Ted Cruz’s Father Defends ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy, Says Homosexuality Is A Choice: AUDIO

Rafael Cruz

Rafael Cruz, father of Canadian-Texan Tea Party wingnut Senator Ted Cruz, is shoring up his rabid, homophobic bigotry bona fides on the airwaves in a panel discussion at the National Religious Broadcasters convention. Sitting across from great thinkers such as Jay Sekulow, Todd Starnes and Craig and Janet Parshall, Cruz expressed his support for the right of business to discriminate based on sexual orientation, and for demonstrably destructive "ex-gay" therapy for minors, all because he believes homosexuality is a choice. He opposes gay rights for the same reason, because no federal law exists to protect chosen behavior, evidently. Incidentally, one tends to believe homosexuality is a choice when one has the capacity to make a choice on account of being attracted to both genders.

It all comes from a place of love, though. Cruz ensures everyone that he supports the systemic discrimination and abuse of homosexuals because he loves them, which makes as much sense as Bryan Fischer wanting gays jailed because he loves black men. You can listen to the panel discussion below.