1. woody says

    They’ve already lost the youth.
    The people who would be young republicans are libertarians.
    Right-wing social issues and policies that favor big corporations and wall street are losers for the GOP in their quest for millenials.

  2. woody says

    and why aren’t any of the people in these ads looking at the camera? is there some reason for that I don’t understand? not very effective when someone addressing you doesn’t look at you.

  3. Daniel Villarreal says

    It’s either because they’re reading cue cards or because they can’t bare to look their fellow Americans in the face with the tripe they’re repeating.

  4. says

    I’m disappointed the Beekman Boys would pose with Greenberg but I’m sure they pose with a lot of people and don’t vet them that closely. The disappointment is their failure to find out who and what Greenberg represents and that is going to cost the Boys friends and supporters. I know I think less of them now. Someone, their agent or handler, should have slapped their heads before the picture was taken. What were they thinking?

  5. crispy says

    Is Jeremy Hooper really that retarded? Just because this douchenugget appears in a picture with a celebrity gay couple does not mean he supports their right to marry.

    Regardless, he’s still a scumbag Republican. And a hipster.

  6. says

    Hipsters are conformist materialists…of course they’ll vote republican while saying out loud how much they oppose them…

  7. theo says

    Greenberg’s a DC PR flak, per his own Twitter bio. He’s not some random guy off the street, nor does he represent the average republican.

  8. AG says

    “They’ve already lost the youth.”

    Really? Obama actually lost the under-30 white vote to Romney.

  9. crispy says

    AG, because only white people count as “the youth”? Go eff yourself.

    Obama still dominated the overall 18-29 year-old voter segment. And you’re crazy if you think that demographic is going to get any less diverse.

    18-29 Year Old Voters
    Obama 60%
    Romney 36%

  10. Joseph says

    I hope the fact that this dude is clearly reading from a prompter isn’t lost on anybody

  11. AG says


    You must possess extrasensory perception, I only mentioned a single fact, inconvenient to this crowd, I gather, but no other commentary.

    And the whole point of this post is ludicrous. You folks cannot believe that some Republicans can actually support gay marriage. Wow, not everyone is thinking in lockstep! Would never happen on your side.

  12. Nathan says

    AG the problem isn’t being a Republican and supporting gay marriage, I know lots of them, the problem is being Republican and supporting gay marriage and voting Republican which puts people into offices who do not support it. This is really not that complicated and represents the real curiosity here, albeit not really spelled out well: at what point will/can the GOP tip into not being the party of hating progress? In many people’s lifetimes it was not this way. I, personally, stopped voting Republican because of this, and so have many people of conscience. I’d rather have my civil rights and put up with overspending vs. no civil rights and vilification of the poor and anyone who is brown.

  13. crispy says

    “You folks cannot believe that some Republicans can actually support gay marriage. ”

    Supporting gay marriage and actually voting for candidates who help to pass marriage equality are two different things.

    I’ll take the latter, thanks.

  14. Tyler says

    I am 97 percent sure that is the rear end of an Audi. Google image search Audi rear. If that’s the case (as I believe it to be) the GOP is just once again proving how TONE DEAF they are. Do they know an AUdi is a LUXURY car?? What, there wasn’t some lowly PA on set who could lend them his Honda fit or something? Jeebus.

  15. says

    They’re so clueless. Remember that “be a gay republican!” ad from Fred Karger a few years ago that looked more like an ad for Aryan Nation’s New Beach Fitness Program?

    “hey! we’re gay republicans! we support gays! just not enough to *not* vote for those who work against them! also, we don’t like poor people or people who are sick!”


  16. crispy says

    @Tyler: It’s an A4. Jalopnik wrote a story about it.

    Everything I’ve read says that millennials aren’t interested in cars and prefer to take public transportation. Once again, the GOP is completely out of touch.

  17. Tyler says

    Crispy, I actually didn’t write the comment about the Audi, but I had seen the Jalopnik story you’re talking about.

    For once Rick attached something sensible to my username. Still peeved he insists on stealing it though.

  18. Jay says

    The best thing to happen to a republican is to run as an independent. The GOP and its puritanical base are unelectable.

  19. Randy says

    If you want to know where your jobs went, of course the GOP Representatives did a good job of shipping them overseas, but Bill Clinton gave them tons of help doing it.