Mozilla Employees Call On CEO Brendan Eich To Step Down Over Prop 8 Donation

Today several Mozilla employees all tweeted: "I'm an employee of @mozilla and I'm asking @brendaneich to step down as CEO."

EichThe tweet is in reference to Brendan Eich — a financial supporter of California’s anti-gay 2008 ballot amendment Proposition 8 — who on Monday became CEO of Mozilla, the software community behind the popular web browser Firefox.

On Tuesday, Mozilla released a statement reiterating the company’s commitment to provide a fair equitable workplace for its LGBT employees — presumably to forestall any calls for a Mozilla boycott. And on Wednesday, Eich himself reiterated this same message while omitting any comment on his prior contributions.

But today’s tweet was made by “Mozilla Open Badges project lead Chris McAvoy, Mozilla Festival curator Chloe Vareldi, partnerships lead John Bevan, designer Jessica Klein, and engagement team member Sydney Moyer.”

McAvoy added “that he feels fortunate to work at a company like Mozilla, ‘where I can say that without fear of retribution.’”

Some developers have already publicly announced their boycott of  Mozilla's Firefox in light of Eich's hiring.


  1. Jon says

    Ahhhhhh…the hatred continues. Next we’ll be having our own version of “Kristallnacht” over here in the States. If you don’t march in lock step on the issue of what constitutes marriage, then we’ll force you out. The pure hatred among too many in the gay-rights movement is absolutely unbelievable, and it’s down-right scary.

  2. Chickletts says

    Bigots have the freedom like everyone else to do/say what they want. They also have to face the consequences!! I hope he gets removed from the CEO job.

  3. Mike says

    No doubt many will mistakenly attempt to frame this as a freedom of speech issue.

    This is not a case of the government stepping in and censoring his speech or his political contributions— he can still speak out about the issue, and he can even give more money to groups fighting against our rights.

    His First Amendment rights remain in tact.

    But free speech doesn’t always mean consequence-free speech— and contributing to causes like Prop 8 is also not without consequences. Just ask The Dixie Chicks.

    Just as he is free to his views, everyone else is free to theirs, including Mozilla’s employees, volunteers, customers, and the general public. So, while he isn’t being censored, he is, in a way, be CENSURED by the free market of ideas.

    If he had given money to fight against interracial marriage, or had given money to the KKK, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, because everyone would know that behavior isn’t what the majority of our society considers acceptable.

    I often hear so many LGBT people say that we should just shut up and not complain when straights use “gay” or “tranny” in bad ways. We should let that behavior slide. That to complain and stand up for ourselves makes us just like the bigots that condemn us.

    They are wrong.

    This is how we get to were we want to be, to the place where people will realize that saying “faggot” is just as unacceptable as saying “the N-word”, and it is not a witch hunt. Just like the blacks in the 1960s, we have to teach people how to treat us.

    We have to demand respect.

    It’s up to us to define the new normal.

  4. RLee says

    @OMAR – NO! It is not hatred, when for centuries we have remained silent and said nothing about the abuses perpetuated on the LGBT community. We are now standing up as the equal humans we are, and we will no longer accept this type of nonsense. Brendan Eich has the right to believe and do what he wishes. Likewise we have the right to vote against this type of hatred with OUR dollars and actions. And if you think the GLBT dollar is not sought after you are sadly mistaken. We will vote with our dollars and boycott as we feel necessary. And YOU and your ilk will simply be left by the wayside as we move forward into the 21st Century. The modern dinosaur – bigoted/hate-mongering/fundamentalist/self righteous people, will become extinct. We have been patient far too long.

  5. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Only one troll in six posts? I have to check the top of the page. Am I still on Trollroad?

    Good for the employees for speaking out. If life is uncomfortable for bigots because of their choice to engage in bigoted actions, then maybe theses bigots should stop choosing to engage in bigoted actions.

    And maybe just stop choosing to be bigots altogether? I find it very easy to go through my day without trying to destroy groups of people. It’s not that difficult.

  6. Josh says

    I think the question is has he ever tried to force his views on employees or policies at Mozilla. We can’t condemn anyone from having a job if they are not imposing their beliefs on others. My employer (small family company) I know does not agree with marriage equality. However, he has never been anything but respectful to me and my husband both. He’s given me large raises, a promotion and signed off on my husband being on company benefits with absolutely no argument. He even “grossed up” my wages before DOMA was struck down and I had to pay extra taxes for benefits. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as they are respectful to others.

  7. Josh says

    Consider the fact that there are likely dozens of people at Mozilla who probably hold the same personal views as the new CEO. It’s very likely in any organization with thousands of employees. A boycott has never been called for before despite the fact that those people work there. Why all the sudden is it a relentless news story because one guy gets a promotion? He has worked there since the Mozilla Foundation was started.

  8. Jon says

    There is a tremendous lack of empathy and understanding by so many here. The guy has a different view of what constitues marriage. Shoot, most of the gay community until like 10 years ago had the same view! He wasn’t trying to jail gay people, or get us fired, or have us committed, or get us kicked out of the country. He personally believed in a traditional view of marriage, like a majority of other Americans at the time.

    And now you want to see him destroyed? Because he hasn’t ‘evolved’ in his opinion about marriage as quickly as others?

    I’m sorry, but you’re the haters here. And intolerant bigots. And you don’t even see how hateful so many of you have become, you’re so blinded by your rage.

  9. pete n sfo says

    @Jon, why do you feel the need to exaggerate the opposition to this guy? “See him destroyed” “blinded by rage”?
    I’m not either of those things, but I’m also nobody’s fool. This man didn’t just “hold an opinion” he donated money to remove Civil Rights, likely from coworkers that he knew were gay. There were very real consequences for gay people under Prop 8. Maybe you don’t see it, but it is very much a big deal. He can think & do whatever he likes, & people can respond in kind. I’m very disappointed in the leadership at FF & I switched browsers. It’s just that easy.

  10. Homo Genius says

    @mike most of us still haven’t bought into tranny being a bad word. Wasn’t it only a couple of years ago we weren’t supposed to say Twink anymore because someone somewhere decided it was offensive … to Twinks….

  11. Homo Genius says

    @mike… and I gladly accept being refered to as faggot. Being called LGBT makes my skin crawl. Its like being referred to as colored or negro.

  12. Mike says


    I don’t want to “destroy” him. But I don’t want to him to be rewarded with a very prestigious and powerful position at a company that many in the industry perceive as being on the leading edge of an industry I love, and that may be the most important industry since the invention of the printing press.

    He’s also not being punished for thinking differently, or having a difference of opinion, although it could be argued that his difference of opinion is that ten percent or so of the world’s population doesn’t deserve equal rights. Hell, he hasn’t been punished at all, for anything, by anyone, at least not yet.

    I hear many people wanting to limit this conversation to just business. OK, how about this: he was stupid enough to contribute money to the fight against equal rights when there was every reason to believe that this would be public information and come back to bite him in the ass. He shouldn’t be CEO just for that lack of planning alone.

  13. bicurious says

    This guy didn’t just hold the view that gay people don’t deserve equal rights. He actively donated money toward a movement that succeeded for a time in taking away the rights gay people in California deserve as much as anybody. To financially support the robbing of the rights of other Americans is pretty egregious and unforgivable. Barring him offering a sincere apology that expresses a real change of heart on his part he needs to go.

  14. McGill says

    Jon, My mom is white and my dad is black. I hope you realize that 50 years ago THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN JAILED FOR BEING IN LOVE AND MARRYING.


  15. Bill says

    @bicurious: before we get too self-righteous, how many of the people commenting negatively about Eich have ever signed a petition for an initiative based on the title and without reading the text? It is standard operating procedure in California for people to make the title or summary as misleading as possible.

    Have you ever given some guy asking for donations for some worthy cause ten bucks when approached at some street intersection, without checking into what his alleged organization actually does?

    At this point we don’t know why Eich donated $1000. It could have been to oppose gay rights, but he could also have simply not been paying much attention, or might have been mislead about what he was supporting, and just wrote a check (given what I’d guess his income is, $1000 for him is probably like $10 for the average person). He might not even remember the details.

    So my advise is to calm down for a while, and wait until more facts are available before flying off the handle.

  16. Håkon says

    “…but he could also have simply not been paying much attention…”

    He’d have to be an incredible moron to give away $1,000 so flippantly. Maybe Mozilla shouldn’t want a CEO who is such an unabashed idiot. Also, please stop trying to defend Eich with these bizarre contrivances – it’s embarrassing you.

  17. Leonard says

    >…how many of the people commenting negatively about Eich have ever signed a petition for an initiative based on the title and without reading the text? It is standard operating procedure in California for people to make the title or summary as misleading as possible.

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve read today. Here is the full text of the proposition:

    Proposition 8 consisted of two sections. Its full text was:[28]
    Section I. Title
    This measure shall be known and may be cited as the “California Marriage Protection Act.”
    Section 2. Article I. Section 7.5 is added to the California Constitution, to read:
    Sec. 7.5. Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.

    That’s it. And are you really arguing he’s two stupid to understand two sentences AND donate $1000 to the intiative, but competent enough to run Mozilla?

    Oh, and what about the $2100 he donated to a leading supporter of Prop 8? Did he think he was writing a check for the Make A Wish Foundation?

    He’s a bigot and shouldn’t be leading a company who prides themeselves on promoting “freedom” and openess.

  18. Bill says

    @Håkon: I live in Silicon Valley. I’ve seen multiple Tesla model S cars in a shopping center parking lot, near a Trader Joe’s (which isn’t a high priced outlet), not to mention all the BMWs. The standard-issue car around here for the peons seems to be a Prius. You would not believe how wealthy some people are – enough so that $1000 is really pocket change.

    BTW, I’m not “defending” Eich, but rather pointing out that everyone is jumping to conclusions without bothering to get all the facts. The guys jumping to conclusions are the ones who are really embarrassing themselves.

  19. Bill says

    @Leonard: Did it occur to you that Eich might have made a donation before the voter pamphlet containing the full text came out? Did it occur to you that he could have been at a church or Mormon temple or whatever with some respected authority figure asking everyone to make a donation, so there would have been a lot of peer pressure?

    When some signature gatherers came by to try to get me to sign a petition to put Proposition Eight’s predecessor on the ballot, they showed up complete with a baby carriage (probably empty – but I didn’t check) and said they wanted to protect marriage. They generally won’t show you the text of the initiative, even if you ask. Regardless, the props were intended to make it look like you should sign it to protect babies.
    I’m not sure if they were even married – they almost looked like they were wearing stage makeup and might have been out-of-work actors hired to run around in costume, with a baby carriage as a prop.

    But then, you probably don’t live around here or if you do, you probably never actually asked to see the full text before signing a petition (and given how long the legalese typically is, nothing would qualify if a signature gatherer had to wait for people to actually read the silly things before signing).

  20. Retro says

    He wrote a statement about “inclusiveness at Mozilla” on his blog.

    However, I notice it doesn’t appear that one can comment on that entry. Yet all the other entries on the blog seem to allow and have comments.

    He must be feeling the heat or something …lol! Good.

  21. Randy says

    Eich needs to step down. Given his total lack of explanation, apology, and making good, he is not fit to lead an open company like Mozilla.

    A CEO who will support an illegal law against his own employees is not fit to lead.

  22. Sergio says

    Bill, those arguments are just too outlandish. What kind of a dolt makes a donation without understanding the cause it supports? On the small chance that he really did do something so vapid, he should then be fired for having zero analytical skills.

  23. Bob K says

    — “I’M SORRY IT HURT WHEN I STABBED YOU IN THE EYE” is not an apology, but a mealy mouthed attempt to divert you from the fact that he is a catholic who agreed with his church on Prop 8

  24. CPT_Doom says

    This protest from his employees has nothing to do with Eich’s personal views or religion. It has everything to do with his public support for a, and financing of, a propaganda campaign that degraded, demeaned and dehumanized gay and lesbian people, claiming we were a threat to the very foundation of civilization itself. Does Eich really believe the lies he helped finance? Does he really believe his gay and lesbian employees and colleagues are a danger to the institution of marriage? We don’t know because the coward refuses to say so.

    A simple “I made a mistake and should never have participated in an unAmerican attack on a minority group” would have been sufficient. That’s pretty much the only thing Eich didn’t say.

  25. anon says

    @BILL your theory of what “might have happened” doesn’t hold any water. His donation became public 2 years ago. He has had 2 years to explain how he was “tricked” or “pressured” into donating money to the Prop 8 cause. He as not made any statement now or in the last 2 years claiming that his donation was a mistake of any kind. He has not made any statement now or in the last 2 years saying that he has changed his opinion. Read the statement he has made now. It doesn’t say anything about his personal opinion at all. And, it makes no mention at all about being sorry for his Prop 8 actions.

  26. DC Insider says

    I find it curious that so many leap to defend Eich, either by making crap up, like he did not know what he was contributing to, or by givinig him a pass because after all, his bigotry may have been the majority opinion at the time he made the donation.

    Let’s clarify a few things.

    1. He made the donation and understood what he was doing.
    2. His anti-gay beliefs were confirmed by the President of Mozilla, who blogged that he never knew Eich’s views until they both talked about it.
    3. He still believes in denying marriage equality.
    4. A CEO is the face of a company, warts and all. If Mozilla wants that face to represent it’s corporate culture, then no amount of BS from Eich and how he will work against his own belief system is going to make Mozilla anything other than the company run by a bigot.

  27. SFshawn says

    ACTIONS have CONSEQUENCES even for gay faced lying bigots! Eventually the liars are exposed for who they REALLY are and what they REALLY believe. Time for him to resign in disgrace and move to Uganda or Russia or any other African country where his “views” are in the majority.
    Also would not surprise me if he’s exposed as a closeted gay man considering he’s delusional enough to think anyone would want to follow his questionable leadership abilities.

  28. pickles says

    This is what their mission statement says: “Mozilla is a non-profit organization that believes the Web should be open, accessible, transparent, safe and—most of all—a force for the good of humanity.”

    ‘A force for the good of humanity’ hires a small minded, mean, guy who clearly thinks his rights are only for people like him. NO THANKS.

  29. WTF21 says

    SPACECADET, I get it! I have tried Chrome, Firefox, they just do not as well as Internet explorer. Not because of this Mozilla creep, it just is better!!!

  30. Bill says

    @Sergio : more people do that than you realize. Why do you think they have professional fund
    raisers? People won’t give a large amount of money without knowing something about the organization, but for rich folks in Silicon Valley, $1000 is not a big deal, particularly if the guy goes to a church or something and the donation was recommended by someone he trusts.

    Do you think someone busting his butt writing software or running a startup that is making a lot of money is going to waste his time on carefully checking into each organization he makes a small contribution to?

    BTW, we have more than one billionaire living within walking distance (a mile or two) from where
    I live. With that sort of cash running around, there really are people who would not consider a $1000 contribution to be worth a huge amount of thought.

  31. Martin says

    Just ask yourself how you’d feel about Eich as CEO of Mozilla had he worked against interracial marriage.

    Now ask yourself if Mozilla would retain him on the payroll if he did that.

    Now ask yourself if Mozilla, based on this action, considers gay people to be as fully human as other minorities.

  32. Sergio says

    “@Sergio : more people do that than you realize.”

    Well, those people are fools then. Either Brendan Eich is a fool or a bigot – regardless of the motivation, he’s a poor choice for a CEO.

  33. Rich says

    The possibility that he would have dropped his $1,000.00 pocket change in the wrong hole is possible, but it’s irrelevant to the main argument as to whether he should step down or not.

    Someone who wasn’t a bigot and didn’t believe in what he was contributing to would long ago have been shocked as soon as he learned of it, said so, and apologized for mistakenly donating contrary to his views.

    He didn’t. He hasn’t.


    Eich is a jew, so you american gays should send him to the gas chambers where you want him. Punish him and all the torah believing jews like him who violate your folsom street laws. It’s beautiful to see gay americans hating jew americans!

  35. Dave says

    He’s not being made a CEO because he has anti-gay views. He’s being rewarded for creating JavaScript; which you may have noticed is pretty much everywhere now.

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