1. MaryM says

    And did Obama raise his concerns about Frank and the cult’s hatred of women, children and gay people.

    Frankie is a disgusting bigot who is better at PR than his predecessor.

  2. Edd says

    Obama SHOULD have asked him who the cocaine the German Customs peoples intercepted, was intended for? Were the getting ready for their own White Party?

  3. ascanius1 says

    francis, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    recently dolan was on charlie rose. he explained the new strategy. it’s to lure people back into the church by laying off the hard social issues and by showing its softer loving side. then once they’ve discovered the truth and beauty of the church’s love, then they will accept the teachings against gays, women, contraceptives and abortions.

    religions have outlived whatever useful purpose they might have once served. now they are a hindrance. and an evil one at that.

    join or support an agnostic/atheist/secualrist organization today. it’s time to marginalize these archaic primitive superstitious belief systems.

  4. woody says

    The US bishops’ council is more right-wing than the current pope.
    I think it’s better that obama is meeting with francisco as, in a way, it goes “over their heads.”
    We’ll see what comes of the relationship as a way of marginalizing the US bishops, who were all appointed by Benedict or JP2, and have continued to push an anti-obama administration agenda.
    This could be a savvy move.

  5. james st. james says

    It’s a good move on Obama’s part. He picks up some of the Pope’s popularity among American voters. He makes it more difficult for the radical right to oppose liberal ideas also espoused by His Holiness. All in all, nice chess move. Two very skilled players.

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