Russell Tovey Makes a Final ‘Pass’ in His Underwear: PHOTO


It's Russell Tovey's last day in The Pass at London's Royal Court Theatre and he marked it by Instagramming this backstage photo of the cast.

That's Downton Abbey's Gary Carr next to him.

If you missed our sexy post on The Pass with lots more shirtless Tovey and Carr, click HERE.



  1. tristram says

    Can I ask why people find him so hot? He’s ok looking, but HOT? I’m sorry, I just don’t see it. Jug handle ears, slitty eyes too far apart, pug nose way too high up his face. Sorry, just, wha?

  2. bravo says

    @Tristram, did you see his body?
    And, anyway, many of us have had boy-next-door crushes on people who are not physically perfect, so when someone has less-than-perfect looks, plus an overall nice body, plus a little bit of swagger, it is very hot. These are the guys I fantasize about. I imagine there’s one or two others who think similarly. I have also had the experience that the more perfect the face, the more corroded the soul, but my sample size is relatively small (<10).

  3. Ryan says


    He’s adorkable, which is way better than being “hot” in the stereotypical sense to a lot of people. Having supermodel looks and big muscles isn’t always the best way to be the most attractive.

  4. Traje says

    Yeah, great body, abs and all. Whoa. Why can’t gay actors have average (or even with some more meat on the bones) bods? Hell, maybe they do – they’d just never make it onto Towleroad.

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