Missouri College Refuses to Re-enroll Student Who Came Out as Gay Since He ‘Misused God’s Gift’


Chase Martinson was halfway through his studies at Hannibal-LaGrange University when health issues forced him to take a break. When he reapplied the school said it wouldn't accept him.

Why? Because during the time he was on a break, he came out as a gay man.

The Riverfront Times reports:

Martinson reapplied to Hannibal-LaGrange, a small school about 120 miles north of St. Louis, a few months ago, quickly getting an acceptance letter and even a note saying he was eligible for the honors program. Everything was on track — until the next letter came, putting his application on hold:

"Admittance is open to academically and morally qualified students," the school wrote Martinson on March 4. "Admission is open to students who are in agreement with the HLGU Student Life Guidelines."

The school directed Martinson to pages 20and 27 of the student-life guidelines, where the school's sexual impropriety rules are spelled out. Both pages explicitly forbid "homosexual activities." Page 27 even prohibits appearing to be gay.

"I just wanted to be me, and I never had any idea this would happen," Martinson tells Daily RFT. "I thought I was already in, but then they send me this letter saying, 'Just kidding.'"

The school's policy suggests that Martinson 'misused God's gift:

"It is God's intent that heterosexual union is the only acceptable expression of sexuality and must be reserved for marriage," says the school's standard of sexual conduct. "This expression of a self-giving love is viewed as a gift from God. All members of the University community should abstain from behavior which may lead to a violation of God's standards on sexual activities.

The school lists homosexuality — along with sexual abuse, sexual harassment, incest and sexual assault — as "misuses of God's gift."

Martinson is enrolling at University of Missouri – St. Louis.

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  1. UFFDA says

    Too bad (the school is hopeless), you’re better off withou them Chase and since education is about the truth, the real truths of life, they are unable to provide that for anyone. Run to the future, it is elsewhere.

  2. TampaZeke says

    For the life of me I don’t understand why any self-respecting gay person would want to support an anti-gay institution with their time, talent or treasure.

  3. June says

    A private Christian college has every right to hold students to whatever moral standards they see fit. He can attend a secular school where moral standards are no concern. I really think it is fascist to try and force private religious groups to support things against their conscience. Just go where you are wanted!

  4. AKChris says

    @June, they aren’t “moral” standards. They are discrimination standards. But you are right, Christianist schools are allowed to legally discriminate.

    Political Christianity is not moral.

  5. dearcomrade says

    This is what happens when you believe in magical beings. Tough luck kid, but if didn’t see this coming when you applied to the school you need to learn to read the fine print.

  6. Jack M says

    Yes, June, they may do as they please, but do they have to make a statement that is judgemental and full of condemnation for people who do not believe as they do? No, they do not. A simple, neutral statement would suffice.

    This is why so many people are against Conservative Christians – not content with living their lives as they see fit, they cannot resist the temptation to denegrate others.

  7. Michael W. says

    You’d think that a Christian college would follow in the footsteps of Jesus and welcome anyone–especially those they believe to be sinners. What a joke Christianity is.

  8. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “This expression of a self-giving love is viewed as a gift from God”

    I’m not sure what that even means, is it self-given or God-given? But nothing is a better example of self-giving love than coming out.

  9. June says

    This lie that Jesus accepted everyone without judgement really must stop. He ran the money changers out of the temple. He called the pharisees lying serpents and whitewashed tombs (clean on the outside but rotting on the inside). He told the woman caught in adultery to go and sin no more…on and on.

  10. Michael W. says

    I’d like to know if the school in question, although private, receives any federal funding at all. If so, that would make all the difference in my opinion of whether or not they can do what they please.

  11. John says

    UGH! They are an anti-gay private christian college!! I understand he was in the middle of his program but have some self-respect. Why in the world would you want to go there in the first place!!! Spend your HIGH tuition dollars at a place that welcomes you.

  12. Jonnycakes says

    Dear June,

    Please read the Supreme Court Ruling “Bob Jones University Vs. The United States.”

    Sure, they can discriminate as they wish. They just don’t deserve a tax-exempt status. And that can be pretty pricey.

  13. June says

    I highly doubt this school is receiving filthy lucre from the government. All Christian school already know that to maintain their standards they should steer clear of the Wild Beast eben if it is offering money.

  14. Jay says

    Martinson should thank the bigots at that God-forsaken college, whose degree is not worth the paper it is printed on. He will be much better off at University of Missouri-Rolla.

  15. Zell says

    June is reprehensible, of course, but she’s spot-on in her analysis of Jesus. Let’s stop pretending that Christianity in it’s truest form is anything more than a continuation of the vile, hate-filled dogma of the Old Testament. I would never attend or seek employment at a Christian university, school, or organization, and gay people who do, and then find themselves out of school or work, should stop talking about this “acceptance” they assumed they would have from Christianity.

  16. UFFDA says

    JUNE – you’re right about the Jesus stuff and people should realize it. There is no perfect religious leader, a fact perfectly well known to the Christian God since he is a the model of a petty mass murderer completely uninterested in the ridiculous notion of unconditional love.

  17. Will says

    @June – I agree that a private Christian school can be as backwards as they want. What I don’t agree with is them getting tax-free status… We, the taxpayers, give certain organizations tax-free status because they are suppose to be contributing to society in a positive way.

    If they want to be ignorant and bigots then they should pay full taxes like everyone else.

  18. JackFknTwist says

    “Morally qualified”…….means what I say it means, said the Red Queen .

    Even Jesus would not be ‘morally qualified ‘ for these tools.
    Anita Bryant and crazy old white dudes obviously rule their compound.
    But I find it astonishing that the State supports these fascists with a tax exemption.
    IRS, what the hell are you doing ?

  19. 1♥ says

    Yes, everyone must stop this nonsense that Jesus was some type of moral guide. Jesus didn’t speak one word against slavery and SLAVERY IS NOT MORAL. The word of the Christian’s false god is VERY, and I do mean VERY pro slavery. But what can one expect from a book that presents fictional characters like Moses as real. You see the Bible lies through and through. As my example, and there are many, Moses never existed, there was never a mass exodus from Egypt. It’s all a lie, which means the Christians worship a false god, like the worshippers of Zeus or Thor. And to be fair, I apply this to the Muslims too.

  20. northalabama says

    did he think they were kidding when they wrote the whole “homosexuality will not be tolerated” thing into their charter? silly boy!

    i’m glad these “religious” groups are kicking out all the “sinners” – let’s hope they don’t realize what they’re doing before they’ve kicked everyone out, and have disappeared.

  21. disgusted american says

    dude- they saved you the trouble of spending your money at a Hate college….now GO spend your education money at a school that WILL Appreciate YOU!!!!

  22. james st. james says

    My advice to Chase: Get yourself out of an environment where you are surrounded by ignorant people. College of all places should be an introduction to open minded, intelligent experiences. Look for a place to transfer your credits.

    That college is only protecting its brand image. They sell to people who aren’t really interested in a real education but only want some vocational training or a place to spend four years without working.

  23. Jack M says

    Let’s all remember that, in the USA, freedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion. Nobody has a right to force their beliefs or practices on you. If you don’t believe what others do, you have the right to be let alone. And that works both ways, June dear.

  24. JackFknTwist says

    Can we please stop all further discussion on these loons who all invest their insecurities in one Book, whether:
    Book of Mormon;

    They all seem to be written by weirdos on mushrooms in the desert or they have visiting angels or they find Gold Plates with magic writing….which then disappears.

    OK; I did meet up with some leprauchans once, but I was eh, ….intellectually compromised and physically listing to port at the time.

  25. The Milkman says

    He’s adorable, and his move from this myopic “university” will be the best decision he’s made so far. Go get a degree from a real school, and let the religious zealots fend for themselves.

  26. says


    By whose terms or standards? Ok. let’s try MINE:

    All male students who keep a neat dorm room are expelled. All students who exhibit traces of quick wit, cleverness, a fondness for satire and an appreciation for art and culure – you’re all expelled too. Because you’re appearing to be gay.

    Did you *not* date-rape a drunken female? That’s gay of you. EXPELLED!

  27. Castro Craig says

    Good for him. He will get a better and more valuable education from U of Missouri St Louis anyway. And maybe even meet the man of his dreams there.

  28. Profe Sancho Panza says

    What schools like this mainly sell to Christian parents is the promise of a protective religious bubble to shield their children (often home-schooled before college) from the temptations and corruptions of the world. If they really had the evangelical spirit, they would have regarded this as an opportunity for conversion and salvation. But instead, they consider him a source of temptation and corruption for the other students. It’s all about maintaining the purity of life inside their bubble.

    There are good-quality religiously-affiliated colleges and universities out there (Notre Dame, Baylor, Fordham, etc.), but these tiny Southern Baptist colleges are rarely among them.

  29. qj201 says

    It’s a Christian School. Duh. Not a news story, as much as we may disagree it is a private religious institution and can dictate it’s own admissions criteria.

    Now IF this schools gets ANY state or federal money…now we have an issue.

  30. Turing's Ghost says

    June, you are correct. Private religious institutions should be able to accept or reject any student. We need to keep a fine line between church and state to support both institutions. However, religous schools should not receive any public money, including federal grants of any kind (research or student support) or benefit from gov’t backed student loan programs. Freedom isn’t free. In order to exercise their beliefs and not be subject to gov’t intervention, they have to stand on their own financially. Good luck with that.

  31. edude says

    David – Clearly Satan has ALREADY taken control of June’s browser.

    That so-called university is not “morally qualified” to be a university in my view.

    Amazing and astonishing to be reading about such cases happening in the USA in 2014!

    Still such a long way to go!

  32. Alfonso says

    Any religious church or college gets some kind of tax breaks. We need to end tax breaks for any institutions that discriminates. So all churches should lose their tax breaks unless they are non-discriminatory churches (mcc’s, uu’s, most episcopal, some presbyterian, shamanistic, etc.)

  33. Dawson says

    My question is do they allow children from divorce parents in their school?

    Is anyone in their staff divorced or have committed adultery? Do any have tattoos?

    Personally don’t understand why someone would want to go to this type of school. To each their own.

  34. Steven Jaeger says

    @ June, You have pointed out an obvious problem with ‘xtian’ schools. They have the right to set their own agenda. However, if they receive any federal money or state money at all then they need to follow the federal and state guidelines for discrimination. I grew up in Missouri, and and far as I know MO has no sexual orientation anti-discriminatory regulation. Unfortunately the repugnicatic Tealiban in Congress have prevented passage of ENDA which might be said to apply. My feeling is that ANY entity of education that grants a degree should have to follow anti-discrimination guidelines, if they want to discriminate they need to be relegated to ‘after hour’s classes’ with no credit to transfer to higher education entities. I think that should also apply at high school diplomas, etc. I think it’s time to take religion out of the business of stating that people are educated.

  35. epic says

    ok i think the bigger question is “how did the school know he was gay?!?”. He took time off, so he left the school I assume, then “came out”…Did he have a coming out parade at the the school and invited the admissions staff to his coming out extravaganza?? Isn’t it a little creepy that a school would have any knowledge about his private life. I’m assuming they stumbled upon his gayness on some social media connection, FB, twatter or Christian Mingle…if you are displaying the intimate details of your personal life for the world to see, expect consequences. That is not to excuse the school, where did we get the idea it is ok for the school to discriminate?

    I understand they may have legal recourse to be bigots, but it is not “OK”…this “schools” are very unseemly and just weird…BYU and and their ilk are a insult to education and the advancement of society. Every single person I’ve met who has graduated from one of these institutions has been a fine example of what goes wrong in society when we stop holding people accountable for their magical thinking.

  36. Bill says

    @Zell: June didn’t exactly get it right. The Biblical stories portray Jesus as being a “friend of tax collectors and sinners,” but having a low opinion of people in positions of authority who use that position be make life difficult for the average person, and having a low opinion of people who use religious institutions to cheat people. While one story has him telling an adulteress to “go and sin no more”, it also has him say that he did not condemn her, and he stopped the others from stoning her. Telling her to “go and sin nor more” could have simply been advice on how to avoid a repeat, where the outcome could be a lot worse.

    Given that, can you really claim that the school should have kicked this kid out based on “Christian” values?

  37. Contrarian says

    Why give the American fundamentalists the right to claim the label “Christian”? Academics who study the history of religion have written that this sect came into being in the late 19th century/early 20th century. They don’t even have roots in the Reformation, much less the early church. They are no more Christian than the Scientology group who also use a cross on the steeple.

    Oh, as to you queens spouting pseudo-theology on here, a newsflash. The Old Testament is Jewish in origin and tone, not Christian and Jesus was a Jewish man. Jews did not enslave fellow Jews as they had known slavery in Egypt and saw Yaweh as their deliverer from it through Aaron and Moses. Mazel tov!

  38. Victor says

    Yes, it’s terrible that the college discriminates. I can’t imagine that attending would be good experience. Matriculating and a school that welcomes LGBT students would be better for his health and success.

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