Chelsea Handler To Quit Her Talk Show

The end of Chelsea Lately will come later this year – after eight years on the E! channel. 

The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive story:

Chelsea-Handler-20680075-1-403An E! spokesperson stated to THR: "Chelsea has nine months left on her contract and E! will not comment on the future of Chelsea Lately at this time."

Handler is said to feel that she is at the top of her game with a new book, Uganda be Kidding Me–her first to sit at number one on the New York Times bestseller list for more than a week. She is in the midst of a tour of more than 30 markets, "a massive piece of business" that also will include dates overseas, according to Geof Wills, president of Live Nation Comedy. She will shoot her first stand-up special at the Harris Theatre in Chicago in June to air on cable in October.

Handler's reps at CAA have been setting meetings with companies including Sony Television and Lionsgate as well as FX to discuss her future. The extent of interest in her in those quarters is not clear. “I don’t know if anybody’s going to pay her as much as E!,” says a source at one company that has been contacted.

Handler has been vocal about her unhappiness at E!. Where will she land next? Just a few weeks ago, she told Howard Stern she'd like to seek out a place similar to Netflix.


  1. Learjet says

    I don’t get her appeal. I’m a gay man and I love female comics, but Chelsea just comes across as rude and mean, and not in a Joan Rivers / Kathy Griffin kinda way, either.

    I think she takes herself far too seriously. A little self-deprecation is in order, perhaps. Can’t say I’ll miss her.

  2. Mags says

    @Learjet, I agree with you on her appeal, I can’t take much of her brand of snark for long. However, she is the queen of self-deprecation: The few shows I’ve watched, she ridicules herself and owns up to her drug, alcohol and man-flesh abuse to the limit! Actually, that’s when I find her funny.

    I believe this news would soon mean there is an opening on late-night network TV. Would be refreshing what with all the white men getting all the dollars.

  3. SteveInDE says

    Saw her perform a couple of years ago. She was really lame. Seemed to be drunk and ad-libbing. The audience seemed to consist primarily of young teenaged girls.

  4. Chris K says

    I agree with you Learjet. She can be self-deprecating at times, but even then she does come off a bit full of herself. I used to love watching her show, but I think she’s lost her touch a bit and just sounds bitter and angry nowadays. I think Chelsea should take some notes from Lisa Lampanelli, Joan Rivers, and Kathy Griffin, who all do the “bitchy” thing really well while still remaining at least somewhat likeable.

  5. daws says

    I stopped watching her show a while ago. I’m okay with mean if you can make me laugh (Kathy Griffin, Joan Rivers) but Chelsea is rarely funny. I enjoyed her show more for the other comics she had on and she had some great guests. Her personality, though…Oof.

  6. Thomas says

    I’ve always enjoyed her bawdy sense of humor, you can tell she was reared in Jersey.

    It would be interesting to see her take over Pierce Morgan’s time slot on CNN. Just imagine Chelsea interviewing Chris Christie.

  7. normadesmond says

    i think she’s best when surrounded by good people. she’s coming thru town soon & i would never pay to see just her. getting shitfaced isn’t funny, unless you’re the drunk.

  8. RichB in PS says

    I do not dvr only, not for her but who is on the ‘panel’ AND the guest – often if the panel is lame, show is terminated or fast forwarded to celebrity guest [if guest is lame, the show is deleted quickly].

  9. RichB in PS says

    I do not dvr only, not for her but who is on the ‘panel’ AND the guest – often if the panel is lame, show is terminated or fast forwarded to celebrity guest [if guest is lame, the show is deleted quickly].

  10. BrokebackBob says

    Chelsea is tired of the show. It shows in that she is rude, seems tired, is self-centered, often doesn’t treat her panel with respect, and has probably come to the conclusion that she doesn’t have much talent beyond what she is doing. Netflix will just further isolate her and Netflix is for movies not talk shows, that is where their interests are. I think she knows she is a full-blow semi-functional alcoholic and apparently like to tell everyone who is watching just how much she likes to get penetrated. I’ve watched her off and on pretty steadily and even that shows the decline. I hope she lands on her feet and get some help with her drinking and sex-obession. Her schtick is wearing thin and the “don’t blame me for my mistakes and out-of-itness, I’m just fu$%ed up” is really long past its humor value.

  11. Steve says

    I get the feeling there is a lot of “behind the scenes” that the public doesn’t know but I’m guessing E! basically told Chelsea already that they will not renew her contract regardless of pay.

  12. Paul R says

    I suspect that Steve is right. Her average ratings fell from 960,000 viewers in 2011 to 571,000 in 2013, yet she still gets paid quite a bit. She’s also unpleasant to work for and has trouble attracting big-name guests, and most of those appeal mainly to women.

    Her books have been hilarious, and she did some funny TV before this show. But I’ve gone from major fan to tepid (at best) very occasional viewer. She definitely seems to think she deserves more than she’s earned.

  13. David From Canada says

    I looked at her new book at Walmart. It’s as vacuous and shallow as the person who wrote it. Chelsea and her products are for people who have no taste and low standards.

  14. Rob says

    Wow – have to disagree with my reflexively negative compatriots. I think she is irreverent and funny- has a very quick wit and has a form of humor all her own. I stop and watch every time I see her anywhere.

  15. Kenny says

    She’s been on TV for eight friggin years?! Who knew? When even the E Channel doesn’t want you….where do you go next? The Military history channel?

  16. Sam says

    Hellelujah, good riddance and best of luck! Its not whether Ms. Chandler’s brand of humor is funny or not nor is it her choice show guests, its her snarky attitude and sharp-edged energy that is a turn-off.

  17. p a b says

    I am a huge fan (if guiltily at times) of Kathy Griffin, and as such some would assume that I might also like Chelsea Handler. But I don’t. I find Handler’s style and jokes often more irritating than funny; and she’s made some really stupid, thoughtless homophobic statements. That’s not my idea of “gay-friendly.”

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