1. Cory says

    So wait a minute, there’s two males that are together, and they let one guy woke over, verbally abuse them, and then punch one of them, all without doing anything???

    Deserved. I usually hate the trolls in this comment section that says things like that, but I refuse to feel bad for two males who don’t even try to defend themselves because they’re so busy acting like women.

    They should have destroyed this guy.

  2. says

    Towleroad’s story above says that the couple “ignored” the man who asked if they were “f-ggots.” However, the comment above mine from “Chris” has a link to his version of the events which says the men answered “Yes” when a stranger asked them if they were “f-ggots.” That’s a big difference, but I’ll believe Chris’s version.

    In New York, people are going to approach you all day long wanting money, directions, etc. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t do it. When a stranger approaches you MOVE AWAY FAST!!! Don’t let them get too close to you to the point they invade your personal space. Never stop moving, never stop looking around you.

  3. says

    Corey, it all happened very fast. The verbal exchange took place, they started moving away, and he pursued them. The friend who got hit turned around to try to disengage him, and got hit. By the time my other friend realize what had happened, he was gone.

    To me the bigger shame here is that nobody around them did ANYTHING.

    And yes HMM I agree talking to strangers in the city usually leads to trouble, but they were buzzed, their guard was down, and once upon a time the Village felt like a safe place.

  4. Jude says

    CORY…”who don’t even try to defend themselves because they’re so busy acting like women”?

    Dude, your worldview and language is part of the reason why people hate “faggots” so much. Because deep down they believe it’s “the weakness of women” inside themselves and inside “faggots” that make them so worthless.

    Women are changing, thanks to our culture changing (their examples were June Cleaver and countless mutilated females in horror movies…now we have Nikita and Hunger Games, etc), and one day you might find yourself with a sore crotch face-down in a ditch by one of them. If I’m standing nearby, I’ll smile.

    In the end, valuing women and their strength only helps gay men. Otherwise, we’re just a bunch of fag-weak-women who deserve to be punched.

  5. Chris L. says

    Cory, shame on you! You don’t blame the victim! If it happened to me, I would have been stunned. I wouldn’t know if the attacker had a knife or, even worse, a gun. It is highly likely that the perpetrator attacked them and immediately ran off. What’s more, some people just aren’t fighters.

    You need to reconsider your comment, because it seems to be an emotional reaction based upon anger towards the perpetrators, but you’re projecting it on to the victim. After some deep reflection, you can’t possibly justify what you wrote.

  6. ratbastard says

    In fairness, it sounds like the whole thing was over in seconds. Yes, in a place like NYC you’er constantly barraged with cisual and audio stimuli, and by people asking for a light, a cigarette, $, directions, sign this or thst petition, etc., so many people just block it out. The fact he ran away (like a girl?) imefiately after the punch says a lot about him too, no?

    BTW, nice police drawing. Looks like a couple of million other guys in NY. I mean really, the perp doesn’t exactly stand out. More info, like how did he speak (accent, bad grammar), clothes, did he appear to be homeless, a druggie, etc.

  7. SpaceCadet says

    What a coward to run off after a sucker punch. You have to wonder if someone driven to the point of gay-bashing and without anyone to egg him on to do it, is deep down trying to surpress his own homosexuality.

    And CORY, you’re an idiot. Maybe if someone randomly punched you in the face without warning and then ran off would you learn some empathy or maybe just feel like a “woman” yourself.

  8. says

    West 4th Street station has been a hotbed for s**t in the last few years. Anyone who’s ever walked by the McDonald’s on the corner knows what I’m talking about. It’s a section of the neighbourhood that seems to be turning into the ninth ring of hell.

  9. Cory says

    Calm down queens, the person you’re truly angry at is yourself because called you for exactly what you are. You’re 99% of gay bashing cases, not masculine men, and there’s a reason for that.

    I’ve had a homophobe try this with me in LA around Thanksgiving last year. I’m a trained MMA practitioner and when it was all over he was left unconscious outside of a parking lot with a broken nose. The officer himself congratulated me and said if more of us did the same thing less of these crimes would happen.

    My posts wasn’t meant to demean anyone, but the BS excuse of “some of us just aren’t fighters” is classic queen speak that justifies grown men behaving like 12 year old, ICarly watching tweens. If that’s you, that’s you, but don’t blame masculine gay men for being “insensitive” when you get your face kicked in by some random thug like this.

  10. says

    Cory – you’re not a masculine man. You’re a textbook internet-wimp who makes boasts from a place of completely cowardly anonymity. I call your bluff on every thing you posted. It’s a lie. And I call your bluff. Feel free to prove this Queen here wrong by putting your money where your mouth is – click “RECORD” on your computer’s camera, video yourself telling your supposedly-true story, and share it online. You won’t, of course. Because it’s a lie. You’re not masculine. You’re a cowardly troll. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Jude says

    Cory, you’d clearly do well in an anarchic society. The fact is that some people are more skilled than others. Do you want Stephen Hawking to spend all his time training to prepare for an attack like that? How about your grandfather walking down the road with a walker? How about a skinny cancer scientist? Give us a break. The person in the wrong is the violent guy.

    And even you could have been caught off guard by someone who got to your face before you got to his. Dude, I carry a gun and am 100% certain not every situation will be 100% predictable. Sounds like if you got hit, you might be too embarrassed to report it, like some girls who get raped. Fortunately, the guy in the article was not. That is what being a “real [hu]man” is: Knowing who is in the wrong and telling the truth. This wasn’t a boxing match.

  12. says

    or better yet – provide the link to the public police report. because, as law requires, such an event where a man was left unconscious in a parking lot with a broken nose would have been written up, documented, and information about the event would be made available in the public domain. That’s how the law works. So, care to link us to this story? Because if it’s true, there will be information on it available. Unless you wanna pretend that the cop was so impressed with your actions that he didnt’ file a police report about an attack that left a man left unconscious on the ground of parking lot. Which means a massive breach on police procedure 😀

  13. SpaceCadet says

    Cory, use your brain if you have one: who cares if you are “masculine”. Whether someone is masculine or not has no bearing on someone who has attacked without warning or a chance to defend themselves. Again, let someone knock you out without ever seeing it coming and then see how your “masculinity” save you. Oh, and by your (lack of) logic, all women are inherently victims because they lack your special “masculinity.”

  14. says

    @SpaceCadet – ignore Corey the trolling liar. Standard issue Anonymous-Coward talking about his own self-professed “masculinity” while using the internet like a BURQA.

    his story is 100% false. he made it up. he’s a hack coward who makes things up all the time on here. textbook wimp. if he wants to prove me wrong, he’ll provide the information of his “incident” – and trust, he won’t. because it never happened.

  15. Jude says

    Little Kiwi, not sure it matters whether what Cory said really happened or not. I’m sure people have successfully defended themselves against violent bigots.

    The point is that the perpetrator should ALWAYS be held in the wrong, and the victim should NEVER have to feel remorse for what they were not able to do to prevent or overpower the attack.

  16. Canny says

    Actually when asked they should have said “No we’re gay, but you’re the faggot.”

  17. says

    The point is “Cory” is this sit’s resident trolling coward with no balls, who always makes up lies, boasts of his own “masculinity”, while using it as a platform to put down “queens” and “women.”

    I’m just here to remind him that he’s a wimp, a liar, and a coward.

    That’s my point. There are some things only cowardly closeted hacks ever say – lies to convince themselves that they’re ‘real men’ – they ain’t.

  18. Canny says

    Actually when asked they should have said “No we’re gay, but you’re the f*ggot.”

  19. Jude says

    Little Kiwi…point taken. I’m not on here enough yet to know everybody and their typical behavior.

  20. enchantra says

    I would like to see more gay people trained in armed and unarmed self defense. I love watching You Tube vids where some fool takes on a drag queen who then beats him within an inch of his life. Watch the street fight videos and you’ll notice something: the ghetto street fighter isn’t actually all that skilled at fighting, it’s the fact that he’s all in when he does fight. Normal people are afraid of getting hurt, This is why karate classes tend to be useless against a street fighter. We need to learn how to fight, how to get in, and how to get hurt while learning. Those ghetto street fighters have been in many fights by the time they are adults. They aren’t thinking about the punch they just took, they are thinking about the punch they are going to land, or the kick, or the slap, or the grab. We are not at a disadvantage because we can’t beat them, we are at a disadvantage in our heads, in our fear of getting messed up, in our respectable way of fighting. Every gay community should find some CSN’s to teach us how to fight.

  21. Just_a_guy says

    I’m not Kiwi’s biggest fan. And Kiwi’s calling on folks to be overly out usually bugs me. However, I LOVE Kiwi’s calling out of “Cory” here.

    That said, “Cory” if you prove what you say, I give you some respect man.

  22. Jude says

    ENCHANTRA, I agree with you. It does take commitment though. And the skills & size of your opponent will always make a difference. Best thing to do if possible is run & scream. Second best, try to fight them off or at least protect yourself with your hands. Third and final, point the muzzle their way and squeeze.

    If you don’t have the training, don’t have the physical ability for whatever reason, it is nothing to be ashamed of if you get beaten up. “Manly” is reporting the truth and standing up for other victims.

    I feel strongly about self-defense, have trained, carry a gun certain places. But the thug is always the ass, not the victim. No exceptions…