‘Chicago Sun-Times’ Offers Front Page Profile on Rahm Emanuel’s Gay Adviser David Spielfogel


Thursday's Chicago Sun-Times offered a laudatory front page profile of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's top adviser David Spielfogel:

Spielfogel is not only the mayor’s intellectual match — without the ego to go with it — he’s the brains and execution behind virtually every one of the mayor’s policy initiatives, from ethics reform and ride-sharing to petcoke and the drive to raise $50 million over five years for jobs, mentoring and recreation programs for at-risk kids.

Emanuel rarely makes a move without consulting him.

“Since David joined my campaign in its first few weeks, he’s helped me to shape city hall’s agenda on every major priority. Our first discussion in 2010 was about a range of ways to break from the past and move this city forward . . . Whether on the campaign, or running my transition team, or now in city hall, I have come to value David’s opinions, insight, advice and focus,” Emanuel said via e-mail.

Spielfogel’s father, Keith, said about his son: “If I call, he doesn’t answer. If the mayor calls, he answers.”

Spielfogel also happens to be gay and Emanuel performed his civil union in 2011 at City Hall:

David Spielfogel is the most influential of a large number of openly gay employees in the Emanuel administration.

He had a girlfriend all through college “who I loved,” and he came out after graduation, because, “I’m not sure I knew” before then.

Although his own family was “very accepting,” Spielfogel said the fact that he’s gay gives him a unique and important perspective when it comes to making policy.

“It makes me more sensitive to the feeling among different groups that they’re not included in progress or don’t feel like they have a stake in decisions,” he said.

“Whether you’re gay, whether you’re a woman, whether you’re part of a minority group, there are times when you feel like your voice doesn’t want to be heard solely because of something that’s biological for you. There’s an extra sensitivity there.”


  1. says

    Do we really have to know that he is gay? The reason he is in Ralm’s
    realm is that he is qualified and extremely smart. Maybe I’m getting old but there is so much that comes under the gay umbrella. I’m just satisfied he has a savy job. I think Rahm will run for President after 2 stints as the Mayor of Chicago. And when that time comes, hopefully Mr. Spielfogel will still be part of his inner circle.

  2. Håkon says

    I’m just glad Emanuel stopped working with Obama so closely. It’s widely known that Emanuel held Obama back on gay rights issues for the first couple of years of his presidency.

  3. Albert says


    Why is it only a problem when someone is openly gay? When people are openly straight you never hear backlash. Yeah, you’re getting to old.

  4. Manus A. Edwards says

    This brings up the question as to whether or not Arnie Duncan is Gay. It makes for a different political dynamic if he is. I’ve never been an Obama advocate yet I’ve voted for him twice for President. It’s obvious to me that President Barack Obama could care less if African Americans are represented in the United States Senate. I wonder just who is Barack Obama.