Kenyan Majority Leader to Investigate Why Laws Criminalizing Homosexuality Aren’t Being Enforced

After three Kenyan MPs demanded to know why laws criminalizing homosexuality aren't being enforced sufficiently, the Leader of the Majority Coalition in the National Assembly, Aden Duale, is being directed to issue a report on the matter to the House, All Africa reports.

DualeDuale said he would need more than one month to investigate and file a report in the House, terming it a controversial issue.

“I need to make trips both to the neighbouring countries and to more developed nations, because I need to consult across the borders how this thing can be handled,” stated the Majority Leader. “Mr Speaker you will indulge me if by one and half months I will not have an answer then you will give two or three years.”

Kangata said that in spite of the existence of prohibitions on homosexual behaviour, gays have had leverage to operate with impunity in Kenya as the State appears helpless in cracking down on what they insist are illegalities.

He cited the provisions of Section 162 of the Penal Code, which prohibits same-sex relations and provides a jail term of not less than 14 years for those convicted of the felony.

The three MPs who demanded the investigation last month were prompted by pro-gay rallies in Nairobi and Mombasa in support of gays in Uganda.


  1. says

    Few people have signed the White House Petition to end all funding to Uganda (which is here, btw: ). Gay people themselves have always been namby when it comes to standing up for their rights. Rather than do anything seriously about ending such bigotry and discrimination they find it easier to just turn their heads and pretend it doesn’t matter. Again, the petition is here:

  2. JoelD says

    No less important, write (as I have) to the tourist commisions and companies indicating that your planned visit is on hold pending review of the welcome afforded GLBT visitors and the respect the country gives to its own people in lreation to issues of human rights. I have wanted to do a photo safari to Kenya for years…but won’t be going if the target of the “hunt” is my fellow travelers. I make the point, in this case, that the group would include our daughter, future son-in-law and in-laws as a pretty typical family that just happens to originate with two dads.

  3. Dan Cobb says

    Ah Africa, one wonders how long it would have taken the continent to develop a bicycle, a toaster, a vaccine, an iron, a car, a spaceship or a computer!! Millions of years at least, if ever. Ah primitive Africa!

  4. Becla says

    Oh, it’s gays that are operating with impunity?? Anti-gays are so pathetically uncreative and unable to problem-solve, they have to invoke the defense mechanism of PROJECTION to handle all issues.

    We say rightly that they operate with impunity; they turn around and, falsely, say the same about us.

    How much of our semantics will they steal in a cheap attempt to cast us as the villain when they are the OBVIOUS villains?

    Sense to Nonsense:
    Homophobic -> heterophobic
    anti-gay -> anti-christian, anti-family
    homophobic bullies -> gay bullies
    freedom to marry -> freedom to discriminate
    anti-gay propaganda -> gay propaganda
    anti-gay fascists -> gay fascists
    anti-gay neo-nazis -> gay nazis

    BAH this is exhausting; you get the picture.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Ah Africa, one wonders how long it would have taken the continent to develop a bicycle, a toaster, a vaccine, an iron, a car, a spaceship or a computer!! Millions of years at least, if ever”

    Yep, and your folks also invented dentures and butt plugs. Put them both in and go outside for a walk.

    It took me a long time to realize that DAN CORN COBB was simply another alias of Rick. That racist b.tch is crazy.