1. JMC says

    The only thing more cringeworthy than pretending to like a band you’ve never heard of is pretending to dislike one. That guy was the ultimate hipster.

  2. Leroy Laflamme says

    Liars always say, to be honest & I’m not gonna lie. They often precede a statement by posing a question which the reporter hasn’t actually asked them. Rob Ford does that all the time. I get such a kick out of that.

  3. Lucca says

    It’s beginning to be a bit painful to watch these.

    As for the bath on stage bit, Prince did something similar during the Purple Rain tour, you know, like, way back in the 80’s when most of these fakers weren’t even around.

  4. danswon says

    I watched the last one and it was really obvious that the voice asking about bands had been overdubbed in a recording studio to make these people look stupid. I assume it’s probably the same with this one.

  5. EchtKultig says

    Danswon, they can’t do that. These people consent to appearing on camera. If they were edited to appear stupid, they would have grounds to file lawsuits. Besides the audio sounds perfectly normal considering the questioner and interviewees are using different mics.
    (This is the usual protocol: they just record you saying “I agree to be interviewed”. A reporter once stuck a camera in my face at a station to ask about Amtrak security measures after 9/11. “Can we interview you for the news”. My answer was “definitely not”. This is why on certain reality shows, you will see some incidental people’s faces blurred out. The faces that are not blurred out are the ones who granted permission to appear.)

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