1. Will says

    So basically the devil says I don’t want humans?…gays can’t reproduce…women who get abortions can’t reproduce…why would the devil do that? If there’s no humans left then…what is the devil’s end game? Doesn’t he crave endless amounts of souls?

  2. UFFDA says

    Oh Satan Satan what’s a sodomite to do? If you’d just blunt the tip of that long sharp tail of yours we could plunge together. You devil you.

  3. Bill says

    Since Roberton’s argument hinges on reproduction (he claims that “Satan” wants to eliminate babies either through abortion or by men having sex with each other rather than with women) then it follows that Robertson should be condemning another group too – Catholic nuns and priests with their vows of celibacy.

    Let’s see him wiggle out of that one. It could kind of amusing since the obvious conclusion from his premise would get all the catholics mad at him.

  4. JackFknTwist says

    “,,,,,homosexuality doesn’t go anywhere”

    Obviously Robertson knows nothing of human love and doesn’t care about it.
    All your prayers to prevent disasters don’t go anywhere, Pat.
    When your prayers don’t work you blame the gays for floods and earthquakes.
    You are just a nutcase Pat, a delusional hoary old nutcase.

  5. StevyD says

    How did Jesus feel about divorce, and why doesn’t this brain damaged old fart pick on divorced people? Because far too many of his cohorts would have to leave his church and the money would dry-up. Such a hypocritical scum bag.

  6. Arkansassy says

    If he wants to live in Jesus’s time, he should move to the Middle East. Not much has changed there in the last 2000 years. He should be real happy there.

  7. Mark says

    Fred Phelps has died and the world has had enough of his bigotry and said “good riddance”.

    So, why is the old piece of feces still alive yet? Shouldn’t he like, die or something? He’s just as old as the late Phelps.

  8. Bill says

    @Chadd : at the risk of adding another 100,000 years to my sentence, regardless of what Jesus’ followers apparently think of him now, if the Biblical accounts are half accurate, we know what the Romans thought of him and his followers.

    As to his followers, as they said in Rome, “Leones esuriunt.”

  9. Tarc says

    I guess my view is that wherever Robertson is going (either at the moment or in the afterlife, if there is one) couldn’t be defined as anything else other than ‘Hell’. So as long as I’m going to some other place (where all the people he hates are also going), it will be inarguably Heaven.

  10. JJ says

    Watch out! Next we’ll make it a HATE CRIME to refuse a gay marriage proposal! Mwahahahahahaha! You straights with your precious babies. Get ready for anal, suckers! BWAHahahahaha!

  11. macguffin54 says

    Just like Charlie Sheen, Satan is another supporter we don’t want. But hey, we’ll take what we can get, right? It’s kind of humbling, though, that such a big, public figure is on our side, despite what he stands for. Golly, maybe we can get Santa Claus on our side, too, one day, and then, who knows, “the sky’s the limit”…

  12. DamFine10 says

    Again with the stoning…and again from a Xtian(?) minister. So Jesus would have stoned gays? Not the Jesus I learned about in Sunday School 60 years ago. That Jesus loved everyone. When did Xtianity turn into the TALIBAN & when did Xtianity become the state religion with no other religion allowed? Just asking…

  13. Paul R says

    I don’t understand why some readers complain that this site gives too much attention to Phelps and his “church,” yet Robertson’s rants are just as widely covered and predictable. I’d just as soon not read about either of them (not exactly hard to skip ahead!), but in most cases they ultimately help our cause.

  14. UFFDA says

    PAUL- I agree that they help our cause. Because most people know some of us and therefore know that these right-wingers are simply wrong. Right over fright.

  15. thom says

    Poor old troll. He seems just exhausted, doesn’t he? Spewing that much hate and Xtian crazy has taken its toll on his sorry ass.
    He sounds like a deflating balloon,withering slowly away….and that Jesus Barbie co-whatever she is (anchor?..well-paid puppet?)..Just nods and makes the old Geezer sound (kind of)relevant. Sad.Really sad….he needs to go away…sooner than later..buh-bye

  16. anon says

    Okay, even if we grant that Jesus would not have baked a gay wedding cake back in Roman days, don’t you think he would be baking them now? Why are we applying Roman law standards to the 21st Century? Roman law DID NOT follow the bible, which would have been Jewish law, and the only part of Jewish law the Romans allowed was for worshiping at the temple. All the rest: contracts, crime and punishment, taxation and military service, would have been Roman under the occupation. Later, they even burnt down the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. They also burnt and crucified early Christians.

    So, what would Jesus do today? I’d bet he’d bake a cake.

  17. Bill says

    @anon : Regarding your question, “Okay, even if we grant that Jesus would not have baked a gay wedding cake back in Roman days, don’t you think he would be baking them now?” …. the answer is “no”: Jesus was supposedly trained as a carpenter, not a baker, and probably didn’t know how to bake a cake. Instead, he’d see to it that there was an ample supply of wine at the wedding (given one of the Biblical miracles attributed to him).

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