1. Johnny says

    Why is it desperate? You’re supposed to dress in somewhat of a bizarre costume for Purim. That’s the whole point of the holiday. It’s all in good fun.

  2. Rabbi2014 says

    For Purim, you’re supposed to dress up as one of the characters from the Queen Esther story. And Esther didn’t train dragons. This ain’t Halloween, Madge!

  3. johnny says

    That’s just sad, sad, sad.

    Whatever happened to just retiring from the music scene? She has enough money now, isn’t 30+ years in the biz enough? Go home and make some jams and jellies, Mom, take it easy, enjoy the rich life.

  4. Moz's says

    it looks cheap because many with nowhere near her money have pulled it off better in cosplay

    and daenerys doesn’t wear black leather with buckles

  5. JMC says

    @Johnny: What? This is a personal photo Madonna chose to share of her celebrating a holiday, it would be out there even if she were retired. Also, people retire when they’re tired of working or their career prospects run dry. Neither is true for Madonna, so why would you expect her to retire?

  6. SpaceCadet says

    Definitely a bunch of bitter queens on here with too much time on their hands. And ageist and sexist too. As if women in their 40’s or older are just supposed to quietly disappear. Notice how you never hear, “oh, Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler and Paul McCartney are so old, they should just go away!”

  7. Maverick69` says

    Maybe, just maybe it Madonna had gone the way of Michael Jackson, Whitney or even George Michael the tired bitter queens on this site would appreciate one’s life a bit more instead of tearing one down for their accomplishments and not setting out to pasture as women are too often told. I’m so glad to be a fag in the 21st century and not live in a world of ageist discrimination.

  8. TM in LBC says

    Thirty years ago, as an adolescent, I realized the bitter, always-judging voice in my head was the sound of self-loathing.

    It saddens me to see that internalized homophobia and pointless anger is still alive and well, tearing people down from the inside.

    Embrace life, men. Be happy.

    I need to stop reading comments, that’s for sure.

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