Michele Bachmann is Tired of the Gay Community ‘Bullying’ the American People: LISTEN


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) gave an interview to talk show host Lars Larson at CPAC and expressed her anger about the failure of Arizona's anti-gay 'religious freedom' bill, saying that the gay community has been getting their way by intimidating politicians, Right Wing Watch reports.

Said Bachmann:

“There’s nothing about gays in there, but the gay community decided to make this their measure. And the thing that I think is getting a little tiresome is the gay community have so bullied the American people and they have so intimidated politicians that politicians fear them and they think they get to dictate the agenda everywhere. Well, not with the Constitution you don’t."

She added:

"If you want take away my religious liberties, you can advocate for that but you do it through the constitutional process and you don’t intimidate and no politician should give away my religious liberties or yours."

Listen, below:


  1. MisterM says

    Nothing about the gays in there? The only reason why the bill was crafted was because the religious fanatical rights hates that gay marriage is blowing up across the country.

    She is beyond….

  2. Mark says

    if i ever have my face accidentally shot off with a rifle and am forced to undergo a face transplant with sarah palin’s face, i would want a crazy chimpanzee to eat it off.

  3. Bernie says

    as usual Ms. Bachman is a LIAR because the law in Arizona was targeted to the gay community……secondly, Ms. Bachman has no clue about what make something constitutional……she is a blow hearted IDIOT!!! She is a do nothing legislator that had only ONE piece of legislation passed and don’t forget the poor CNN reporters chasing her down the halls of the capital when she wouldn’t answer questions after she made some of her baseless, illogical and irrational statements

  4. Albert says

    This is the new theme that these rightwingers are using. She’s mouthing the same bull as Scott Lively that somehow the minority is the bully, even though rightwing Christianists are trying their darndest still to make our lives hellish.

  5. stranded says

    As a spokesperson for the delusional, Representative Bachmann is excellent at her job. As a taxpaying Arizona citizen, my voice and freedom to advocate against discrimination IS part of the political process. Demanding equal justice for all, free of and from religion, it is my right and civic duty to stand up against the jackal-packs of self-professed spokespersons for a vengeful, tribalist, purity-testing and intolerant “god squad.”

  6. theo says

    She is technically correct, in that the law did not explicitly target LGBT individuals, however all other classes are protected classes under federal law, thus this is de facto targeting of LGBT Arizonans.

    Had Ms. Bachmann watched the Arizona debate surrounding this subject, the ONLY examples given were Christians who wanted outright permission to discriminate against LGBT Arizonans.

    But we’re not looking to Michele Bachmann for intellectual rigor or authenticity, right?

  7. CPT_Doom says

    How I love to hear a heretic, blasphemer and fornicator blathering on about her “religious liberties.” Unless she is willing to give real Christians (i.e., those from the not bat-sh*t insane sects) to refuse her service to guard their “religious liberties,” she’s a hypocritical piece of sh*t.

  8. says

    Well gosh, seems strange that the people promoting the bill kept using gay people as examples of people that Christians should be allowed to discriminate against. Over and over again. But then Bachmann must know something that I don’t.

  9. AggieCowboy says

    She’s correct that the bill never mentioned GLBT persons, BUT, as a woman, that fact should have been of grave concern to her. Some Evangelicals out there strongly believe that a woman’s place is in the home, bare-foot, and pregnant and, therefore, could use their religious beliefs to discriminate against women…or divorced people or people of color, etc. in defiance of the AZ state Non-discrimination law. Then you run into the problem of which law would supersede the other? And who decides what exactly a deeply held religious belief is? Or even what constitutes a religion? Talk about a real slippery slope.

  10. Chrislam says

    For someone who says she knows about the constitution, then she should know that it already protects her freedom of religion. Therefore the Bill was a waste of the People’s time an taxpayer dollars….unless it was meant for other reasons…..which is to legalize their bigotry.

    Put it this way, Bachmann, were that bill to pass you think it would be ok for businesses to discriminate against Christians based on ones religious beliefs?

  11. Kenneth says

    No, Walter, there isn’t a closet in existence deep enough or dark enough to conceal that queen. She’s just mad because out and proud gays won’t be subjugated by putrid harpies the way her wife Marcus is!

  12. JackFknTwist says


    Burning thousands, yes thousands at the steak was part of the human sacrifice cult that Christianity is.
    Equally the Papal Bull of 1552, “Ad Extirpendi” expressly permitted torture to be used.

    We are dealing with a cult which will try to get away with what it can….. they will cover up molestation of kids because they must protect each other.

    Slightly off point I will admit…..but the Christians are very dangerous…..especially if they get their hands on us…..anyone who endured ex-gay therapy knows that already.

  13. Ricco says

    Yes, Michelle! We can see how a nut job, and a liar like yourself, could spin sticking up for ones self against a bully would make one into a bully.

    Oh for the good old days when the cops, and the everyday heterosexual citizen could bully, assault, and murder gay people with impunity, when their civil rights were a non-issue, all explained away and neatly wrapped up in religious dogma.

    It is time this country recognized religion as a political engine and do away with tax exemption.

    I find myself thinking of all the good those millions upon millions of dollars from the Catholic Church, the Mormon church, and the other large religious denominations could do for our society, but then I realize that our congress would find a way to spend that money on anything than improving the quality of life for the everyday American.

    I am afraid we are a doomed society facing an eventual apocalyptic future . . . not zombies or vampires, more like a severe dystopian violent world where people kill each other over a glass of water.

    And in this apocalyptic future, like the roache, you can be sure that religion will be there to keep everyone in line.

  14. Richard says

    Now that they know they’re losing, they’re suddenly the victims. Poor right-wing bigots don’t want to be deprived of their god-given right to discriminate. Keep your stinking religion out of our civil rights, you white trash.

  15. Sean says

    2000 years of Christians persecuting lesbians and gays, and when we finally have enough power to say we aren’t going to take it, we’re accused persecuting them, really? She needs her head examined.

  16. Caliban says

    She’s right in that the AZ law didn’t specifically mention gay people. HOWEVER, there are Federal protections in place which protect people of different races and religions. That’s settled law and the people who wrote this legislation knew that. The ONLY group left without those Federal protections is gay people so they didn’t NEED to name us specifically, we were the only ones truly left open to attack.

    So to say, as many right wing types like Bachmann are, that gays weren’t targeted by this law is utter horsesh!t.

  17. Bill says

    @walter : judging from the pictures/videos I’ve seen of her husband, she is not really married to a “closet queen” unless you mean a closet with glass doors.

  18. antisaint says

    Dan Savage pointed out in his open on last week’s podcast that the only reason the bill doesn’t specifically mention gays is because a bill specifically mentioning gays was struck down by the Supreme Court in the early 90’s. They have no choice but to make it vague if they want to have a fighting chance at making it stick.

  19. rallyxx says

    All these right wingers are making things way too easy for us. Seriously, their arguments are tired. It’s the same arguments they use against black people and slavery, they just changed the nouns.

  20. emjayay says

    UrbanMike: I think really fixing the comment section here would mean paying Disqus or someone for their system. If you don’t have to pay there’s really no excuse, and there’s no excuse anyway.

    I’ve bitched about ten times, always mentioning that this is my go to gay news topics site and how great it is otherwise.

    But nothing.

  21. Jere says

    WHAT?!?!? “There’s nothing about gays in there”? While it may not be clear in the mind of this feeble woman, every other American knew full well why this law was being written.
    And listen sweetie, WE are the ones who are tired of having been “bullied” and it goes way back prior to Anita Bryant. And now you want to cry foul? How does it feel to know we won’t take it anymore? How does it feel that a majority of Americans support us? How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history? You have ALREADY made it into the anti-gay history book, right along side Anita Bryant, so stop trying so hard. Or are you looking for first place?

  22. youneed toread says

    Knowing how dangerous aids is, whats the difference between a
    drunk driver and a man with aids ?
    And no parent wants their
    kids to be a bunch of drunks.

    Now you would think that the
    parents or somebody would try to take those keys away.
    Or we
    could wink the eye and pat them on the back and hope for the best
    or be honest.

    When men become confused and can’t discern
    what’s natural then they should take a look at the animals. Or
    watch some grade school kids put together a puzzle. Grow up.

    if the moral compass is a liberal agenda, what hope is there for
    your kids ? A trans gender in your daughters bath room. Sounds
    Sick, AY

    And if the gay movement has its way your kids are
    going to be indoctrinated in the public schools weather you like it
    or not . And if you don’t believe it take a look at this story, www
    massresistance org

    ( Nightmare at Franklin”, by Tom
    Mountain. )
    That story is a reflection of the scheming minds
    behind the gay movement.

    And who do you think loving mothers
    will ostracize ?

    Like the writers of the constitution, im
    sure they never thought it would be an issue that enlightened men
    would have to debate.

    In the times were living in people
    should be very carful about who they throw their LOT in with.

    Have you ever seen what happens when two gay men get
    together ? Have you ever seen two fires meet ?

    And before
    giving a thumbs up or down you may want to wait for the next
    Or Click on user name and read it before I post it

  23. Mike says

    Oh boohoo poor Christians. They have been the biggest bullies for the past 2500 years or so and finally getting a taste of their own medicine. Not that we are bullying them, getting our rights is so terrible!!

  24. Mike says

    Oh boohoo poor Christians. They have been the biggest bullies for the past 2500 years or so and finally getting a taste of their own medicine. Not that we are bullying them, getting our rights is so terrible!!

  25. John says

    Can’t wait until we lock and load her husband. Guessing it’s all about when to exploit that topic to its fullest. Seriously, if ever their was a “family” in complete denial, it would be this one.

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