1. Kev C says

    Rap music is the main vehicle for spreading homophobia and hatred of gays in the USA. Gay rappers are like gay christian conservatives .. supporters of homophobia.

  2. JBizzle says

    “Who happens to be gay?” Gosh, I really do hate that phrase. Would you ever describe yourself that way? “Mom, dad – I happen to be gay.” C’mon now.

  3. Tonez says

    @KEV C So we should abolish the entire creative outlet of rap? Or maybe we should work on changing it. How could we possibly change it…. let’s think….. MAYBE A GAY RAPPER WHO IS POPULAR AND SHOWS THAT RAP CULTURE IS CHANGING.

  4. Kev C says

    Tonez, should we also promote gay evangelical preachers too? Or should we abolish the entire output of christian evangelicals?

    Martin and Crispy, whatever racism you imagine is purely in your head.

  5. Yeahyoutoo says

    Oh, white people. Rap isn’t going anywhere. It’s a beautiful art form that is far more progressive than country music. Bet, the most homophobic rap music is the kind whose consumer base is mostly white.

    It’s interesting how rap is being equated to gay Christian conservatives and not gay Christians generally. Someone should elaborate on that racist point.

  6. Tristram says

    Not a rap person, UNTIL NOW! Awesome beat, harmonically interesting, made me want to dance. I guess rap is a legitimate art, but with the bullsh__ homophobia and misogyny still involved we need more
    Rappers like this guys and less rappers like… Just about everyone else.

  7. crispy says

    “It’s interesting how rap is being equated to gay Christian conservatives ”

    It’s just 1 person, and he’s our resident racist, misogynistic, transphobic, HIV-denying whackjob.

  8. crispy says

    “Can’t wait for the next phase of music to start up and replace rap. It’s going to go away, but not soon enough.”

    You damn kids and your hippity-hop music. Don’t make me shake my cane atcha!

  9. Kev C says

    Yeahyoutoo, Rap music is the leading messenger of homophobia in the USA, the leading vehicle for expressing anti-gay hatred. It has millions more listeners than christian evangelicals, who also express hatred of gays but to a much smaller audience. And yet, many gays are upset at evangelical messaages while giving Eminem, Lil Wayne and Waka Flocka a free pass to spread their messages of hate.

  10. Mikey says

    Oh, STFU, Kev C. One of the biggest rap songs of the last couple of years promoted equal marriage, something that has never been done in pop or rock music.

    Here’s a chair. Sit down.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    I don’t like or understand Rap. I don’t really listen to HipHop at all–unless it’s in a movie. BUT THAT’S BECAUSE I’M OLD and out of touch with contemporary pop culture.

    Those of you who are waiting for Rap to go away–forget it. It is the music and main art form for atleast 2 generations of young folks–world wide.

    Just like American Classical music (Jazz), Folk/Country music the 2nd, Rock n’Roll the 3rd; HipHop is America’s 4th musical gift to the world.

    Rap is not going away.

  12. Martin says

    Hey Kev C, whereas religion is informed of its hatred by dogma and the bible, Rap, like any other musical form, is comprised of individuals expressing unique experiences through sound and lyrics. Am I being clear enough for you?

  13. Kev C says

    No Martin, you are far from being clear. An informal review of gay bashings in the USA shows that that a majority of the individuals who gay bash listen to rap music. Because rap spreads homophobia and emboldens homophobes into violence.

  14. UFFDA says

    I live with a bunch of young gay guys and they think rap sucks. Actually they don’t think about it at all (that’s how bad it sucks). I never hear it around them, ergo it’s already over, or never started. As soon as I mention it they make a mockery of it by striking pretentious inner city poses. It’s hysterical how easy it is to immitate goofball moves and ignorant language. We laugh ourselves silly when we have a moment together from working all the time.

  15. crispy says

    “An informal review of gay bashings in the USA shows that that a majority of the individuals who gay bash listen to rap music.”

    *Citation needed.

  16. crispy says

    “I live with a bunch of young gay guys…”

    Oh, honey, all those other personas you created to troll the web are imaginary, we’ve been through this. Bless your heart.

  17. Caliban says

    “An informal review of gay bashings in the USA shows that that a majority of the individuals who gay bash listen to rap music.”

    Hee! Informal review. That’s just a nice way of saying “Pardon me while I pull this ‘fact’ straight out of my @ss.”

  18. Kev C says

    Evidence does exist linking rap music to gay bashings. Hey Martin and Caliban, how many gay bashings are emboldened by listening to Byran Fischer or Scott Lively? Some of these evangelicals that gays are soooo afraid of have less than a thousand listeners to their podcasts.

  19. Martin says

    Kev C,

    Bryan Fischer and Scott Lively have directly influenced gay lynchings and anti-gay state discrimination in Russia and parts of Africa. The perceived homophobia in the American Black community to which you are referring to is not derived from Rap, but is underscored by a plethora of social issues. Yawn, you bore me.

  20. Kev C says

    I did specify the words USA twice. In Africa, I know for a fact that people do listen to tapes and CDs of sermons from homophobic preachers as if they were popular music tapes. I don’t know of many young people who do that in America. They do listen to tapes and CDs of homophobic rap artists.

  21. luminum says

    Hey UFFDA, the fact that you even have to say you LIVE with “young gay guys” means you probably aren’t one yourself. But here’s an exclusive from a young gay guy straight to you: Surprise! I and my friends enjoy it as much as any other genre. Who would have thought that content would dictate enjoyment and not an obtuse lack of scrutiny?

  22. Rowan says

    I love rap and black but Kev C is right. Not sure how the H*ll you can disagree with him?? Everything from gangsta rap to allegedly conscious rap has mentioned killing a gay man.

    So many rap groups I loved who did ‘serious’ bar Tribe Called Quest, I’ve stopped listening to. Now I just don’t listen to rap nor r&b for that matter. It is what it is.

    Ironically, Leif majorly insulted Macklemore who someone on here stated made the ‘biggest selling pro gay song that was rap’ but no mention here? Gay people are something else.

    And did I miss the Lady Gaga article about how only $5,000 of the Born This Way Foundation went to actually ‘helping’ kids? The other 2.4 mill went to crazy expenses?

    Towleroad had issues but it never used to be this blatantly biased. Omitting important content in articles or completely ignoring an incredibly important LGBT story. Putting this as a news link makes a mockery of all those 4/5 a week article on Lady Gaga music, clothes or random interviews she was doing.

  23. Derrick from Philly says

    I commented earlier without having watched the video.

    Well, I didn’t understand half of what Le1f rapped, but I loved the beat. And I especially loved the dance moves (and the two background dancers, honey…with their young stuff).

    Maybe I’m younger than I thought. LOL

  24. crispy says

    “Everything from gangsta rap to allegedly conscious rap has mentioned killing a gay man.”

    Mary, please. That’s not the argument here at all. Not a single person on this thread has argued that there isn’t homophobia in rap lyrics.

    The argument we’re refuting (one from a notorious racist troll, no less) is that rap music is “the leading messenger of homophobia in the USA” and the leading cause of anti-gay violence. Hyperbole aside, it’s a specious argument with no evidence cited to support it. And pointing to homophobic lyrics does not prove a cause-effect relationship. Further, rap is about 40 years old, whereas Christianity is 2,000-ish years old. You do the math.

  25. says

    A great performance by a terrific talent, once again proving that David Letterman is a true friend to the LGBT community AND new music. I hope Jimmy Fallon fans start to wonder why landmark performances like this always seem to happen on the Letterman show.

  26. Kev C says

    Crispy, people take me serious because I’m knowledgable and serious. People don’t take you serious because you’re an idiot who thinks I’m Jason. You’re ability to distinguish reality is the problem, dude.

    Many gays don’t have “street smarts”. That’s why they are never prepared to deal with violent homophobia. Somehow they’ve gotten the message that homophobic violence is either something that happens overseas, or caused by church-going christian conservatives. Rap music is the main way homophobic messages are spread in the USA. Gays in the USA are pretty “street stupid”, which makes them real easy targets.

  27. crispy says

    No one here is taking you seriously, Jason. You keep throwing out hyperbolic nonsense with nothing to back it up.

    And PS: The period goes inside the quote mark, dumbfuck.

  28. Tyler says

    Rick/Jason/Kev C/Uffda/Roger: I’m baffled as to why you still troll when you’re just so obvious. Don’t you have a job or a life? No? What a loser.

  29. Marc says


    This is fantastic! I never thought I’d see the day… and openly gay hip hop artist performing on Letterman. No mention of his gayness. Just, “Here he is!” and let him work his sh*t! Brilliant.

    Love me some Le1f!

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