1. Chris K says

    In other words, she grew up mutilating animals so she’d do a great job ruining people’s lives as well.

  2. says

    drop dead gorgeous. former beauty queen shilling for pork products. “Oh gosh, i just love st. paul pork products. in fact i love ’em so much, i work here now!”

  3. Pablo says

    They think they’re base is nothing but a bunch of idiots. It’s demeaning, but they’re also correct about it.

  4. Jerry says

    Well, the fact that there were hogs to castrate speaks to the GOP’s facility in growing pork as well…

  5. walter says

    in that case she will be at loss to work with the rest of the republicans in the senate since they lack the balls to stand up to the crazies in the tea party

  6. mmike1969 says

    Why do these self-proclaimed pork cutters live in states GETTING the most pork from Washington?

    Yeah, git back to the kitchen girl and make the men some food already. That is what you female cons are supposed to do anyway.