1. Dave says

    There has to be more focus on the Ukraine and Venezuela. He’s awful to her and needs to apoligize on air. How embarrassing – can’t stand all this speculation with the Maylasia flight. Let me know when you find out something.

  2. mike/ says

    Joe is exceptionally obnoxious this morning, if that is possible. he was asking questions of the ‘experts’ on the show & then talking over them & dismissing them about all kinds of things. they seemed pissed at him.

    maybe he should go back on vacation? one week wasn’t enough…

  3. Chris says

    He does understand that he works for an entertainment/propaganda outlet, and not for an organization affiliated with journalism, right?

    Working for Fox “News” can complaining about speculation and innuendo is like working at McDonald’s and complaining about the fry-o-lators. Get a clue.

  4. Zell says

    I find Mika Brzezinski to be insufferable but she’s entirely correct here. Why is this on Towleroad, though? It doesn’t have anything to do with gay issues and seems like a complete non-story, even more so than the plane itself.

  5. Rad says

    We’ve stopped following the story, even when non-updates are reported by Brian Williams. When they find tangible evidence, then we’ll tune back in.

    I love Bill Maher’s description of this as “Disaster Porn”.

  6. hugo says

    Plane or not plane, aren’t wild speculations with only a shallow ground in facts the bread and butter of these shows? A so-called ‘panel of experts’ bloviating ad nauseam?

  7. SpaceCadet says

    @Zell, if you didn’t already know, this blog doesn’t report solely about gay news. For instance, there are often movie reviews of non-gay films and articles regarding astronomy. This blog covers whatever its creator wants.

  8. Samish says

    Chris, this isn’t Fox News. It’s MSNBC. Close enough.

    CNN has clearly had the most insane coverage of the missing plane. But like it or not, I would be willing to bet they are killing MSNBC in ratings right now because of it. Americans eat this nonsense up. And they do not care about Ukraine.

    It is sad, but welcome to the new reality. They are having to compete with mind numbing, brain cell murdering websites like Buzzfeed to keep our attention these days.

  9. reality says

    It’s true – Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, and Venezuela have so many things happening that it’s stunning how little the networks are paying attention to it! If I get one more CNN mobile update about possible derbies that was never found, I’ll have to delete the app.

  10. Craig S says

    What’s with all the commenters thinking this has anything to do with Fox News? Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are on MSNBC, not Fox…I’m *Canadian* and I know that.

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