1. HadenoughBS says

    This fat ol’ Papist is a homophobic fool who’d probably whine that Jesus wasn’t enough of a hater to suit Donohue’s own proclivity to hating the gays.

  2. Sean says

    Guess he missed the part of the Bible that says bearing false witness and lying a sin against God that will send him to burn in the fiery pits of Hell. Oh that’s right, reich-wing “Catholics” are allowed to pick and choose which of “God’s” so called “rules” they will adhere to. CINO.

  3. Esther Blodgett says

    Poor Bill. He is deluded. Anyone who has been to the NY parade in the last 10 years knows that between marchers and spectators there are about a million people on the route. His little group would probably go unnoticed.

    Anyone who reads this and especially who have never seen the NY parade, come join us. It is a sight to behold.

  4. reality says

    huh? literally over a million people attend the gay pride parade in NYC. There’s no way this humpty dumpty could get those numbers for his hate-crusade

  5. ArchiLaw says

    “I’m pretty much of an untrainable guy when it comes to this [being gay].” Well, at least he admists it’s neither a choice nor a learned behavior.

  6. woody says

    but bill, jesus hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes. why won’t you come spend the day with us? i thought you were a follower of jesus.

  7. anon says

    That’s pretty much exactly what I thought the session would cover. Now that’s he’s been caught lying so baldly, perhaps this should get out of the gay press and into more mainstream media? This really does put a huge question mark up against his credibility. CNN and other news orgs that have him on frequently should not feign ignorance now. It might not seem like much, but it’s actually quite serious.

  8. Lymis says

    He always speaks as though he takes for granted that the only people in the gay pride parade are gay people – that not only aren’t there any straight people, but that they are actually excluded, and that somehow marching behind a “straight is great” banner would be offensive.

    That’s pure projection. He doesn’t want gays in the St. Patrick’s Day parade , so gays must not want straights in ours. Bzzt.

  9. gb says

    Bill Donohue is a media personality.He is aware of his audience demographics,older right-wing catholics. Also, he is aware that same demographic would consider him gay.Why? Because the media headlines would read “Bill Donohue marches in NYC Gay Pride Parade”. Their gay reasoning: He marched in a gay parade;therefore, he must be gay. That’s his demographics way of thinking. That’s why he doesn’t want to march. He would spend the rest of his life having HIS sexuality whispered about amongst his audience.

  10. gb says

    From this point forward Bill Donohue’s reporter friends probably will never ask him “Why did you want to march in the NYC Gay Pride Parade”?Also, they will not ask “Since your application was accepted,don’t you believe safety is paramount for all concerned?”The answers would show only his true intents.

  11. Vint says

    @GB: hell, his reporter friends won’t even ask him, “how many people are there in a league?”

    So there’s no way they’d ask your excellent questions, let alone, “why do you repeatedly lie, mischaracterizing safety instruction as ‘gay training’?”

  12. Bernie says

    funny, how Mr. Donohue got it right when he says he is “untrainable”….and he is a spineless worm for making such a big stink about marching in this parade with his Heterosexual Pride sign…and then backing out… hot air!

  13. Joseph Singer says

    It’s patently obvious that Donohue had no intention of marching and probably was disappointed that he was permitted to march rather than getting rejected by the icky gehs. The excuse that he doesn’t need “gay training” is obvious to anyone that it was just an excuse so he could say he was rejectified by them evuhl preverts for not going to a geh training session (you can’t be gay naturally you have to be taught!)

  14. Bill says

    Now he has another reason to put his tail between his legs – the amount the Catholic League would have to pay people to appear with him the parade.

    With sessions to organize the contingent, etc., it would probably be at least $100 per person, so with a hundred people, he’d have to shell out $10,000. So much for that vacation in Cabo. And he’d need 100 so that his claim about having a large group with him would not turn him into more of a joke than it already is.

  15. SFRowGuy says

    Thing is, catholics and right-wingers are so use to being lied to, and they don’t bother checking the facts, that Bill can say whatever he wants and they’ll believe him if it makes gays look bad. They don’t need nose-rings installed, the complacent sheep (lemmings) that they are, it would be superfluous. All they need is someone to point and yell ‘Hate’, and they all line up.

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