1. woody says

    Watched Mr. Sinatra’s show Monday. It’s aimed at a very young audience. MSNBC is definitely going after that segment with it.
    That’s good for us, as it will help cement the 18-29 base for the democratic party, something Fox could never do with a show on its channel.
    I hope he presses for massive voter registration for young people in the run up to the midterm elections. He could do for young people what Al Sharpton did for blacks in 2012 when the GOP was heavily engaged in voter suppression. Get his constituency active and out to the polls.

  2. mike says

    I agree with Woody. If you watch and listen to one entire episode of Ronan’s show you will see/hear how his entire vocabulary is geared toward an under-30 market. He uses terms like weed (rather than marijuana); wears a jacket but never a tie, and his shirt is unbuttoned two buttons. He also, at times, talks to his guests as if they are superior to himself.

  3. Ryan says

    MaryM — I was reading an article about the launch of his show and in it (because it’s clearly a pink elephant in the room issue) the journalist said that he’s had relationships with both men and women but ‘doesn’t like labels.’

    We could be snarky and suggest he’ll come to the logical conclusion, or say that he should just come out as bi, but there is a fairly sizable contingent of youngish and young LGBT people who don’t like to use labels because they don’t think (at least their own view of them) fits.

    It’s kind of like me when I came out deciding to use gay even though I wouldn’t say I’m 100% gay on the Kinsey scale since I have had occasional and real attractions to women.

  4. woody says

    ronan, if you’re reading this thread, use rev. al as a mentor to work on how to get young people registered to vote and to the polls. Al was my hero for the way he turned republican voter suppression into a progressive asset in 2012. He was totally on it.

  5. Rascal says

    Like many of his generation, Ronan has resisted declaring an orientation label, but acknowledges “dating” both men and women. NYC gay scene rumors him a “power bottom.” That suits my imagination.

  6. Mags says

    Ronan is fine in whatever he believes he should be identified as. It is HIS sexuality, his life. Going to extremes, whether forcing someone to identify as gay for the cause or because of discrimination, is just that: Extreme.

    Now I work in Finance, and if I did not know the rules and regulations governing my business, you know what would happen to me?

    I would be fired.

    If my religion is intolerant of people of color, men with no beards, divorcées, fatherless children, hymen-less unmarried women, and I opt to tout my religious beliefs in the work place, guess what?

    I would be fired.

    The amazing George T. has skimmed on something quite important: Why in the world so many who don’t know the first thing about not only the Constitution, but the basis of laws governing the United States of A. are not losing their jobs???

    Either give them the proper training to become worthy employees of our tax dollars, or fire them. At the very first hint of un-American suggestions of mis-management.

  7. gr8guyca says

    Ronan is a brilliant guy – graduated college at 16, Yale Law School. Rhodes Scholar – but seems ill-at-ease on camera right now. I would give him a few weeks to relax and find his own style. I will hold my verdict on his TV performance until then.

  8. walter says

    the guy has worked hard studied hard has worked for the state department and i think people really need to give him a chance. why are people always so quick to pile on to someone like ronan .

  9. MaryM says

    Being ‘gay’ or ‘bi’ is an identity / label.

    Being ‘homosexual’ or ‘bisexual’ is not an identity – it is an orientation.

    Ronan Farrow’s claim that he does not like labels is pathetic.

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