‘Veronica Mars’ Cast Talks Sexuality, Stereotypes On SXSW Red Carpet

Interesting note: director Rob Thomas used a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to prove to Paramount Warner Bros. that the film would have an audience. Within the first four hours the campaign raised $1 million; within 12, it had met its $2 million goal; by the time the campaign ended, it had raised a total of $5.7 million. The show featured gay and closeted characters but only as minor characters.



  1. Mikey says

    Seeing the midnight premiere tomorrow.

    Max – we live in an age of Google. I get that you’re using your ignorance to make your point, but it ain’t cute.

  2. Chris says

    @MAX, then perhaps Google it, since you are obviously interested enough to read an article and comment, and it’s certainly not like there aren’t dozens of fan sites that will fill you in. I always wonder why people feel the need to publicly declare that they are commenting on something they have never heard of.

  3. mb says

    Not Paramount. It’s Warner Brothers.
    And I saw the film in sxsw, it’s a lot of fun, just like the show. Its fans will love it for all the inside jokes and returning characters/actors.

  4. scott says

    My goodness, the semi-colons!

    P.S., while the class issues you mention were a focus of the show, Veronica, her father, and Weevil were not “markedly middle class” – they were poor. Veronica and her dad lived in a motel in the show.

  5. Brion says

    Maybe a better mic? So we can hear what they are saying?

    Veronica Mars is an almost surreal show where no one acts like they really do in life and yet somehow, we become obsessed. I watched the whole thing (3 seasons) prolly ten times. Genius writing, lighting and humour.

  6. Hansel Currywurst says

    @CHRIS – What is this verb ‘Google’ of which you write? Tis peculiar to mine eyes, capitalized thusly. Is it a gerund, perchance?

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