me fine with his BS.

  16. Sean says

    Any anti-gay trash that attempts to touch me WILL get a bullet in their head. We have 2nd amendment rights also Scott Lively, you Nazi barbarian. Back the f@#k off and you will learn what it feels like to be at the receiving end of “stand your ground”. That is not a threat, it is self-defense. Scott Lively and his goose stepping Nazi boots will be cut off at the legs before I allow them to be placed on my throat.

  17. Bill says

    @ Mark Alexander : he’s into martyrdom the way Osama and others like him are/were – it is always someone else who puts his neck on the chopping block. Then there’s the spin: it is easier to get some naive young guy to get himself killed if he thinks he is part of a “martyrdom operation” rather than a “suicide squad.”

  18. StevyD says

    “Because this is a time of spiritual warfare, anti-gay Christians need to be ready to give up [their] lives if necessary.” Can we start lighting the fires now, please?

  19. Mags says

    @Liam, everyone knows it, but if someone dared to apply the paw to the letter, guess who’ll be prosecuted first? The good majority of the nut wing House who keep pushing for state laws clearly against federal. Also, Ted Cruze.

  20. RexT says

    His recent successes in Russia, and neighboring Nations in Failure w/Orthodox Religionists, Uganda and other African Nations – have provided him with a new GUSTO for the USA. He’s unable to stop himself – and he has no clue how few people are part of his army.

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