1. bewilderbeast says

    So we all have our vices, I personally like his tattoos. My distraction is men with gel or any hair products in their hair, but I am not going to call the person out for wearing hair products. Get real men, are you men are are you catty girls? Live and let live. Oh yeah, I could go on with what I hate in life in other men, but why be one of those people, I will keep things to myself. Glad and hope I don’t know any of you catty people.

  2. Brandon h says

    Yeah, you old queens who can’t handle the tatoos need to grow the eff up. He’s hot as hell. And any photo he takes has more depth and humanity than the finest of the fine Calvin Klein model.

  3. Stephen says

    In my opinion, people that do not appreciate or understand art, which includes these beautiful tattoos one this beautiful man, are shallow. I would not date you shallow guys.

  4. Pookie says

    Most of the tattoos cover up scars, you guys do get that, don’t you ?

    So far as “fancying” him – really ? After what he’s been through that’s where your mind goes ?

    Obsessive rating based on appearance ?

    REALLY ?

    I can’t get over his voice and his attitude.

    At least some of us are inspired.

  5. JackFknTwist says

    Here’s a statement of the obvious :

    Whether you have tats or like guys who do, is a matter entirely for yourself.

    I don’t know of any “Tat Rule Book.”

  6. Orderly Dylan Wordsworth says

    But will you love all the tats when he’s a 70-year old man with wrinkled, thinning skin and less than perfect muscle tone … or heaven forbid, carrying 50 extra pounds on his frame? We’re beginning to see this in the convalescent hospital more and more, and they look like ugly birth marks.

  7. Anastasia Beaverhousen says


    And what are you going to look like when you’re 70? Some kind of model? Mary, please. We all age. What’s the point of having a body if you can’t enjoy it?

  8. Mike says

    Who came up with the crap “his tattoos are to cover up his scars”. Mental scars? He’s got a whopping tracheostomy scar right in front and there’s no tattoo on it. He should look into a little plastic procedure, they can improve that.

  9. Jeff says

    So this guy gets blown to smithereens fighting for your freedom so that you guys can pick him apart because you don’t like his tattoos? No wonder so many people hate gays.

  10. Marlon Manroe says

    @Orderly Dylan Wordsworth:

    I always think it’s hilarious when people use the “but your skin will sag!” diatribe. Here’s some news: when you’re 70, pretty much everyone is going to have sagging skin and “less perfect muscle tone.” No one is going to be be looking at you sexually, except perhaps your partner. If this guy is my partner at when he and I are 70, I’d LOVE looking at the history of his life in tattoos. I’m sure they’re far more interesting than your history with or without them.

  11. bewilderbeast says

    I am really saddened by all the negative comments, too many tattoos, the skin will sag and look like scars, etc…life is about enjoying it for the moment. All these negative comments above make me, even as a gay male, find so many gay men shallow, boring and far from unique.

  12. Brandon says

    Mad respect for him and our Veterans. But honestly, he is the stereotype of guy you find on scruff. (gay app) Many guys there play up the role being the “geeky, big framed glasses, heavily tattoo, hipster ‘dude’.”

    It is what society thinks is “hot” at the moment — let it play till it dies out, is what I say.

  13. Håkon says

    How ludicrous that stating an opinion somehow becomes inherently ‘negative’ – but only because it contrasts with your opinion. In this world (the real world), people have different beliefs, and yes, some people don’t care for tattoos. Only Republicans would believe so strongly in censorship.

  14. Sergio says

    “people that do not appreciate or understand art, which includes these beautiful tattoos one this beautiful man, are shallow”

    Please tell us how you became society’s sole arbiter of art.

  15. alex says

    Perhaps some of you missed the fact that he’s a model…not just some guy with tattoos. Once you get paid (and particularly when become the “face” of a brand), you open yourself up to critique.

    I’m a bit puzzled by the choice of this guy as the face of Jack Adams. The tattoos far overshadow the underwear.

  16. Frank says

    Must it always be the default position in the gay community to automatically list what we don’t like instead of what we like? I’ll never understand that for the life of me. If you don’t like something, move on. Otherwise let those that like it enjoy.

  17. Orderly Dylan Wordsworth says

    Art is fine as long as the canvas remains taut. But the reality is, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports the number of people undergoing laser tattoo removal by dermatologists and plastic surgeons increased 43 percent from 2011 to 2012.

  18. Major707 says

    After seeing the selfies…..I can’t imagine anyone laughing. Sexy man & will be at 75. Personality is sexy and will never sag! Superficial is ugly at all ages.

  19. Tatts says

    My favorite tattoo of his–because it’s so over the top cool is on his left ankle and foot. A hand points to the right, with the words “I’m with stupid” above and below it.

    Now that’s a great attitude.

    Hot guy, hot tattoos, especially on his hands.

  20. my2cents says

    we map our biographies with and on our bodies in what ever form…
    some with tattoos.

    green, yellow and red lights , projected toward eyes that can ‘see’ who we are

    be the they preceived as errant or not,
    they define who we are, or were in a moment of our history.
    there is no shame in being,
    only in hiding our mementos of life lived.

    rattta-tat-tat you.

  21. YSOSERIOUS says

    I gave up on Queerty because of the snarky queens and judgmental fags over there. I am officially done with this site as well.

    Y’all are without a doubt the dumbest pieces of meat out there. Here’s a courageous, inspiring HUMAN BEING. If you find he’s attractive, fine, but if you don’t please don’t make your opinion based on something as childish and stupid as his tattoos (which cover his scars and attempt to make something beautiful out of the hamburger an IUD made out of him).

    If any of you ever put your life, your precious bodies on the line for ANYTHING bigger than yourself – great – but I doubt the vast majority of you who are out there missing the point ever did anything braver than leaving a gay bar at 3 AM. You’re ultimate goal in life seems to becoming little more than porn hound dogs who reduce EVERYTHING to your tiny little wangs.

    Goodbye Towleroad. Goodbye and don’t let the assholes hit you on the way out.

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