Trey Songz: I’m Not Gay


Earlier this week singer, rapper and actor Trey Songz was the apparent victim of a Twitter hoax that alleged he was gay and ready to come out. A photoshopped tweet attributed to the singer's account read, "I think it’s time to finally tell my fans. All games and jokes aside…I’m gay,” according to The tweet quickly went viral. However, Trey has since come forward to refute the rumors: 

The things you people craft up with hatred in your hearts. The things people believe without question, or validity, all baffles me.

— Trey Songz (@TreySongz) March 26, 2014

Photoshop and a retweet is all people need to believe, any and everything. I feel bad for the impressionable, no minds of their own.

— Trey Songz (@TreySongz) March 26, 2014

If I'm gay then Tupac bringing me a ounce for this session wit Biggie tomorrow. No weapon. #LOVE

— Trey Songz (@TreySongz) March 26, 2014


  1. JP says

    *deep sigh* This would be called a micro-aggression. A form of racism so small most people wouldn’t notice. Try Songz is a singer, not a rapper. He’s as much a rapper as Taylor Swift is. Thank you.

  2. Brian1 says

    I don’t see any homophobia in that response. I see anger that someone is forging tweets from him, which is perfectly understandable. But I don’t read anything other than frustration into his response.

  3. oliver says

    I still can’t believe in this day and age people still use gay ‘coming out’ as a derisive tool.
    Trey Songz should actually take this as compliment since once gay rumors begin it usually means that you are an attractive guy.

  4. garryo says

    What did I miss? The headline for this piece has him quoted “I’m not gay,” but I don’t read those words anywhere in his tweets.

    Trey Gey, and everybody close to him knows it. [yawn]

  5. says

    There is no homophobia in those tweets. He’s calling out the people who made the fake tweets and the people dumb enough to believe them. He didn’t even say “I’m not gay” he used sarcasm to convey that with the tupac and biggie tweet.

    Yes labeling him a rapper when he’s a singer because he’s black is definitely a micro-aggression.

  6. says

    There is no homophobia in those tweets. He’s calling out the people who made the fake tweets and the people dumb enough to believe them. He didn’t even say “I’m not gay” he used sarcasm to convey that with the tupac and biggie tweet.

    Yes labeling him a rapper when he’s a singer because he’s black is definitely a micro-aggression.

  7. JP says

    Derrick I used to really love this site but it’s subtle deluge of racism has become too much. It was ok when it was the occassional commenter but when the writers for the site partake it’s unaccaptable.

  8. SpaceCadet says

    It would be nice if for once a celebrity whether they were gay or not did not feel the need to respond to a gay rumor as if in this day and age it’ll still salacious news. And if he or she did decide to respond, it would basically be “I’m not gay, but if I were I would see no shame in it.”

  9. JP says

    Spacecadet they reply to it because it’s not true. It’s not like he saiD “hell no I’m not gay.” I mean…truth be told he didn’t firmly deny it but whatever lol. I’m more offended that the writer of this article referred to him as a rapper when he’s very far from it.

  10. JMC says

    His response was extra but that’s because gay rumors have plagued his entire career and the only people lining his c-list pockets are women who desperately want to have sex with him. This is pretty tame compared to some of the gay accusations, rumors and blind items he’s been previously linked to. He’s more than likely gay.

  11. edude says

    Did Kevin Lanflisi have anything to do with those tweets, I wonder? He’s surfaced again after a couple of months off I see.

    Joe in CT, I think the reference to Tupac is that Tupac is dead and gone, so just as it’s an impossibility for him to bring Trey an ounce, it’s impossible that Trey is gay.

    Trey is allusive, obviously.

    Isaiah 54:17

    New King James Version (NKJV)

    “17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
    And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
    You shall condemn.
    This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
    And their righteousness is from Me,
    Says the Lord.”

  12. Who is? says

    Who’s the racist bigot?
    This post starts out, “Earlier this week singer, rapper and actor Trey Songz”

    The link to the story has him as a rapper/singer etc. Wikipedia says the same thing and his Myspace account starts by saying, “When his friends heard his perfect tenor voice, however, they pushed him to drop rap and start crooning”

    Looks like the real racist bigots are derrick and JP.

  13. Kim says

    I learnt something new from Towleroad that Trey is a Thug and a rapper
    BTW he didn’t respond to a gay rumor.Someone pretending to be him tweeted I’m Gay.
    He informed his followers.If someone pretending to be me tweeted, I’m a Republican.I would inform my followers that it was a fake tweet.Nothing against Republicans Im just not one.

  14. SpaceCadet says

    JP, the point of my comment was not regarding the truth of the rumor but the subject. Why the need to deny it? If he were accused of being a vegetarian does he need to issue a press conference clearing the air that no, someone was posing as him and posted that he was a vegetarian? The act of denial is insinuating that being gay is something bad.

  15. edude says

    SPACECADET – That is exactly what Matt Damon said when interviewed a couple of years ago about his not saying anything when gay rumors about him and Ben Affleck were flying in the early days of his career.

    Damon did not comment on the rumors for years and, when he did, it was to say that he didn’t see anything wrong with being gay, therefore he couldn’t understand the hoopla and didn’t want to affirm it by responding to it.

    Damon all but said exactly what you wrote as being the desired response: “I’m not gay, but if I were I would see no shame in it.”

  16. JP says

    Firstly, he has every right to deny a rumor that he sees fit to if it’s not true. And it’s not like he said “I’m not gay, I’m a real man” blah blah. Furthermore, it’s a bit unfair to compare Matt Damon and Trey Songs. One is an older actor with a largely adult fanbase of men and women. Trey Songs is a 20something singer whose only fans are millions of teenage swooning girls.

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Looks like the real racist bigots are derrick and JP.”

    JP and Derrick (the younger one) are not just talking about this one news story or these comments that followed in this discussion. They’re talking about what they’ve read on this blog for months now since they discovered it.

    I’ve been on Towleroad for nine years so it doesn’t phase me. I’ve got four more years bebore I’ll be free. Until then, I’m going to “read” these racist b.tches.

    Anyway, Trey is cute, but he’s too skinny. I’m an old b.tch, and I like my men with lots of beef and bubbles. Whether Trey is Gay is of no relevance to me…unless he puts on about 30 more pounds.

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh,, I messed up my own joke.

    It will be 3 more years before I’ll be free. Nine plus three equals TWELVE.

    Then again, maybe THIRTEEN years a slave on Towleroad for me, and then I’m going to do a Nat Turner on Rick.

  19. jjose712 says

    Sorry, but i don’t see anything racist in thinking this guy is a rapper instead of a singer. In a lot of his songs there are rappers, he uses a lot of derogatory slurs like a rapper (there are a lot of bitches in his songs).
    Yes, he is an r&b singer (and he has a good voice) but i don’t think he feels insulted if someone calls him a rapper.

    He has all the right to deny the rumour (to be fair there are a lot of rumours about him), but in my opinion he put too much effort in the denial.
    When you simply pass of those rumours there are less posibilities of people pushing them, because they make no harm.
    If you react angry, you will only make the actions escalate, and probably he will face another hoax in a near future.
    Not fair, but it’s what will happen.

    And if he is really gay, he is in difficult position. Pop is the gayest music, but right now there’s no gay pop stars in the USA, at least noone who can have success on charts. And R&B is a lot less gay friendly.
    He is no Frank Ocean, he is more a mainstream singer, and coming out (if he is really gay) could kill his career

    It’s like when people ask Taylor Lautner to come out. Coming out is not that dangerous for a good actor like Jonathan Groff, or for someone who has a career behind him like Zachary Quinto, but for a young actor who is mediocre (and that being generous) it’s practically kill your career.
    We have an example of a mediocre actor who became good in Matthew McConaghey, but if you come out without some credibility as actor your career is over

  20. edude says

    JP, you slay me. Matt Damon was in his 20s when all the rumors were flying. No-one is comparing Damon to Songz in the way you imply but you. SPACECADET’s point was he wished “a celebrity whether they were gay or not did not feel the need to respond to a gay rumor as if in this day and age it’ll still salacious news. And if he or she did decide to respond, it would basically be ‘I’m not gay, but if I were I would see no shame in it.'” My point was that that is precisely what Matt Damon (“a celebrity”) did. SPACECADET’s wish has already been granted!

  21. JP says

    JJOSE172 the fact that you don’t see anything wrong with automatically calling a black male in music a rapper is problematic. You don’t call Taylor Swift a rock singer and you don’t call Madonna a Gospel singer so why is Trey Songz, an R+B singer, suddenly a rapper when he doesn’t rap? If that wasn’t an egregious error then I doubt the article writer would have bothered to fix it like they have done. And yes, he is in a difficult position where his brand of pop R+B is largely aimed at teenage girls who wanna cry over a guy. So even if he was gay then it would be problematic to come out with that careerwise.

    And Edude, it was said that Matt said this a couple of years ago. I don’t know his exact age but I’m going to dare say a couple of years ago Matt Damon was not in his 20’s and he most certainly was not an entertainer whose career depended entirely on teenage girls lusting after him.

  22. edude says

    “Goodwill Hunting” when rumors were rampant = 1997. Matt Damon = born 1970. Matt Damon = 44 years old. 1997 = 17 years ago. 44 – 17 = 27, age of Matt Damon (“a celebrity”) at time of gay rumors.

    I said “in the early days of his career” and “in his 20s when all the rumors were flying.”

    This is not necessarily 1000% correct but does it have to be?

    Who has how much to lose by being – or being perceived to be – gay because of their supposed fan base is irrelevant to the points SPACECADET was making, but obviously not to you.

    I’m done but if you’re not, well, “No weapon.”

  23. Kim says

    Matt Damon said that Dec 2012 when he was 42 .Clooney basically said the same thing when he was 50.I guess those rumors about Clooney having an Italian BF are BS.

  24. JP says

    Edude, I’m not trying to come off abrasive or confrontational. Not my intent at all. However, as a gay black man I notice certain things. When a black male in the music industry is automatically labeled a rapper, it’s offensive. And as far as the whole Matt Damon thing, I just believe they have different audiences. I don’t believe in cinema an actors sexuality is AS important at a singer who primarily croons to teenage girls. And regardless of when Matt Damon denied the rumors, he still denied them. And while Trey Songz didn’t deny thing with as much ally grace as we would have liked, he didn’t disparage the gays in his pseudo denial.

  25. SpaceCadet says

    Matt Damon is a thoughtful and classy guy. :o)

    And to address JJOSE712, Adam Lambert is an out gay male pop singer who has had chart success in the U.S. In fact his last album debuted at #1 on the Billboard album chart, the first gay male artist to do that in history. The lead singer of Neon Trees just came out as gay as well and his band has had pop success and they are still actively making music.

    And in hip-hop, Le1f is emerging as a noteworthy out gay rapper. I predict future success for him. These barriers are a tumblin’ down.

  26. jamal49 says

    It’s OK Trey if you’re gay or not gay. I get that it’s frustrating for someone to send fake tweets out under your name.

    But, try a different approach. Just say, it’s nobody’s business if I am gay or not gay, but if I was gay, I’d be OK with it and be the first to let y’all know about it.

    It would make a helluva lot of difference and it would probably shut down the fakers cold.

    I wish you were gay, though, Trey, because I think you are one very hot man. I am also a fan.