1. Marc says

    I wasn’t a fan at the beginning of the song as I found it overly simplistic and childish… but the chorus and melody quickly grew on me. I think it’s sweet, with some signature Gaga “spoken word” moments. I’ll give it some more listens.

    Thanks for posting, Andy.

  2. says

    I really enjoyed this ditty. I wish the track was on the record.

    On a side note, I don’t understand the enormous amount of bitterness on this site. Not catty humor, just folks being hateful, rude or mean. I use to visit this site a ton but have been leaving this site for other sites with more pleasant conversation and debate. Even the post with the ridiculously precious dog on the bed started out with a bitter, disgusting comment.

    I love this site, I truly hope someone associated with moderating the site will start weeding out all this ignorant anger in the comment section.

  3. Phyliss Shaflea says

    She’s so – unaware on so many things (except gay rights, but even grandma 1945 gets that these days), Sad. This song is boring. Irrelevant. She killed her career after too many stunts. No one likes conceit, especially music fans.

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