Bill Donohue Applies to March in the NYC LGBT Pride Parade with ‘Straight is Great’ Banner


Catholic League mouthpiece Bill Donohue has applied to march in NYC's LGBT Pride parade behind a "Straight is Great" banner he told conservative talk show host Steve Malzberg today and says he'll bring "a big wedding cake" if they allow him, Right Wing Watch reports.

Donohue is challenging the inclusiveness of the parade as a reaction to the controversy over the New York St. Patrick’s Day parade’s ban on gay groups.

Listen, below:

He also said that he's going to go after Guinness "non-stop" for pulling out of the St. Patrick's Day parade.


  1. Chris says

    Only nobody is saying that straight isn’t great. As a matter of fact, that’s all you here in the world. Only straight people aren’t being oppressed. Idiot.

  2. says

    hilarious. because nothing about pride is “anti-straight” at all.

    they should let him march.

    CAVEAT – in the middle of the leathermen :)

    non-schadenfreude caveat: in the middle of PFLAG, surrounded by families that actually love their LGBT parents, siblings, children, etc.

  3. Charlie says

    Sounds good to me. Let him in. Especially if their is an entrance fee.

    BTW, I was fascinated to learn that Donohue is a sociologist. He can’t be a very good one.

  4. graphicjack says

    On the surface, I wouldn’t have an issue with him saying Straight is Great during the Pride Parade. However, if he is ultimately saying that Straight is Better or Straight is Right (and that being gay is wrong) then it’s definitely an issue. Gay people want to be included in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, but they aren’t insulting Irish people when they are doing it. That’s the big difference here.

  5. Scotty says

    He definitely should be allowed to march in the parade! @Brian – totally would be awesome to see that. Can we get the go-go boys to pop out of his cake?

  6. says

    I say totally allow him – so long as his sign isn’t degrading I say welcome him with open gay arms – I for one look forward to him enjoying the experience and having a good time with men in g-strings marching around him.

  7. woodroad34 says

    OH, and btw, it is a “Gay Pride Parade”-which is just for gays. St. Patrick’s day parades are to show Irish pride–you can be gay and Irish at the same time. Being straight and gay at the same time would infer that the old tub of lard was bi-sexual. Think about that, doughboy.

  8. Taylor says

    He needs to be the very last marcher in the parade. Right behind a mounted police unit, so he can march through horse sh*t and right before the city sanitation department who sweeps up the refuse.

  9. says

    I agree – he should be allowed to march in any gay pride parade holding a sign that says “Straight is great” because it is great just as “Gay is great” – and you can be assured there will be a contingent before and behind him with signs that say “Gay is great” – in speedos and jock straps. Absolutely. We welcome his participation!

  10. Dawson says

    Why shouldn’t he be allowed to march as long as his sign isn’t demeaning.

    If we are going to talk the talk we MUST BE ABOUT INCLUSION.

    Wouldn’t it sell better to the world public to say that we are welcoming everyone? Of course this goes with some reasoning. Do we want people who advocate sex with under age children to march?

    Maybe including him could show him that gays are more then their sexuality.

    Let’s extend the hand and then see what happens.

  11. G McGinnis says

    I say let him. Encourage him to participate in the parade. Once his application is not rejected it should take some of the wind out of his sails and derail his argument why we should be excluded from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I doubt he would show or even if he did, finish the parade anyway.

  12. Keith says

    Let him in the parade, and have someone beside him holding a sign that says “Gay Is Great” as well (or better yet, signs of all persuasions that end in “. . .Is Great!” (Bi is Great, Green is Great, Equality is Great, Pansexual is Great, etc. etc.) I’m all about inclusiveness, and as long as he is willing to march for equality then why should we have an issue? I would despise thinking that anyone in the straight community thinks we don’t agree that they are great as well.

  13. unruly says

    This is a win win. Say yes and he participates in the LGBT parade if you shows up — tangential endorsement. If he doesn’t participate, then it proves the inclusiveness of the LGBT community while calling his bluff.

  14. Randy says

    Straight is great, and if an average citizen wanted to march in a celebratory manner in the LGBT parade with that message, that would be fine. In a roundabout way, this is what PFLAG already does.

    But we all know that isn’t Bill Donohue’s message. His message is that gay people are inferior and should be discriminated against. His participation in a pride parade would be directly counter to the parade’s message, which is about sexual freedom, and sexual equality, two things he deeply opposes.

    In contrast, St. Patrick’s Day has never been about promoting heterosexuality. It’s about Irishness, and you don’t even need to be Irish to celebrate Irishness.

  15. Bill says

    @litper : I’d opt for putting him between lion dancers and a group of very hot go-go boys dressed as scantily clad Roman soldiers, led by a formidable drag queen dressed as a centurion, and with a banner saying “Leones esuriunt” (The lions are hungry). NYC is a diverse place. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a few gay Asians who would know where to hire some lion dancers, maybe even gay ones, and go-go boys aren’t hard to find there either.

    So yeah, let him in the parade. He doesn’t get to dictate the order in which groups appear, and there’s an opportunity for having some real fun at his expense, particularly if he can read Latin.

  16. joel says

    Let the bastard march. He’ll be freaked that he couldn’t raise some big controversy with it and find some way to weasel out of it, like the worm he is.

  17. Bill says

    Just to add another thought based on BCNKC’s comment that he won’t show, there could be a backup plan for that contingency – a big blow-up doll of him with the caption “Chickened Out” or “No Show”.

    Or maybe as an homage to the French film “The Closet”, the blow-up doll could be sitting on a classic French chair below a giant inflated condom with a banner saying, “Come out safely”
    (or whatever it was in that film).

    So, just call his bluff. This could be really funny if it plays out well.

  18. phil says

    He’s divorced, which as I recall from what the nuns told me, isn’t very Catholic. But very typical of the anti-gay crowd: “One set of rules for you, a relaxed set of rules for me.”

  19. woody says

    the nyc ban began in 1990.
    here’s a little bit of interesting history from ny magazine:

    When the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization (ILGO) asked to join the parade in late 1990, their request was denied, but the organizers insisted it had nothing to do with the belief that homosexuality and Irish Catholicism don’t mix. The Ancient Order of Hibernians, which has run the 252-year-old parade since about 1851, argued that it wouldn’t be fair to let gay groups march, claiming that 30 organizations were already waiting for admittance to an event that the city wanted to reduce in scale. But when the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization asked to see the waiting list, the organizers refused.

    Mayor David Dinkins stepped in and brokered a compromise: The 135 members of ILGO would be the guests of the Midtown chapter of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and the mayor would march by their side. In return, the group would agree not to carry their own banner, and to abide by the parade rule banning marchers from wearing anything identifying themselves as a group. The New York Times headline declared, “Parade Furor Is Settled; Gay Group Will March.”

    Dinkins joined ILGO in the parade the next day, but the “furor” was just beginning. As shown in the disturbing video below, the group was booed throughout the parade, and at one point, two beer cans were thrown at the mayor. “It was like marching in Birmingham, Alabama” during the civil rights movement, Dinkins told the Times. “I knew there would be deep emotions, but I did not anticipate the cowards in the crowd.”

  20. Vera says

    Well If nothing else, we’ll be forced to eat our words… pretty big coup though if we let him in. After this whole St. Patrick’s day thing, I was beginning to think of they gay rights commrades as a bunch of Stalinist, whining thugs… but if we show we’re inclusive, well then, moral high ground becomes ours again…

  21. woodroad34 says

    Another thought. He can carry his “straight is great” sign, but he has to wear speedos and cowboy boots when marching, or goose-stepping, whichever way his straights do it.

  22. WakeUp says

    I’m shocked at how comments here are in favor of this hate-wad marching.

    1) Anti-gays don’t know the difference between harmful/hateful groups and non-harmful/just-living-their-lives groups. That’s why they’re always trying to compare us to the KKK or nazis.

    2) His ‘straight is great’ sign is an
    Don’t fall for it.

    3) If we’re really playing tit-for-tat here, then let his submit his application, and let’s tell him he can march so long as he is NOT identifiable as str8 or anti-gay, and then abruptly dismiss him by saying he applied under false pretenses. Even then it would not be a proper play of role reversal, because anti-gays are harmful and gays are not.

    4) After his rejection, he can protest on the sidelines with his APPEAL TO RIDICULE poster.

    5) The gay pride parade is not a time for LGBTs to allow anti-gays to ridicule us IN our OWN damn parade.

  23. Sean says

    The Pride parade is for people who support LGBT rights. Not people who want gay people dead. Bill Pedophile Protector Donohue does not support LGBT rights and he has expressed support for forcing gay people into re-education camps. The St Patrick’s Day parade is for Irish people and they banned gay Irish people from marching in the parade simply because they wanted to wave a rainbow flag or wear a t-shirt that says “Irish and Gay”. So no, no anti-gay trash at a celebration for being gay. If he stops the anti-gay statements and supports LGBT rights then fine but if he is going to be pushing anti-gay trash, NO.

  24. WhyNot says

    We would not look like hypocrites for disallowing him from marching, because he is anti gay. The st patty’s people would have to welcome not just gays, but ANTI IRISH as well, in order to pressure us to welcome anti gays into the parade.

  25. jexer says

    Call his bluff, and watch him weasel out.

    If he wants to march… and follows the rules… I say let him! The only thing I have against him, is that he’s against us.

  26. M. Velazquez says

    There’s no need to let Donohue or anyone else who does not support us participate just to prove that straight folks are allowed. For decades, PFLAG, SWISH, and other non-LGBT groups have participated in the NYC Pride March under their own banners. They march as allies, in support of our community, and as such are not only welcomed but receive an incredible amount of love gratitude the whole length of the event. Donohue can stick his banner far up his ass.

  27. Dan CObb says

    Rather than wait for him to submit his application –which he will probably never do– INVITE HIM! GIVE HIM A FORMAL INVITATION… telling him that the parade organizers are more than happy to have him march with the banner he described.

  28. Vint says

    There have been some really good suggestions here for parade order, but I think the ideal placement for Herr Donohue would be for him to march right behind the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

    Perhaps he could be followed by a gay marching band that marched in Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day parade…

  29. says

    Straight is great! Yay! AND gay is OK, even better than OK, maybe A OK? And there is room for BOTH messages, and there is room to include Bill in a parade he probably does not expect to attend. Queer is dear!

  30. Joe in Ct says

    They damn well better let him march. His proposed message is perfectly fine. Straight is great and, of course, so is gay. He’ll be a hit too. We’ll cheer him on! Can’t wait to see it.

  31. kdknyc says

    Absolutely let him do it. Then take photos of him surrounded by the leather daddies–and publicize them to all the world. Some arch conservative kook will blow a gasket about it somewhere.

  32. bobbyjoe says

    Yeah, I’m all for letting the guy march if he wants, but the first thing he’ll do afterward is invent some story about how he was harassed while he was there by some mean, cruel gays. If he marches, keep a camera on him at all times, ’cause like a lot of these so-called “religious” folks, the man is a great big lying liar. (Oh, and also keep Donohue away from any kids, as he’s a noted repeat pedophile-defender).

  33. okso says

    even though he means it in the same manner as saying “white power”, i’d still like to see him do it, just to watch bill donahue march in a pride parade. hell, i’d pay to see that!

  34. Bill says

    @kdknyc @bobbyjoe : you could surround Donahue with a bunch of young, hot go-go boys, who run around him while being chased by leather daddies dressed as priests. That would serve a reminder that Donahue tried to help whitewash the Catholic Church sex scandals from a PR standpoint.

    Plus the go-go boys would be such a contrast to Donahue that his sin of gluttony would be all the more obvious.

  35. Lexis says

    Fine. Have no problem with that message. And some Gay-Straight Alliance or PGLAG group should march right behind him with signs saying something like “Straight is Great and So is Gay” and/or “Straight Parents Love their Gay Children” etc.

  36. Marc says

    Why does he think that simply holding a “Straight is Great” sign means we all forgot all of the horrible things he’s said about us? His whole message is that gays are the downfall of civilization. It’s not intolerance to tell a bigot to get the hell out of our parade. If a pro-gay straight ally wants to hold a “Straight is Great” sign — let them. I’m all for it. But Bill can go f___ himself.

  37. Bill says

    And his “Straight is Great” sign can be
    followed by “Straight is great because it makes more gays, who grow up in the most delightful ways.”

    Too bad we don’t have Maurice Chevalier around anymore to sing it.

  38. Contrarian says

    In one sense, the Pride parade and its fans have won. This loudmouth adopts a core element of most of the activists and commentariat here (but not some brave queer theorists and writers). He joins you in the false construction of separate distinct sexualities when in fact there is only human sexuality differently expressed across time and cultures. Like Mr. Vidal, and other brave voices, a few beg to swim against the stream which claims some fundamental differences exist allegedly creating “heterosexuals” and “homosexuals” a/k/a “gays”. Utter unscientific nonsense equivalent to some of the religious nonsense Mr. D. believes. You are all more birds of a feather than you know or will admit, at least in a political and philosophical sense.

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