Gay Iconography: Thank You, ‘Golden Girls,’ For Being A Friend


It was more than 20 years before the Supreme Court weighed in on DOMA and Prop. 8 when The Golden Girls offered up this perfect case for marriage equality in the 1991 episode titled, "Sister of the Bride."



Later in that episode, Blanche's brother Clayton tells the women that he and and his partner Doug would "bend over backwards" for one another. It's a set-up just begging for one of the ladies' signature zingers.



When Rose puts together a talk show about women who live together, she invites Blanche and Dorothy to be guests. The only problem is that Rose didn't realize the producers were looking for lesbians.



While being mistaken for lesbians was sort of the butt of the joke in the last clip, in this video, Blanche is jealous that Dorothy's female friend has a crush on Rose and not her.



Considering the LGBT community is constantly evolving its own terminology to accommodate different identities, there's something almost elegant about Sophia's understanding of the terms "gay" and "queer" when referring to her cross-dressing son.

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