Four Men Accused of Being Gay Whipped in Nigerian Court

A picture taken on January 22, 2014 shows two suspected homosexuals in green prison uniforms (L) sitting before Judge El-Yakubu Aliyu during court proceedings at Unguwar Jaki Upper Sharia Court in the northern Nigerian city of Bauchi.

Four men accused of being gay have been publicly whipped in a Nigerian court in the northern state of Bauchi, the AP reports:

BauchiThe four were among dozens caught in a wave of arrests after Nigeria strengthened its criminal penalties for homosexuality with the new Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act in January.

The men could face further violence in prison if human rights organizations do not come up with an additional fine of 20,000 naira ($120) each meted out Thursday by a judge in Bauchi city, Dorothy Aken'Ova, convenor of the Coalition for the Defense of Sexual Rights Network, told The Associated Press. The four were sentenced to 15 strokes plus a year's imprisonment if they cannot pay the fine.

Aken'Ova said the men, aged between 20 and 22, should not have been convicted because their confessions were forced by law agents who beat them.

The men's families, embarrassed by the men, refused the offer of a lawyer in order to get the case over with, according to the AP:

On Thursday, the judge said he was lenient because the men had promised that the homosexual acts occurred in the past and that they had since changed their ways, according to Aken'Ova.


  1. Louis says

    Instead of putting them ALL down and even making borderline racist comments, I’m looking at you @Rupert. I think that we should show some compassion, remember that those being accused are just like us….

  2. Rupert says

    Oh stop being so sensitive Louis. When it comes to homophobia, gays are allowed to rip into the offenders without having to worry about being nice and polite. So take your anti-Catholic, anti-black, anti-Jewish, anti-Protestant criticisms……and shove it.

  3. Louis says

    @Rupert you sir are no better than what is being spoken about in this news post. I bet if you were straight you’d be right there with those whipping these men. needless to say, you’re disgusting

  4. SpaceCadet says

    Barbaric. Where exactly is the leniency by the judge? And further whippings and inprisonment being dictated solely on whether you pay a fine or not? Sounds like extortion. Those young men should just flee the country. Even their families won’t support them.

  5. JJ says

    This is the vision Christian dominionists like Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Perry have for the U.S., just replacing the Quran with the Bible as the source of their alleged authority.

  6. Ahuv says

    The fee payable for their release is minimal. How can we send donations to the gay rights organisation?
    @joey: you are obviously very ignorant about the history of Africa. A gay complaining about discrimination discriminating others himself is just lidacrious. Get educated

  7. Bill says

    Can the rest of the world indict anyone who participated in convicting or punishing these two guys for crimes against humanity? No European vacation for the judge, the prosecutor, etc. as they would risk being arrested if they stepped outside that miserable country.

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