1. says

    My heart has been continuously broken, reading this story for a while now. And I remain even more upset that this story is not gaining wider (inter)national attention – this should be a leading news story across the country. This is the toxic poisong of anti-gay prejudice and bigotry manifest.

  2. John says

    All I could think of was an honour killing. How sad to see something like that happen here!

  3. Michael says

    Having a lesbian daughter is worse than killing two people, one of them your own daughter? This is a senseless crime and I can’t imagine the horror those two suffered and knowing who he was doubles that horror.

  4. *****overTX says

    …..but the right wing pseudo-christians will stand up in the courts of the land and declare how much “better off a child is by being raised by a mother and a father”. It would appear that is not always the case.

  5. Carlos says

    Well, I don’t like the idea of a father killing his daughter because she was gay! Sheesh! Some children are smarter than their parents!

  6. Bernie says

    this is a sad story……the idea that a father could murder his own child and then dump her into a trash receptacle…….I don’t understand that kind of contempt, hate, etc……….