1. shawnthesheep says


    Yep, because that’s exactly how sexuality works. Gay pride events turn everyone gay, thereby reversing population growth. Pat Robertson, is that you?

  2. james st. james says

    Guy has balls, for sure.

    It would be useful to the gov’t to accommodate “the gays” if for no other reason than to keep the religious elements in their place.

    Gays are a lot less likely to try to overthrow the powers that be (atheistic communists) than christians or muslims.

  3. Kenny says

    “If Chinese officials were smart they would turn the country into one huge gay pride to combat overpopulation.”

    There was already a one child policy. That has led to a rapidly aging society and the policy has relaxed as birth rate falls with development anyway. In cities where the law was taken away, the birth rate was still low.

    Homophobia in China is a recent phenomenon from the past 2-3 centuries. Jesuit missionaries reported with horror of the homosexuality that was prevalent in China in the 16-17th centuries.

    If one reads Chinese history, homosexuality has been part and parcel of it since the bronze age. These are in the official history books and it boggles me that chinese people have the nerve to say it is against tradition.

    Our version of Rome was the Han Dynasty which lasted 400 years. The first 10 emperors all had male partners (in addition to female ones). This is mentioned so matter of factly in the history books that no further explanation is needed. There is only elaboration when the male involved affects the course of history. Eg. one of the emperors seems to be exclusively gay and passed the throne on to his lover on his deathbed. That got him killed in the ensuing power struggle.

    It is undeniable that it is part of our tradition when there was even gay marriage in the region of Fujian which was a popular social custom.

    “Gays are a lot less likely to try to overthrow the powers that be (atheistic communists) than christians or muslims.”

    Actually in China the opposite is true. Our history shows that large numbers of unmarried single men are a potential source of challenge to the government. That proved itself time and again in history as polygamy, wealth disaprities, gender imbalance meant that many straight men could not find a wife. These men formed brotherhoods and sometimes rebelled. Among them there was sometimes situational homosexuality. So the argument that has been floated to legalize gay marriage again in China is to free up woman in sham marriages to gay men and for these gay men to marry each other. China likes to pre-empt opposition groups forming.

    Religion in China is confucian/taist/buddhist all merged into one and more like a culture/philosophy and less demanding than abrahamic ones.

    While China is lagging behind in gay rights, it has actually moved quite fast considering she was sending them to labour camps a few decades ago and now removed it from a mental illness and government officially treats it as a neutral issue.

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