1. Perry says

    He is right about these circuit parties and the VAST majority of guys who go to them are ridiculous

  2. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Roger – which sex act would that be? I wouldn’t want to give up any of them.

    Enjoying looking at guys is only natural. Straight guys are the same with women or there wouldn’t be titty bars and straight porn. For almost 30 years, my husband and I had sex only with each other, but we both liked looking. In fact, we would often point a guy out to each other.

  3. Chuck says


    Muscle I can live with but cowboy hats? Disco balls? Tinfoil wings? JPG sailor hats?

    Is it still 1994? Literally nothing has changed since I was last at one of these things. I thought we were supposed to be creative?

  4. Randal Oulton says

    Why are people like Peter LaBarbera fixated on gay stuff, there has to be a reason. I mean, most gay people ignore gay stuff even.

  5. says

    Normal people aren’t fixated on something that should have no relevance to their lives. There’s something hilariously wrong when a “straight” guy is more invested in the gay party scene–and its superficial eye-candy–than the vast majority of gay men. That’s way more ridiculous than a bunch of guys dancing in skimpy outfits.

    I just got back from Mardi Gras. Zillions of silly straight people there, but I have a feeling Pete finds their shenanigans less, um, titillating.

  6. SpaceCadet says

    This is a generalization but I’ve known the kind of people that tend to frequent these events and they often are pretty vapid, superficial, looks-obsessed, gym bunny, party-drug users. And I say this as someone who is physically fit, that while on the outside I could blend into this scene, I would feel my soul and brain rotting in that environment.

    And LaBarbera seems to be fixated on the male form. Hmm…

  7. Rich says

    The circuit party scene isn’t generally for me, and certainly doesn’t represent all (or even a significant portion) of gays. Should I judge all straight people based on Cancun Spring Break, Mardi Gras, or the Bud Light singles cruise? What a ridiculous notion.

    But honestly what is the problem with people dancing to dance music in fun costumes? Does he hate all dancing? Does he hate Halloween just as much? Pfft.

  8. DannyEastVillage says

    Circuit parties are playtime for, adults; or, at least, for adults who are enjoying a protracted adolescence. I see no real reason to get down on it except that I’m afraid drug deaths are pretty well-known in that scene. Boys like to party and play. Get over it. I can’t help suspecting that the people who say the most negative things about such events are those who would never (for whatever reason) feel comfortable enough to go to them. (Like LaBarbera, for example). Nothing wrong not choosing it, but when one’s personal discomfort generates animus toward those with different feelings, well, that’s an issue. Certainly Roger’s generalization is kind of off-the-wall: what is the “gay male scene”? I’m a gay male, but circuit parties aren’t my scene. Sex acts, however, have been a big part of my life over the years. I’ve had a dynamite time and don’t regret it. And now I’m having a dynamite time living a much quieter life. I see no reason to trash one or the other.

  9. DannyEastVillage says

    oh, and I agree with other posters here: LaBarbera does seem to spend a lot of time, uh, investigating this kind of gay-cultural artifact. One can’t help suspecting that he does so with his weapon in his hand.

  10. Canny says


    But the millions of titty bars across the world and countless straight men who gyrate with scantily clad women in clubs nightly everywhere is just fine?
    Stop the self-hate. I’ve never been to a circuit party, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. It’s just gay men celebrating through music and dance with one another. Get *over* yourself.

  11. crispy says

    Are circuit parties still a thing?

    It’s been years since I’ve been to one, but I gotta love the vapid, superficial, looks-obsessed comments that suggest everyone who attends one is exactly the same. There were all types at them: skinny, muscly, bears, young, old, druggies, drinkers, sober folks. The only common element is that they all liked to dance.

  12. Retro says

    @Roger – As if the straight male scene isn’t built on a sex act? LOL!

    And yes, that’s just as big a generalization, but you need to hang out with some young, straight men and learn that gay or straight, men are men, and are interested in sex.

  13. Dan Cobb says

    I have read that Peter LaBarbera has decided that the gay male party culture requires further study to ascertain the extent of its silliness. His staff has indicated that he will be attending the White Party in Palm Springs 2014 purely as an observer and in his capacity as a researcher on the topic of gay male party silliness. He intends to do as much research as possible during his time at the Party and will attend as many events as he can. His publicist has described LaBarbera as a tireless advocate for Christian families who knows no bounds in his willingness to sacrifice himself so that he can impart essential knowledge to the Christian world about the extent of silliness of gay male party culture.

  14. Tom says

    Looks like Towleroad has a stiff competitor on providing the latest in gay news and events.

  15. tim says

    Yes the White Party is very ridiculous. A bunch of plucked bottoms trying to out muscle each other fighting over the 3 tops that show up…

  16. Randy says

    I’d like to thank Peter for drawing my attention to this video. I wouldn’t mind re-dic-ulizing any of these guys.

  17. Geoff says

    Of course there’s an element of the ridiculous, but conservatives have absolutely no sense of humor (especially about themselves!) Tits, farts and race are what they find funny. That’s it. The End.

  18. Ruff says

    Actually don’t disagree that the white party is ridiculous. But it’s obviously not the entirety of gay culture.

    The people who go to those parties are AWFUL.

  19. Gregory In Seattle says

    Ah, Porno Pete. Is he still going to IML every year to get “shocking” photos for him to post to his blog and masturbate over? It, and Folsom, have been traditions of his for years.

  20. rjinva says

    I am surprised at the negativity in some of the comments. This is like saying that Hooters is a disgrace to all heteros.

    The whole point of th fight for equlity is that we can express the WHOLE range of emotional/sexual behaviors on a man to man/woman to woman level and that it is no different from the same range of beavhviors on a man to woman level.

    The costumes are SUPPOSED TO BE OUTRAGEOUS – I saw nothign worse than on the pop tartlet of the month. Besides, I liked someof the bootie shaking.

    We need to grown up enough to accept and defend our own circuit parties and buying of wedding cakes.

  21. RayRay says

    When all you can offer up for an argument against marriage equality is that White Parties objectify male bodies it’s time to throw in the crying towel. Miss peter.

  22. deke says

    Peter needs to devote all of this scholarship to it to know what it is he is against. I’ll bet he strokes while he studies.

  23. SFshawn says

    I guess I live in the right place then because I LOVE dancing with,watching and enjoying all the semi-clothed or costumed guys at the street fairs(Castro Street and Folsom),Pride parades,the circuit parties and the Atlantis cruises with 2,000-4,000 guys dancing and shaking their sexy bods. :)
    Obviously if THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of gay/bi men attend these events EVERY Year(White Party 25th Anniversay this year) and spend serious $$$ to attend means they are never going to disappear no matter how much some uptight/judgemental qay men would like them to. Those gays who just want to marry,be monogamous and assimilate into their hetero counterparts in every way including their anti-sexual Victorian prudishness can go for it. I like my gay tribe with ALL it’s diversity and beauty.
    See you at the white party. :)

  24. epic says

    oops nothing to see here just a bunch of boorish pearl clutching…those parties paved the way for your boring life. what’s next hating on ACT UP because they were just a bunch of uppity, drug dealers?

  25. Emit says

    Well I never thought I’d see the day where I agreed with this freak, BUT……
    This video is HIDEOUS!!!!! On every single level , grotesquely embarrassing ! strictly regarding the video itself, he is actually right ! aGHhhhhHhHHhhh!!!!

  26. anon says

    I’m not sure who still thinks he’s an effective media spokesman. The stuff he rails against doesn’t get a lot of mainstream interest anymore since it isn’t shocking to anyone. There’s only so many times you can frighten someone’s grandma into donating more money to your cause and the sexless conservative males that support these causes are getting pretty old by now.

  27. Bill says

    @Dan Cobb : will that guy’s “willingness to sacrifice himself” include anything where a condom might be prudent? Or worse, where a condom is “The Pointless Precaution” (look it up if you don’t get the joke)?

  28. Ruben says

    Christ, all of you must have had your balls cut off and placed in some Mason jar under the sink. As the only person here with the slightest sex drive, #15 was the hottest of them all. There…no in depth commentary, breaking it down into PC or non PC…plain old fashioned lust on my end here. You PC aunties may now get back on top of your soap boxes…I now have a hankerin’ to pop one off. Ttyl

  29. BrokebackBob says

    The video is fun and sexy. Get over yourselves and most of all CHECK YOURSELF!
    LalaBarbera is a serious closet case.

  30. Art Weiss says

    This promo is the most sexless thing I’ve ever seen. To quote W.S. Gilbert: “When everyone is somebody, then no one’s anybody.”