Ted Cruz’s Father Defends ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy, Says Homosexuality Is A Choice: AUDIO

Rafael Cruz

Rafael Cruz, father of Canadian-Texan Tea Party wingnut Senator Ted Cruz, is shoring up his rabid, homophobic bigotry bona fides on the airwaves in a panel discussion at the National Religious Broadcasters convention. Sitting across from great thinkers such as Jay Sekulow, Todd Starnes and Craig and Janet Parshall, Cruz expressed his support for the right of business to discriminate based on sexual orientation, and for demonstrably destructive "ex-gay" therapy for minors, all because he believes homosexuality is a choice. He opposes gay rights for the same reason, because no federal law exists to protect chosen behavior, evidently. Incidentally, one tends to believe homosexuality is a choice when one has the capacity to make a choice on account of being attracted to both genders.

It all comes from a place of love, though. Cruz ensures everyone that he supports the systemic discrimination and abuse of homosexuals because he loves them, which makes as much sense as Bryan Fischer wanting gays jailed because he loves black men. You can listen to the panel discussion below.



  1. Homo Genius says

    ok… think we wasted enough energy on this in the past. It doesn’t really matter one way or another if we were born this way or turned 17 and decided we liked the peen. It simply doesn’t matter.

    And yes the law protects CHOSEN behaviors. People choose to be Christians or not and those choices are indeed protected

  2. JJ says

    “no federal law exists to protect chosen behavior, evidently”

    1st Amendment
    2nd Amendment
    3rd Amendment
    5th Amendment
    14th Amendment
    15th Amendment
    19th Amendment
    24th Amendment
    26th Amendment

    to venture no further than the amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

  3. Randy says

    They keep saying race is not a choice, despite historical and scientific evidence showing that, for up to 20% of people, it is.

    We shouldn’t be surprised by this, considering that while there may have been a tiny biological basis for race when all humans were separated by continents, now that we’re one globe living together, and making families together, race amounts to a social construct without biological basis.

  4. Burt says

    …and he knows homosexuality is a choice how? Just exactly when did he shy away from gay and choose to be straight?

    If “straight” bred Ted Cruz then heaven help us all!

  5. Sam says

    The man is entitled to his opinion. And he speaks for a large portion of the US population. Simply criticizing his views will get us nowhere. Lighten up!

  6. Litper says

    The man is entitled to his opinion. And he speaks for a large portion of the US population. Simply criticizing his views will get us nowhere. Lighten up!

  7. bravecat says

    The only reason I know about this guy, is because of Towleroad. Why give him even a modicum of attention? If not for you, he did not exist. He is as relevant as navel lint. There are bigger fires to fight.

  8. thom says

    ..Yikes. Just yikes. Trolls like this “preacher” father of one of the latest wingnuts out there need to STF. There is SO much else wrong in the world… so much tragedy, so much pain. And yet these people continue to rant about homosexuality? Really? We don’t choose we are but all of this ilk DO chose, don’t they? They don’t get it and never will.

  9. KYLE says


    The portion of the US he speaks for is shrinking fast, and anyone promoting this harmful ex-gay therapy deserves criticism. We should not “lighten up” towards those who think we are less than human. Perhaps you could try growing a pair.

  10. JackFknTwist says

    I assume that angry old white dudes like this Neanderthal, Cruz, get no sex.
    So instead they have a delusion that we gays have never ending sex and they resent the implication….and they think about that contrast all of the time.

    Impotence, incontinence, prostate disease, often retired dudes living with the wife 24/7 for the first time ever…….all of this does not lead to a happy old dude.
    Instead we get the frustrated sex-starved bitter old bigots shouting out for the attention they just don’t get anywhere else.

    It’s pathetic that the old man’s disease has already affected the little sprat.

  11. Derrick from Philly says


    Yep. Litper=Sam=Roger=Perry=Enchantra=Rick.

    He killed off David Hearne and Hagatha a few months ago….without any explanation what so ever. How inconsiderate.

  12. says

    What he’s actually saying is is “I’m Ted Cruz’s father and every day I think about sucking dongs and taking massive phalluses up my rear. But I choose not to! I’m able to bite the pillow, think of Alan Ladd Jr, and I’m able to give it to mah wife. Well, I used to be able to. That’s how we got Teddy! Teddy owes his life not just to my choosing to not act on all the gay feelings i have, but my vibrant imaginative ability to project the face of Alan Ladd Jr onto his momma’s”

    or something.

  13. BrokebackBob says

    Both Ted Cruz and his father are one of many people (non-partisan) who are very highly functioning psychotics/sociopaths who because of our more “advanced” policies about mental health allow these people to go off the deep end of delusion, paranoia, and non-factual obsession and still full participate in society. It’s like the high-functioning drunk but these folks can get into positions to do real harm to all of us.

  14. anon says

    It would be nice if Chris Christie or Rand Paul actually came out and said that Cruz is not eligible to be POTUS because of his Canadian birth. That would go a long way towards reducing his media exposure (after the brouhaha). For some reason, the press is waiting for a Republican to come out and say it before they consider it relevant.

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