1. Ben in Oakland says

    Of course everyone already knows about everyone, except the closet cases that don’t even want to tell themselves. They are respecting their teammates and their privacy, or so we hope. The teammate comes out publicly when he’s ready to do so. unfortunately, there are very few willing to do so, which argues that there is an enforced closet. who knows?.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    Thanking girlfriends and boyfriends is being polite and appropriate.

    It would have been inappropriate to just thank girlfriends.
    That’s why you don’t hear any twittering dumb reaction from the crowd; they know that society, our friends, and our brothers have gay boyfriends and friends who are gay.

    And yes, this is Gaelic Football; note the “GAA” on his shirt, it means Gaelic Athletic Association…….and it does not tolerate any discrimination and is embedded in every local community.
    and no, it has nothing to do with soccer.

  3. colleen says

    Just a quick word in defense of all the NON-homophobic German soccer fans:

    There was a rainbow Pride flag waving amongst the enormous Bayern Munich banners in the chanting section directly behind one of the goals throughout the same match where that homophobic naked butt Özil gun thing was displayed.

  4. Mark says

    The story needs more editing, it still equates Gaelic football sith the European soccer leagues.

    Gaelic football is an Irish game – the most similar game is Australian Rules football.

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