1. MikeBoston says

    True – they are morons.

    But I am tired of hearing that this building is somehow sacred. That the families of those who died on 9/11 are describing this stupid stunt as disrespectful is more of a publicity play than the base jump.

  2. jamal49 says

    Pretty damned cool and those guys got some major cojones to do that! And to those who claim this stunt is “disrespectful” of those who died on 9/11, um, can we move on now?

  3. says

    Never intended for it to be a publicity stunt but they were wearing helmet cams and posted the jump on YouTube. My advice: be ready to spend some time in jail gentlemen and whatever you do, don’t ask for a jury trial.

  4. Rich says

    What these guys did wasn’t legal, and they endangered the lives of the people and drivers on the street below, in addition to themselves. But the WTC security situation is staggeringly deficient. I’ve read they walked through a hole in a fence covered by a tarp. Port Authority security deserves more negative attention. How are they getting this so wrong as to be thwarted now by four young men and a teenage boy?

    This is a site that’s considered a potential terrorist threat. A lot of money was paid out to security consultants, reviews, systems, personnel. It takes an hour just to go through airport-style security to get into the memorial. And someone left a hole in a fence unrepaired or unguarded? Really? Well, the skydivers will pay fines and possibly do time, but that needs to happen with Port Authority officials who fell down on their jobs.

    The jumpers need to face the consequences, but in addition to their penalties, maybe we should also give them a medal for getting their first, before someone with a bomb found that hole in the fence.

    Btw — amazing.

  5. Bill says

    My guess is that they are being prosecuted due to the embarrassment of the lax security becoming obvious to the general public – just like that 16 year old kid who snook in and hung out for a couple of hours at the top.

    Contrary to how it is being spun, it does not look like they endangered anyone. I’m sure they made sure it was a windless night, and the landing area had hardly any traffic on it. They could see what was there more than adequately.

    I’d say give them a $100 fine on general principles and then drop the matter as being too inconsequential – a de minimis violation, as in the Latin phrase “De minimis non curat lex.”

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