Seattle Arson Investigated As Hate Crime, Bail Set At $1 Million

Musab Masmari

In the latest development of Seattle's gay bar arsonist, police have determined that Musab Musmari is a flight risk and have thus set his bail at $1 million. This determination was reached in light of the fact that when SPD arrested Musmari as he was leaving home he was in possession of his U.S. and Libyan passports and a one-way airline ticket to Turkey.

Meanwhile, the FBI, working on the case as part of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, are investigating the case as a possible hate crime, and friends and victims of Musmari have described him as having increasingly volatile and unstable behavior over the past year.


  1. Gregory in Seattle says

    Trying to commit mass murder by setting a crowded building on fire is the very definition of terrorism, so I hope he is prosecuted as a terrorist. A hate crime conviction under Washington State law would add up to an additional 5 years in prison. If each of the 700 or so people in the building is treated as a separate offense….

  2. DavidR says

    And probably closeted gay man. Fortunately, the patrons and staff at Neighbors were clear-headed, put out the fire, and evacuated the club without injury.

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