1. Chris Lamparello says

    This guy is a joke. First of all, this is gross. It’s also lazy. If you want to protest Uganda’s human rights atrocities, engage in some sort of activism. Asking people to throw body fluids at a picture is assinine.

  2. woody says

    this is not offensive.
    lynching gay men in uganda is offensive.
    newspaper articles giving the addresses of gay people to a homophobic society so they can go and lynch them is offensive.
    putting people in jail for being gay is offensive.
    putting people in jail for not telling the government about their gay family members and friends is offensive.
    anybody who thinks this is what’s offensive needs a reality check.

  3. D.R.H. says

    That’s productive. Instead of actually making a difference, we’re making a mockery of the atrocities being committed in Uganda and promoting tools like this to the rest of society. Great work, everyone!

  4. Manroar says

    @enchantra aka Lipter

    Next time do better than that.

    Hey guys : this is not nasty. What is nasty is a nation questioning your existence and THEN punishing you for being alive.

    Got that Enchantrix?

  5. Dan says

    “It doesn’t really help the situation but it certainly felt good.”

    Well, he’s a narcissistic idiot, but at least he’s a self-aware narcissistic idiot. As if this is about his feelings and making him feel good. This guy is a perfect example of why, in 2014, the gay civil rights movement is still working on its “to do” list from 1973.

    I am very glad that he is an “activist” and not a doctor. If he were a doctor, he’d probably treat cancer patients by masturbating over a picture of a tumor.

  6. Excuse Me! says

    At the very least he brought the issue out to people who may or may not have known about the atrocities. And he attempted it in a fun and non-threatening way which sometimes is how one makes the first introduction to a controversial issue. Now I know I didn’t do anything remotely awareness raising over the weekend. How about the rest of you? At least he is out there trying to raise consciousness about this cause. Let us appreciate that instead of trying to tear down his efforts.

  7. jaker says

    @excuse me/disgusted american/randy. it’s pointless juvenile narcissistic grandstanding that will make the overwhelming majority of sane people (adults) recoil and go “wtf?”

    it also equates cumshots with disrespect.

  8. enchantra says least he was out there doing something…..what have/ or were some of you complainers doing?


    You could say the same thing about a man who craps himself in St Patrick’s Cathedral. At least he did something.

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