Meet ‘Big Brother’ Canada’s Kenny Brain, the Ripped, Gay Model with an Epic Beard: VIDEO





More of Brain in his briefs:

Brain hasn't said flat-out that he's gay, but he says he's not going to divulge anything about his sexuality right away:

(images via sissy dude)


Full first episode:

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  1. Xander says

    At least they didn’t go the US versions route and still the most annoying gay guy they can find.

  2. Marcus says

    He’s not waiting to divulge anything. He’s intentionally lying to manipulate the girls; one in particular, whose insecurities he seems to be taking advantage of. I guess that makes her his “epic beard.”

  3. AJ says

    Gross!! Why do guys want to look like total bums? I’m not above facial hair but get a damn beard trimmer! This ain’t the civil war! Gross!

  4. Raybob says

    I am still amazed that after all we’ve been through in the lgbtq community that there are still conformists among us. “Eww, gross! I want you to be more like me and what I find acceptable” is the message of the straight people who can’t stand us. Amazing that, even on this level we don’t accept our own. It’s the mirror-microcosm of what we fight against every day.

  5. Sergio says

    This guy does absolutely nothing for me. A tragic combination of small nipples and trying too hard…

  6. David in the O.C. says

    Raybob, gay people are not obligated to find every gay person attractive, or give their personal approval of them. I’m not sure how that translates to not-supporting the gay community. Those are two different things.

    Personally, I find absolutely nothing attractive about Kenny — I find him crass and obvious. But I’m not telling him he can’t be whoever he wants to be. Andrew on the other hand… oh, yeah.

  7. KennyP says

    I read this blog daily and am quite surprised it took so long to introduce BBCanada Kenny. He’s quite a nice guy and the judging haters get to miss out.

  8. Rowan says


    The gay community is disturbingly fascist in their need to confirm-be it your with the bear community or you’re with the bitchy queen community.

    Interestingly or not enough the one group they seem to have obsessive aversion to are anyone who are genuinely creative and liberal. Within that spectrum are hipsters at one end and at the other end creative individuality.

  9. says

    Taking selfies in your undies doesn’t make you a model (and this is coming from someone who works in the industry).

  10. Ted says

    “UPDATE: He is gay, a commenter points out” There you have it kids. Its official. A commenter commented therefore its true.

  11. Ted says

    “UPDATE: He is gay, a commenter points out” There you have it kids. Its official. A commenter commented therefore its true.

  12. Ted says

    What’s with all the negative comments about this guys looks. If you don’t like how he look….DON’T LOOK. Do you like for people to make negative/ugly comments about your looks? Of course not. Grow up.

  13. says

    Gay or not gay, the photos are just odd, but then again, I don’t understand reality tv and such, so maybe it is not odd in the setting. Seems like lots of those people do strange things.

    I guess I was into Big Brother when it was streamed live on AOL in what must be 1999 or something close to that year. I had no idea it was even still on.

    I don’t care much about all this hater nonsense in the comments and the replies against the haters are amusing in that that they ask people to be enlightened, which we know isn’t going to happen…but I suppose the struggle goes on.

  14. Parkrunner says

    Unless his balls have a matching beard, he’ll find his missing pair of socks in his underwear.

  15. Caliban says

    I like the beard, but the “viral” pic doesn’t seem particularly interesting or inventive if the goal is to get it shared the most. It needs a little more style or something, IMO.

  16. Quicksilver says

    He has horrible tattoos. He picks his nose with his pinky. He’s from Canadia. If only we could get him across the border. To civilization.

  17. says

    I prefer guys with more meat on their bones, but I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed. At least he keeps the beard clean and trimmed, unlike most of those hipster dudes that look as if a family of owls built a nest on their face.

  18. graphicjack says

    On the one hand, I am all for people expressing their individuality and doing what they want with their bodies, including piercings, tattoos and their hair. On the other hand, I do find it funny that so many “creative individuals” end up copying trends instead of just being themselves.

    Maybe this guy really wants to have a beard this big and that’s totally fine by me. However, thanks to the hispters and the bears, or maybe the high price of razors, we have a lot more men with big hair, often unwashed, and a lot more bushy beards. I’m even seeing a big trend of male porn stars keeping their bumholes really hairy lately, so I guess hair is in all over. I can’t imagine that all of the sudden, a large group of men just said, oh, I want to be different and have a huge beard, without it being a bunch of followers to a trend that will probably fade in a year or so, when women and gay men get tired of having their partners looking like hobos. A bit of scuff is fine, but my personal preference is for a man to be better groomed. More power to you if you think otherwise.

  19. Randal Oulton says

    Bless, only 25 and his hairline is racing back faster than a rooster chased by a hen.

  20. John says

    I agree his beard is way too much. I love a nice well trimmed beard however. I imagine this is mostly shock value more than personal preference. Still, he’s hot. I’m just not into “reality” shows. Especially crap like Big Brother.
    Thank god he’s not waxed to death. Men have hairy chests, I am tired of the Ken-doll look of waxed chests and hairless bodies! Blehh! Unless you have a messed up hair pattern, leave the chest hair alone or at least, just trimmed. If nothing else please leave the “happy trail”.
    Okay, just a personal preference I suppose, I don’t mind as long as we keep a nice balance of hairy/waxed-up men out there. Something for everyone. :)

  21. testington says

    @Raybob – how is wishing people would stop following a played out fad like hipster beards wanting all gay men to conform? I don’t care if you are gay, straight, bi, trans, whatever those ironic hipster beards are a stupid trend on par with white people dreadlocks, it is obvious, boring and conformist to look like every other dude in Silver Lake.

  22. Quicksilver says

    @caligula Also in the same house is one beefy lad named Andrew. And rather cute himself. There was another gymboy named Kyle who was as dumb as a box of hair. They’re both way bulkier than Kenny if that’s your thing. I suspect they are both straight though.

  23. Randy says

    So, did you all miss the drag queen contestant, at about 35:30 in the episode?

    He’s part of the twist. Three contestants are living for one week in a secret sound-proof room inside the house, and the audience gets to pick which one will join the rest. Scott Bosse, the first one, is a drag queen. I don’t watch Big Brother, so I have no idea how this would manifest in the show, but I hope he gets on anyway.

  24. johnny says

    Freaky social experiment with prurient people watching as producers pull strings and make the monkeys dance. Carrot for the winner.

    I have better things to do.

  25. CMARTini says

    I don’t really watch these typ shows I don’t know the premise but most reality TV is trash so I’m not surprised it brings out the trashy side in us (ie. not wanting to divulge anything to get a leg up). Still, he’s a nice piece of meat. Beard and all. Woof.