1. Kenny says

    At her SXSW performance, Lady GaCa also had a girl drink paint and then vomit it back onto her at her SXSW show. Story and disgusting photo at Boy Culture.

  2. Paul R says

    She might have killed her career too fast with ArtPop. Not just because it mostly sucked, but because she can’t embrace any restraint. I hate comparing her to Madonna, but the elder one knew when she was hitting overkill and pulled back. And her early albums were consistent–though not something I felt invested in.

    Sort of the same with Gaga. I like her fine (no especially strong feelings, but I was given a ticket to her concert and was impressed, and she can be amusing). But she needs to learn that sometimes no publicity is the best PR.

  3. Lucas H says

    I watched this to see her last night, mostly because I was curious if the recent controversy about her BTW Foundation would come up (shocker: it didn’t). I’m starting to feel like her style has outlasted her substance, which is a shame. Prove me wrong, Gaga. And fix your damn charity.

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