1. David From Canada says

    Poor, poor people. Poor babies. May God bless them and have them in great peace wherever they are. Blessings to them.

  2. Jay says

    What terrible news to wake up to. My thoughts are with the passengers and their families.

  3. litper says

    Don’t forget Malaysia is one of the countries where being gay is still a crime. Just saying…

  4. MIke says

    It’s interesting the most recent “disappeared off the radar” flights were this Malaysian 777 and the Air France Rio to Paris A330, two of the most ultra-modern planes. The YouTube re-enactments of the AF flight are very interesting, the pilots did everything wrong and the experts say “flew the plane into the ocean when they should have let it fly itself”. The must less experienced co-pilot kept lifting the nose up in a panic, when he should have put it down when it was falling out of the sky and by the time the head pilot realized what the other was doing it was too late.

  5. Adam says

    @Lipter: Come on… Whatever Malaysia’s policies are, none of those people deserved this. Have some respect for those who very likely died and the family and friends they left behind who right now are suffering in a very real way.

  6. litper says

    @Adam they died quickly and peacefully (it was a night flight), unlike gays in Malaysia who die while being tortured for a long time in jails

  7. Quicksilver says

    @ADAM You don’t know that “none of those people deserved this”. There might have been a serial rapist or future Stalin on board.

  8. Quicksilver says

    @ADAM You don’t know that “none of those people deserved this”. There might have been a serial rapist or future Stalin on board.

  9. anon says

    Airline accidents have become so much rarer in the past fifteen years since almost all the old model planes have been retired that this is surprising. This sort of thing used to happen at least once or twice per year, every year. However, 15000 people died in the Filipino hurricane and the story disappeared after a week.

  10. SpaceCadet says

    Going down in an airliner is my worst nightmare even though that type of accident is so rare. I hope for the miraculous as far as survivors go and those that did perish that they had quick deaths.

  11. ST says

    @Litper I lived for well over a decade in Malaysia. What is law on paper is enforced in only a minority of states, and sometimes for political edge, but as far as countries where it is illegal go, the vast majority are not persecuted. Malaysia is not a hot zone of intolerance, but a temperate nation of people who are striving to better themselves, and that may include getting past legacy laws from British rule. Your fixation with the legality of being gay in the face of this kind of tragedy is truly petty and insensitive. Fortunately, no one cares.

    “Just saying…”

  12. BrokebackBob says

    Let us remember first and foremost: The Boeing 777-200ER (Extended Range) has one of best safety records of any of the very modern jets. I am led to suspect that this was also a case of pilot inexperience and lack of proper training. Most of the accidents involving significant fatalities in the last 20-30 years have involved Boeing or Airbus jets (really the only two players) being operated by non-Western airlines. For example, India’s airlines have one of the worst safety records of all by a vast margin.

  13. Randy says

    David from Canada, your prayer would have been a lot more useful BEFORE the plane disappeared, you know?

    If you have the power to instruct your god, then I hold you responsible for this.

    If you don’t, then stop pretending.

  14. litper says

    @ST, only 5% of Malaysians think you’re a human being which deserves to live… but keep supporting them!

  15. Steve says

    Not feeling pain for the suffering of others, regardless of their views on me, is not something I am able to do. I look at them as ignorant human beings, but still human beings. Perhaps I am naïve or worse, but I have to live with myself and this is how I choose to be.

  16. Tatts says

    When you see a photo of the 777 aircraft, it’s hard to picture how huge it is. I recently learned that the engines are so big that you can fit the fuselage of a Boeing 737 through the 777 engine’s air intake!

  17. Michael says

    I am a malaysian chinese, for those that are not staying in malaysia understand this, unlike western countries there is a different mindset for asian country.

    There are discrimination, but as far as the extent of jailing thats false, the only documentation of sodomy law being used is on Anwar for political reason.

    The general mindset is we dont talk about it, its acknowledge but not talked on. I’m out to my family and work place, home front it wasn’t easy, work they don’t care.

    So please before commenting on a country you didnt stay or spend a significant time knowing the country refrain from passing judgement. It is tragic enough to ponder the lost ones in the flight

  18. UFFDA says

    Remember LITPER is a comic. Of sorts. The kind who isn’t funny, just funny in the head.

  19. Sammy says

    There has been some media coverage that two passengers on board were using stolen passports. It is a little early I think to know what happened. If the oil slicks are seen are from the plane, it seems likely the plane crashed into the ocean and was not blown out of the sky, but who knows.

    One difference between this and the AF Flight from Brazil was that the AF flight flew into a storm and had faulty instrument readings that caused the pilots to react incorrectly and then not recover. At least by all indications in what they’ve found so far. It’s been years and we still don’t know what happened. I wouldn’t think this one will get resolved very quickly either. But the weather was clear here.