1. Paul R says

    Interesting how, whether because of unspoken peer pressure, because she realized she was being filmed and sounded stupid, or because she had a mild epiphany, the girl on the right in the the trio of black girls softened her views and became more reasonable over the course of the interview.

    It seems likely that the heavy focus on black interviewees was intentional, to show that people who have experienced discrimination are less likely to abide it, and to shoot down the notion that blacks get furious when gays draw parallels between the mistreatment of the two minorities.

    In all, a heartening video, but the responses would have been a lot different in many places outside NYC! In plenty of places most random respondents wouldn’t even know the term LGBT. Hell, John McCain didn’t even know it until he ran for president.

  2. David From Canada says

    The young straight guy gave the best, spontaneous and most funny answer (when asked, what would he do if heterosexual rights were taken away in our society), “Riot in the streets!!”

  3. jamal49 says

    @PAUL R Nice comments. Even so, John McCain still fumbled the acronym whenever he tried to say it (and probably still doesn’t get it).

    @BLAKE Wise words. Even here in NYC it’s still not a good idea.

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