1. says

    I love when these grown-adult cowards are dragged kicking and screaming from the closet. you cowardly sack of s**t.

    for years this coward worked to make life harder for people, all to serve his own disguise.

    get ready for a world of shame. you deserve it.

  2. steven says

    As far as I’m concerned this is the only type person who DESERVES to be outed. And again it could not have happened to a more deserving pato.

  3. VA505 says

    Any gay man who sleeps with him in the future is a self hating tool. This monster actively aimed to make the lives of LGBT miserable while taking part in gay sex. Burn mother effer. Burn!

  4. Antonio M. says

    This comment may get me in trouble, but it shouldn’t. I’m latino (Puerto rican to be exact) and witness a lot of gay latino men being on the fence with their sexuality, and even upon coming out, going out of their way to not make being gay part of anything in their life, even if it means aligning heavily with the catholic church, being conservative leaning or constantly belittling the gay community. It’s sad to observe because they feel entitled to because they are out, but coming out doesn’t mean you get to still harbor the same resentment you previously had for the gay community, except now you get to use gay man for sex.

    It’s this struggle within our heavily catholic often conservative family oriented community where gay latinos see the huge families our hetero relatives have and in our desire to want that, we shame a lot of the gay community that isn’t religious, or wanting the white picket fence family. Then there’s the issue with machismo. “DL” or “str8 acting” get dropped as badge of honor on every latin gay dating site I visit. I hope one day all latino LGBT can accept being LGBT as much as we do our beautiful latin heritage.

  5. Sandra- Tustin says

    @ Antonio M.
    Don’t feel bad for what you wrote. As a Mexican lesbian, I agree with it and actually observe it all the time within our chicano lgbt walls. It’s through honest discussion we can help more chicano lgbt embrace self acceptance as opposed to the Catholicism conservatism that often enslaves them.

  6. Javier says

    A lot of Latinos today are Protestant evangelicals today, particularly in Central and South America. The Pentecostal Church is growing by leaps and bounds in Latin America.

  7. Canny says

    The most vocal anti-gay haters are usually self-hating closet cases. I hope he rights some of his monumental wrongs. This situation should not be all about him, which is what it seems like it is. There are real victims in his past warpath against gays. He still has more “coming out” to do.

  8. Lexis says

    @Pablo – That’s the main reason why I don’t want Puerto Rico in the USA any longer. Two additional right wing senators in the U.S. Senate could lead to too many close votes going the wrong way.

  9. DC Insider says

    I get the reasons why some latinos may be closeted, but understanding their dementia does not excuse them form the things they have don and continue to do.

    Every single closeted person that makes fun of, demeans, or otherwise vilifies out gays and lesbians to protect their own sick, twisted lie of a life should be shunned and NEVER accepted by the community.

    I know many think that we should embrace these grotesque creatures when they finally come to realize the error of their ways. I don;t. They need to spend the remainder of their lives working to atone for their egregious behavior, and pray that there is a god to forgive them, because I sure as hell never will.

  10. J.J says

    As a Mexican gay man I personally thinking machismo culture has more to do with the self hate that plagues our latin gay culture than the church. I’m pretty involved in LGBT outreach toward the latin community and it’s especially frustrating meeting so many gay latin men who are even politically conservative and when anything concerning gays comes up, you often hear them speak negatively. Which is really odd because I’d say there’s more latino gays than any other other demographic of gays. It’s a cultural thing, but we’re trying. Making the down low culture less hip and sexy (which has caused so manyyy latinos to become HIV infected due to the shame they harbor with being gay) is part of my mission.

  11. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ JJ- there’s something else to the Latino culture. My husband and I told them I was always a top (ha ha), and my family accepted us. They felt that since I was always a top, I really wasn’t gay.

    No, I don’t get it either.

  12. Dexter says

    Mike in tundra, sounds like maybe more conversations are needed in the family, and I hope the convo didn’t just end with “well, since you top, I guess we can accept this” because that doesn’t enable them to grow and learn from their ignorance.

  13. JackFknTwist says

    We need a list of all those who have betrayed us because of their own selfish cowardice.

    And we need to shame them forever for their malevolent treachery which has caused so many kids to wish to be dead rather than gay.
    It is worthless traitors like this tool who have the blood of these kids on their hands.

    And that proposed list will include Rikers, (with the bag carrier)……and I cannot remember all the others….there was that preacher guy…..
    That’s why we need a well publicized list !!!!

  14. Luis says

    The NYC Puerto Rican parade should invite this guy to march in their parade. Someone get on this right away. m It’s about time we had gay representation at the Puerto Rican Day parade.

  15. says

    I have no problem with closeted politicians. If you think it will hurt your career by all means stay in the closet. However I do have a problem with politicians that know they are gay and in an effort to keep that secret actively work against my rights. You can be as closeted as you want to, when it comes to the gay issues, just don’t have an opinion either way, at least not publicly.

    Also don’t drag women into your effed up life either. It’s not fair to them.

  16. Bill says

    “document his weight-loss”? If those are the “after” photos, I’d hate to see the “before” ones!

    @Mike in the Tundra : it probably goes back to the Romans. In ancient Rome, an upper class Roman could be a top, but not a bottom. Sexual roles had to reflect social status, so if you were at the top of the social structure, you had to be a top sexually. They didn’t have a concept of sexual orientation in the modern sense, but they certainly knew about all the ways you could do it (without electronic or chemical assistance of any kind, alcoholic beverages excepted)

  17. Coonbot says


    Geez, I wish the history of gays wasn’t defined within the end all and be all of greco-roman civilization….It’s such ethnocentricity and ignorance that that is the standard of ancient gayness. F*ck Rome and Greece….Look at those backward countries now….

    I’d much rather focus on indigenous native tribes who at least had egalitarian views of their non pro creative bros and sistas….The f*cking fact that we focus on rome and greece is total patriarchy, slave slovenly bullsh*t

    Quote me.

  18. Bill says

    @Coonbot : you missed the point, which was that these specific cultural attitudes seemed similar to those in ancient Rome, and some of that might have persisted in cultures that were influenced by Roman culture due to a very long Roman occupation – remember that Latin culture is derived in part from Spain, which was influenced by the Romans.

  19. Corey Mondello says

    He can’t be all that smart if he posted his face on Grindr. And since there is so many examples like his, is it any wonder to anyone still, why people just assume all rabid anti-LGBT are just closet cases.

  20. gorde says

    Oh you silly republicans when are you going to learn, those who protest too much usually are, so you got caught how about the other 230+ republicans who step out, think they’ll admit it, we will just have to wait and see, then shun them all to hell

  21. ratbastard says

    What Javier said. The protestant evangelical churches are making huge inroads in Latin America. These churches are EXTREMELY antigay.

    Roberto isn’t half bad looking. C’mon, it’s true.

  22. spike says

    now he’ll want our sympathy and support. He’ll want to be a friend and a leader if he can of the LGBT groups. I say he gets banned from gay bars. Let him live in the world that he wanted to vote for. Give him nothing but contempt.

  23. Brad Doles says

    Shame. Up til now, he had devoted his life to the destruction of others…he can never make up for that. He is a sad, sorry human being.

  24. Dante says

    I love how he says “Yes, I’m gay, but I’m also a father, a brother, a business man blah blah blah.” So are a lot of the other people you dismissed and tried to deny rights.

  25. miami says

    Really he needs to come out as a self-hater, as a proud bottom, as someone who made lots of mistakes. LGBTR, Christians, and most people would accept this, his apology is weak and useless. He needs to ask, no beg for forgiveness for his past. Until he pulls a Bill Clinton his career is dead and deservedly so.

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