Mozilla Employees Call On CEO Brendan Eich To Step Down Over Prop 8 Donation

Today several Mozilla employees all tweeted: "I'm an employee of @mozilla and I'm asking @brendaneich to step down as CEO."

EichThe tweet is in reference to Brendan Eich — a financial supporter of California’s anti-gay 2008 ballot amendment Proposition 8 — who on Monday became CEO of Mozilla, the software community behind the popular web browser Firefox.

On Tuesday, Mozilla released a statement reiterating the company’s commitment to provide a fair equitable workplace for its LGBT employees — presumably to forestall any calls for a Mozilla boycott. And on Wednesday, Eich himself reiterated this same message while omitting any comment on his prior contributions.

But today’s tweet was made by “Mozilla Open Badges project lead Chris McAvoy, Mozilla Festival curator Chloe Vareldi, partnerships lead John Bevan, designer Jessica Klein, and engagement team member Sydney Moyer.”

McAvoy added “that he feels fortunate to work at a company like Mozilla, ‘where I can say that without fear of retribution.’”

Some developers have already publicly announced their boycott of  Mozilla's Firefox in light of Eich's hiring.