Rupert Murdoch: Boycott Guinness for Siding with Gay Groups on St. Patrick’s Day


Following news that Guinness would join Heineken in pulling its sponsorship of the NYC St. Patrick's Day parade over its policy excluding gay groups, News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch got on Twitter to declare his outrage.

Murdoch urged "all Irish" to boycott Guinness for supporting gay groups, which he said "bullied" the beer maker into pulling out.

Tweeted Murdoch: "Where will this end? Guinness pulls out of religious parade bullied by gay orgs who try to take it over. Hope all Irish boycott the stuff"

In related news, Laura Ingraham described the Guinness move as "thuggish behavior" while singnut Todd Starnes declared, "So apparently parading is now a civil right."

And Catholic spokeshater Bill Donohue is on the Murdoch boycott beat.


  1. Tony says

    If it’s a religious parade, why is it appropriate for beer makers to support it in the first place?

  2. Brian G says

    Does Todd Starnes not read the 1st Amendment where it says “the right to peaceably assemble” so Yes, Parading is a civil right….. and corporate sponsorship is not. So Guinness can, as a private company, do what makes the most business sense. Support Equality makes more business sense.

  3. Adam says

    Um, St. Patricks Day (with its green clovers and leprechauns) is as religious as Valentine’s Day. Other than both being named for saints, they’re not religious.

    And, of course, all beside the point: bigotry, whether religious or not, is never acceptable. Shut it Murdoch.

  4. Victor says

    BTW, isn’t it hypocritical of these Right-wingers demand that a private business has to spend money to support causes that they find acceptable? Aren’t these ‘wingers always spouting that businesses shouldn’t be forced to conduct commerce if it violates their morals?

  5. simon says

    “take it over”? He thinks it will turn into a gay pride parade? The same way veterans participating in it will turn it into a veteran day parade?

  6. melvin says

    Odd that gay groups march openly in Dublin’s parade, and Galway’s and Cork’s and Limerick’s. And lots of luck with that Guiness boycott.

  7. Derek says

    maybe off topic? but that white old man seems miserable especially in the photo..yikes…

  8. WTF21 says

    So let’s boycott Rupert Murdoch and News Corp! I am sure our gay brother and sisters in Great Britton already do boycott the trash he publishes their and I am sure any respectable gay person would boycott Fox News in the USA. However, let’s make some noise about News Corp!!!!

  9. Urbane says

    Old, Old, Bitter, Bitter Wealthy White man is mad that he just cant hate like the good old days. The world yawns….awaiting his passing.

  10. woody says

    the catholic church has never had a problem with alcohol, tony.
    it’s baptists, mormons, etc. that are shun it.
    so, good, the geriatric catholic hibernian boozers will have to go without guinness on st. patrick’s day. oh, the pain!

  11. Howard B says

    Why boycott Guinness because they were “bullied” by the gays? Why doesn’t Murdock and Co. try bullying the gays… Oh wait, they already do!

    How’s all that bullying working out for you Rupert?

  12. ReaceNYC says

    @Adam The St. Patrick’s Day parade here in NYC( The largest in the world btw) has been governed by the New York board of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians, of which its purpose is to act as guards to protect Catholic churches from anti-Catholic forces, and to assist Irish Catholic immigrants. Cardinal Egan, the head of the Catholic Church for the USA sits on that board. The ST. Patrick’s day parade ends in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th ave. Its is very much a religious parade ruled by the Catholic Church.

    I am still not sure why my tax dollars are going to support this religious parade with extra over time for the NYPD, as it is in clear violation of the city of New York’s anti-discrimination policy.

  13. Hey Darlin' says

    Another try at the old lie that religion is being discriminated against.

    It’s a bit like, suffer our intolerance without comment or YOU shall be labeled intolerant. Well you’re a bit late to the game with that old tale.

    No one is trying to “take over” anything. They’re obviously losing ground when the bigot’s begin to dream up wedge issues that don’t even exist to attempt to have us accept their intolerance.

  14. simon says

    Egan was the former head of the Church in US. Now it is Timmy Dolan. The religious significance of the parade probably has eroded over the years. Now all you see are drunken people yelling on the streets.

  15. TRUTH HURTS says

    Did he lie? No, he didn’t. Gay Groups often speak on gays being bullied, but they turn around and do the exact same thing. It is a form of bullying no matter how you look at it. Perhaps gays should start to look in the mirror and as it, “who’s the most hypocritical of all?”

  16. Kev C says

    What does Rupert Murdoch have to do with Irish-American parades anyway? He’s an Australian who can’t keep married to anyone. Senility sucks.

  17. simon says

    It is just half-truth or even nonsense. You can call anything “bullying”. Like the sanctions against Russia is also a form of bullying.

  18. Trolliollio says

    @Truth Hurts

    Using the idea that you are being bullied to have someone else accept your abuse isn’t a lie but it also isn’t acceptable.

  19. simon says

    Truth does hurt. Let’s use our reason to analyse what the word bullying mean. Why gays are bullied? There aren’t really any rational justification for it. Why the parade organizer was “bullied” if you want to label it that way? Just read the relevant articles and the statements by Boston mayor himself. They think they have a good reason for doing that. The comments by “TRUTH HURTs” are just not true and simply false equivalence.

  20. Daniel says

    Haha! The funniest part to me is that pubs in Ireland were closed on St. Patrick’s day until the 70’s – because it was a religious feast day.

  21. Jonathan OZ says

    I’m not a beer drinker, but I’ll have a Guinness tonight in honor of their withdrawal of sponsorship.

  22. UGH says

    Boycott FOX. Gay people should stop watching American Idol…it wouldn’t last the remainder of the season.

  23. says

    Rupert Murdoch can say whatever he wants. I get to enjoy not being Rupert Murdoch.

    It would be facetious for me to say I will stop watching false news, besides I prefer

  24. ToThePoint says

    So I guess that according to Murdoch, it is either us or them. We cannot co-exist so gays should all be banished to another planet or die. How christian of it. F*ck him too along with lively!

  25. Turing's Ghost says

    Wonder if he knows his television division is making many, many gay show runners very wealthy (e.g., Ryan Murphy). Yes, this man’s company helps produce Glee.

  26. anon says

    Parades are about raw political power, so you either win or lose in the struggle. The loser gets to mope home.

  27. graphicjack says

    “what could be straighter than men in skirts dancing jigs and blowing on pipes?

    POSTED BY: WOODY | MAR 17, 2014 2:21:22 PM”

    That’s the Scots, not the Irish. And they’re called kilts, not skirts.

    But yes, clearly getting drunk on green beer, vomiting, then passing out on the street is very family-friendly. Can’t possibly have some men in green lederhosen dancing and handing out green Mardi Gras beads on a float with a big rainbow over a pot of gold on it. Cause that’s not gay at all…..

  28. Neil says

    I love watching gays cower when hard ball enters the arena. Parades are for low class losers.

  29. lg says

    Murdoch is a megalomaniac with so damned much $ and morals of an alley cat
    HAS to be “newsworthy” as creepy Trump
    go to you know where

  30. ThomT says

    Another boycott. Boycotts are very rarely successful and most companies gain as much as they lose when their brand is targeted. Murdoch certainly has bigger problems with his news organization still under fire then to worry about what beer he is or isn’t going to drink. His 1999 divorce cost him $1.7B and his most recent divorce probably beat that number (and included a $44M apartment in NYC). Makes you wonder why beer is so important to Rupert.

  31. SoLeftImRight says

    Had extra Guinness on Monday thanks to their decision, and I will order one more often. Rupert calling for the Irish to boycott Guinness is about the funniest thing I have ever heard.