1. woody says

    It’s as cold as sarah palin’s heart in rochester today.
    Can’t wait ’til spring.

  2. Jason Macbride says

    I was going to say that she looks like she was rode hard and hung out wet. So I will.

  3. anon says

    People paid a lot of good money to hear what they want to hear, even if they already know what they want to hear and have heard it all before.

  4. Mike says

    Someone needs to tell Sarah (or her stylist) not to put her makeup on with a trowel.
    Man, she looks ready to dance the pole.

  5. Ryan says

    She totally ripped that off from a Facebook meme that’s been going around for well over a year. She’s the true definition of a conservative parrot — not only does she repeat their same tired talking points, but she can’t even come up with something original to say.

  6. Nick says

    I am just surprised she didn’t stop and walk off mid-speech.
    The only thing Sister Sarah is good at -is quitting-

  7. JEFF YORK says

    She is an excellent vapid, conservative showman. The conservatives want her in office (evidently any office) so bad they are willing to overlook her lack of a brain. I wish she would get nominated for GOP president, maybe with Bachmann. That would be a train wreck worthy of the Comedy Channel.

  8. Gordon says

    I just wonder when the moderate, rational Republicans are going to get some balls and start putting these wingnuts out in the cold. Come ON Republican party, grow up, or get out of politics, these types of mouth frothing antics are getting your party no where. Young people look at these antics and see no one willing to lead them into a future of growth.

  9. DamFine10 says

    I want to know where I can get my hair did with a manual egg beater. Her hair person is either blind or (s)he hates Palin.

  10. deke says

    Sarah Who? Oh yeah – half a term as governor of our 47th most populous state. And dumber than Dan Quayle though she is cunning in a vapid sort of way. The MILF thing she was trying to work has flown south. If we ignore her, she can go back to selling hot dogs at the soccer game.

  11. Joseph Singer says

    In case it’s not obvious to anyone the whole CPAC is just one big self-masturbation for the uptight Republicans.

  12. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    You have to admit, addressing the CPAC crowd like you would when you’re putting a 6-yr old to bed is just perfect.

    They’re crybabies who understand little and throw tantrums when they don’t get their way.

  13. Mags says

    Don’t you get it?
    Sarah Palin was able to READ!!

    Now do you get the applause? Brava Ms. Palin. Next, let’s try and read the Constitution and maybe learn how to look up words in the dictionary! 😀

  14. bravo says

    I do not like when Congress stills;
    I do not like their crony dills.

    This is brilliant poetry. The use of the verb ‘to still’ to indicate stagnation. And how they must spend their time eating pickles instead of doing the people’s business.

    Unless she said “Congress steals”/”crony deals”, in which case, nevermind…

  15. bravo says

    And “I do not like Oh yes we can”…am I overreading racism into this, or did she mock a certain style of speaking, especially with the snap and the neck movement?

  16. Jeff Kurtti says

    Sarah also misses the point of a simple children’s book: Once convinced to actually TRY Green Eggs and Ham–he LIKES them!

  17. james st. james says

    Ha, ha, ha. I guess Ms Palin and CPAC want to make sure Obama doesn’t get a third term.

    The jokes on them, if they read the Constitution they would find out he can only have two!

    Now what else don’t you like? Besides black Presidents? Gay athletes? Gay marriage? Openly gay candidates winning elections?

  18. luke says

    the guy talked like he loved her but was totally uninterested in the video introduction LOL

  19. Chrislam says

    A children’s nursery rhyme….she’ definitely catering the medium to the audience.

  20. exodus says

    I can think of 3 occasions when Gov Sarah Palin looked directly into the camera, with still posture … addressing 3 different groups – calling them out, then pausing, then DELIVERING a powerful truth jab:

    *the beltway Boys/GOP Est

    GOP Establishment Beltway Boys! You know that 2010 Landslide? You didn’t build that ~> The TEA PARTY did!

    Democrats! it’s *YOUR* * LEADERS* who conduct the real war on women!

    TEXAS! Thank you, Texas because liberty needs a Congress on CRUZ CONTROL!

    YEAH ……. She is optimistic … and so am I …

    #BeClingers ————-> #AmericaRISING

  21. NwYrkr says

    How much does she get paid for these speaking gigs ? Or is the one at CPAC on the house so she can rip-off the base the rest of the year charging to speak at events.

  22. thom says

    ..Sad. Ultra sad…hard to watch ANY of this tragedy…..the real scary part was the audience’s drunken responses to her phony home-girl babbling. I think the shining light here is this “Is she the best they can do?..Is this it? really?..She is a quitter and a fake, raking in the GPAC cash as fast as they can fling it to her. She is a disgrace. No wonder the GOP is a sinking ship. Oy.

  23. says

    It’s sad enough to see Falin’ Palin resort to stealing other people’s shtick, but it’s even sadder to see her steal it from a shyster even worse than she is. Oh well – the rubes aren’t going to care. They’ll just oink with glee and throw every penny of their SS checks at her because they think she sticking it to the “joos, neegros, queerosexuals, and libtards”