1. woody says

    a lesbian wrote america the beautiful.
    and a gay jew wrote the music rick perry chose for the pro-christian, anti-gay commercial where he wore the brokeback mountain jacket.
    and gay men have written almost all the disney movie tunes of the past 25 years.
    gee, real americans, where would you be without us?

  2. jazzy says

    I know people these days get so hysterical so easily and love to throw out words like “racism” every 5 seconds, but I’m of the mindset that English is a UNIFYING language and speaking one, common language actually helps us. Having “separate but equal” languages just keeps communities separate. People just stay in their own little world, and we’re no longer a “melting pot”, but very separate and distinct groups. If we ALL strive to speak one common language, it’ll only helps us all. But, unfortunately, if that language is English, we’re all deemed racists. I really weep for the future of this country…

  3. walter says

    and i would remind all those illiterates who tweeted they want the national anthem to be sung only in english american the beautiful is not our national anthem

  4. Paul Boat says

    English is a de facto common language in the US, but we have no official language. While it is necessary to speak English in order to enjoy the full experience of living in the US, there are many places, within the US, where other languages are spoken at home. One such place that we have long celebrated is New Orleans, but there are many, many others.

  5. jerriblank says


    The problem is that the Coke commercial was never arguing that there shouldn’t be a unifying language. The real point of the ad (besides selling Coke) was to paint America as a country where people of so many nationalities, cultures, and languages can come together with a common national identity.

    People who saw that and assumed Coke was implying that no one should strive to learn English were projecting. A lot.

  6. my2cents says


    exactly how many languages are you fluent in?
    Pope Benedict spoke 7; Francis, 6 but prefers spanish he has a listening comprehension of English.

    you’re a true unifier, jazzy, if that means being myopic (oops, that LATIN for nearsightedness)..

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