1. Pablo says

    What’s with that lazy response? Because people are critical of steroid use they’re jealous? What are you a middle school girl? “Whatever haters, you’re just jealous!” Please, come back with something better than that.

  2. Luke says

    I love how these queens on here always accuse muscle guys of doing roids. Some of us actually get up off the couch and work out. You guys should try it sometime

  3. Pablo says

    LOL don’t ask people to play dumb. You can tell from just looking at a person when they use steroids, especially at that size. No one naturally has gyno like that, unless you’re a woman. That’s a product of steroid abuse.

    Once again, that “get up off the couch” is lazy nonsense. Come back with a real response.

  4. Matte says

    @Pablo: Gyno? Not seeing that on the video

    @Jaker: Totally agree! More happiness needed!

    @Luke: Yep. Completely true. If you actually know anything about steroids, you can spot them. Not happening here. Some men actually know how to work out and have the discipline to get results.

  5. Jerry says

    This is the only time I’ve been able to listen to “Happy” without bursting into tears.

  6. Sam says

    Jealous, bitter queens will never cease in assuming each and every hot guy with muscle are on ‘roids. Poor ignorant fools!