Did the EU Just Sell Out Ukraine’s Gay Community?


Ukraine says the EU dropped a requirement that the country protect 'sexual minorities' as part of visa negotiations. The EU denies it.

Ukraine is looking for a legal makeover, but it may not benefit everyone.

PetrenkoOn Monday, Ukraine's parliament finalized a new anti-discrimination law, but in a worrying move for the country's LGBT community, the country's justice minister said the law would not include a clause to protect "sexual minorities."

"We did find an understanding with the European Commission on the draft law on discrimination," said Ukraine's Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko (pictured).

"And they removed their demands concerning the indication in the law of guarantees for sexual minorities."

But David Stulik, a spokesman for the European Commission delegation to Kyiv, denied the minister's claim. He told BuzzFeed that the EU had not dropped the requirement.

The law, which is part of a plan to do away with visas for Ukrainians traveling to the EU, does guarantee protection of all persons for race and religion, according to Petrenko.

Ukraine's parliament has previously considered anti-"gay propaganda" laws, though none have passed. Negotiations, it seems, are ongoing.


  1. woody says

    well, it they want to stay with putin’s policies, let them go with russia. eastern european membership has long weakened the EU’s resolve on human rights issues pertaining to the lgbt community.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    We will never accept the twisted values of the eastern europeans; we have our laws against discrimination, Ukraine must remain at arms length if it wants to be governed by the Orthodox Church.
    And the Right wing fascists of that country are on the increase. Pass the anti discrimination law now or never.

  3. says

    Not surprising that there are some in the Ukrainian government who wish that respecting gay rights were not the cost of a rapprochement with Europe. This was always the pro-Russian propagandists’ main point: don’t go to Gayropa through the ass — was the slogan. Obviously it didn’t work on the majority of Ukrainians.

    And let’s hope Europe doesn’t back down.

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