Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1514

VIRGINIA PASTORS: Clergy gather to condemn same-sex marriage.

ELLEN: The Olympics are coming.

BILLY ON THE STREET: Sho' Nuff – Oh No He Didn't.

CHOIR! CHOIR! CHOIR!: A Sochi version of Sting's "Russians".

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  1. Simon says

    The first video. One pastor said :” We are a Christian nation”. Thanks God we are not. We know how a Christian nation looked like in the Middle Age. If the Catholics say we are a Catholic nation, then this pastor and his followers will be cutting the throats of the Catholics and vice versa.

  2. Corey Mondello says

    Yes, the Constitution and the Bible…. They explain that black people are inferior, should not be allowed to vote, get an education or god for bid (pun intended) marry someone white. Now I noticed a woman speaking. Yes she was black, but she was a woman. It’s bad enough these black people are even being given the time if day, but a woman too?! What has this country come too? And some of those blacks don’t look all black, they are obviously part white, and are an abomination and should be addresses accordingly. Our society will crumble if we allow woman and blacks to think they are equal to the good white Christian men if America. The Native Indians got the message, even most immigrants understand their place, why have blacks and woman been allowed to hav any powers? It is un-Constitutional and activist legislators have rewritten the original Constitution to fit their liberal-god hating agenda. We must act before it is too late, look at the future of our children, public schools are a mess, social welfare programs are supported by these liberals that have ruined this Christian nation. And who is that white man, the only one, he dares to gather among the blacks and woman as if he supports them?!? This is blasphemy!!!

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