1. james st. james says

    I watched it live last night. They started late, flubbed the opening a bit, and ended with paper streamers coming down which looked nice until everything on the stage was practically covered. Then someone came out and scooped up a lot of the streamers and the lead singer did one more song from the edge of the stage.

    Nice to see them again. But there was some energy missing. Maybe just getting older? Maybe out of practice not having been on stage for quite a while? All in all still interesting, still worth seeing live.

  2. Chris says

    They also played “Another’s Arms” from their new album. It was interesting to see the bad return to their X&Y look and leave the neon and even “FREE TRADE” slogans behind. Not sure if they “cleaned up” their look for SXSW or if they’re maturing. Either way it was an AMAZING concert and special thanks to Apple for streaming it free and commercial free!

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